18 Lovely & Easy things to Knit & Crochet for Christmas

Christmas is the ideal time to start a knitting or crochet project.  Not only will you be creating and making, you can also make some great things for your home this holiday season!


If you would like some unique decorations for your home this holiday season, and want to do a great DIY craft project, here are some great ideas for you!

All these items are either knitted or crocheted, and they make lovely and unique pieces for your home. You can also gift these to others!



Knitting and crochet


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Christmas Pudding Tree Ornament

Christmas pudding

This free pattern makes this lovely little Christmas pudding ornament. They are the perfect thing to give as a gift to others! 

Another great thing about these is that you can place them on wrapped presents as an extra little piece of decor.

They are easy and fast to knit up. Once you have made one, you will be making them all the time!  See the pattern right here.


Little Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

This little Knitted Christmas Tree is the perfect piece of holiday decor!  You could make a few of these for a perfect cluster of holiday decor. 

They would look great on mantle-pieces or tabletops.  You could even try knitting them in different colors if you wanted something more experimental. Once again they are easy to knit up, and so much fun too!   Get the free pattern here.  


Mini Christmas Stockings

Christmas stocking

These Mini Christmas Stockings are a really versatile Christmas knitting project.  You could make them into tree ornaments, make a display like the one featured in this photo, place on them wrapped gifts, and gift them to others. 

A great extra gift giving tip for these is to place a candy cane inside!  Get the free pattern here.  


Believe Stocking Ornaments

Christmas stockings

This is a really lovely idea for a great Christmas display.  These Believe knitted mini Christmas stockings can be used in a variety of ways. 

You could display them all over your Christmas tree, or make them into a unique display over your mantlepiece or on a wall. You can get the pattern here.  


Mini Sweater Ornament

Knitted sweater

These mini knitted sweaters are lovely tree ornaments.  You could also make several of them and turn them into a great Christmas garland. You can get the pattern right here.  


Tiny Knitted Trees

Knitted trees


These tiny knitted trees are a great knitting project.  You can knit each tree up in no time, and really play with the colors and styles you create.

They make great ornaments for your tree, or knit several all together and make a great garland.   Get the pattern here.  


Christmas Tree Cushions


Cushions are great to scatter all around your home at Christmas time, to really make your home seasonal and special. These knitted cushions are easy and quick to knit up. Get the pattern right here. 


Crochet Christmas Bauble

Crochet bauble

These crochet Christmas baubles are so beautiful to look at! They can be made a variety of colors, and they would also make amazing gifts for others. You can download the free pattern right here. 


Mini Christmas Stockings



These are lovely little mini Christmas stockings that would make great ornaments, and also strung together to make a Christmas garland.  See the pattern here.  


Knit and crochet


Knitted Christmas Baubles


These are pretty, and incredibly easy to knit up, knitted baubles for your tree.  You can experiment with colors and styles for these baubles.  You can get the pattern here.  


Festive Star Crochet Ornaments


These are really easy to crochet and make up, and make into really pretty Christmas ornaments.  Use it for a Christmas tree decoration, or again string together to make a garland.  Get the pattern here.  


Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornaments





These ribbon tree Christmas ornaments are a fast and easy crochet project, and make into lovely ornaments for your tree.  They also make great gifts for others. Get the pattern here.  



Tamarack Knitted Tree Bauble




Tamarack is a lovely, rustic style, Christmas tree bauble that is easy and fast to knit up.  You could make a whole collection in all different colors!  Get the pattern here.


Ruffle Fir Trees



Trees are one of the loveliest ornaments to have in your home during the holiday season. These ones are a quick crochet project, and you can display them all around your home. Get the pattern here.  


Christmas Mistletoe Ornament




Make some mistletoe this Christmas with this knitting pattern!  Hang it on your tree, give it as gifts, or display it all over your home!  You can get the knitting pattern here.  


Christmas Eve Star



The Christmas Eve Star is a really pretty knitting project. Make baubles and ornaments for your Christmas tree, or use them to decorate wrapped gifts. You could even make several and turn them into a great garland.  Get the free pattern here.  


Santa Gonks


These Santa Gonks are a really fun crochet project for Christmas! They make little Nordic style Santas, that you can create and display all over your home during the holiday season. You can get the pattern here. 


Crochet Light Bulb Ornaments



Crochet ornament

These pretty crocheted light bulb ornaments will make any tree look extra special during the holidays. Make a few of them and string them together to make a great garland also! You can get the pattern right here

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Christmas is the ideal time to start a knitting or crochet project.  Not only will you be keeping busy, creating and making, you can also make some great things for your home this holiday season!


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