6 Tips for Faster Knitting when you don’t have a lot of Time to Knit

You love to knit, and you want to knit. But you just don’t have a lot of time to knit?  So what can you do to get past the time barrier, and actually get those knitting needles clicking?

Finding the time to undertake a knitting project, or to make something special, can be challenging for most of us.  

But there is absolutely no reason why you cannot still do the knitting you love, and want to do, even though your time is tight. 

Here are 6 tips to actually help you knit faster and make more time for knitting!


Tips for faster knitting, when you don't have time to knit. #knitting #knittingfaster

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1.Have a Mobile Knitting Project

A mobile knitting project means that you can knit wherever you are, at any time.

Every knitter should have a mobile project.  It can be something small, so it fits in your bag, such as a sock or a hat. Or it can be something larger if you have the room to tote it around with you.

The best place I have ever seen anyone knit their mobile projects was the two women I saw knitting in the line at a baseball game to buy food! They were lining up for their food, knitting away (and yes standing up too!)

Find some small knitting projects to carry and take around with you. Then when you are sitting waiting in the doctor’s office, on public transport, or have a spare few minutes, you can pull out that knitting project and get some knitting done!

This Colorblock Hat would be a perfect mobile knitting project. So would these Mittens! These are small knitting projects that can be taken pretty much anywhere with you.

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2.Buy a Knitting Kit

Any knitting project that you undertake involves buying the yarn, and pattern and other supplies, before you can even start knitting. Sometimes that means sourcing those things from different places.  But buying a pre-assembled knitting kit will save you valuable time, and you can get started on that project much faster!

If time is tight, don’t waste most of it shopping around for supplies, get a pre-assembled kit.

This Confetti Socks Knitting Kit has the yarn and pattern that you need for the complete project, already in the box!

Confetti knitted socks

This Falling Snow Sweater Kit contains the pattern and all the yarn you need to make this beautiful sweater.

Falling Snow Sweater knitting kit #Bluprint #affiliate #knitting


3. Knit a Little Each Day

If you have a knitting project that you really want to work on and make, but you do not much time, how about knitting just so much of that project every day.

Perhaps you could set yourself the task of 10 rows a day. Or set a time each day to knit for a short while, such as for 20 minutes every day.

Every little you do adds up, and soon you will have that project finished!


4. Choose Easy Knitting Projects

You may really want to make that beautiful lace shawl, but it will take time to knit those perfect stitches, and you will really have to pay attention to the pattern.

Complicated patterns and knitting projects are not great for when you just don’t have a lot of time.  You need to choose easy knitting projects that can be done without too much studying of a pattern, or complicated stitches.

Save those really intricate complicated knitting projects for when you have more time!


5. Knit with Larger Needles & Yarn

Using larger needles and chunkier yarn will make up a knitting project in a much faster time.

Larger needles are especially good for blankets and afghans, or scarves and shawls. Chunky wool makes lovely warm textured garments and items.  Larger needles are usually anything over the size of 15.

Select patterns and projects using larger needles and chunkier wool, and save a lot of time on your knitting!


6. Learn Continental Knitting 

Many knitters claim that the Continental style of knitting is a much faster style of knitting.. Knitters who practice the Continental style of knitting can knit up sweaters and blankets in absolutely no time.

Here is a video showing exactly how Continental style knitting is done:

Don’t let lack of time prevent you from doing the knitting you want to do, and love to do.

These 6 easy tips will help you knit away and get those needles clicking, without worrying about finding the time to do it!

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