The 10 Things every Beginner Needs in their Sewing Kit

When you are starting out learning to sew, there are several essentials that you need to have at your disposal, and to hand.

These 10 items are the essential sewing basics that every beginner needs.  As you move forward and get better and more experienced at sewing, and take on bigger sewing projects, you will need more equipment.  But this is all you really need to start out on your sewing crafting journey!

A basic sewing kit isn’t expensive or difficult to source. All these products are easily available, and inexpensive to purchase.


Sewing kit


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1.A Tape Measure

A good tape measure is essential in your basic sewing kit. You will use a tape measure constantly, to measure yourself, measure fabric and more.

You just need a basic inexpensive tape measure, nothing fancy, just like this one.  This will do exactly what you need it to!


2.Sewing Pins

You will constantly be using sewing pins in your sewing projects.  You will be pinning fabric, patterns and more.  Once again, just basic sewing pins, just like these, is all you need.  

Some people like to use larger head sewing pins, which makes it easier on your fingers, and easier to locate the pins in your fabric, like these ones.  


3. Pin Cushion


You need somewhere to keep all those pins!  A pin cushion keeps those pins somewhere easy to locate whenever you need them. It also keeps the tips of those pins sharpened ready for use! 

A simple pin cushion, just like this traditional pin cushion, is all you need. 


4. Sewing Scissors


Scissors are essential tools of the trade for anyone learning to sew.  They are your number one go to piece of equipment. You need to cut neatly and well, and blunt useless scissors will be just that – blunt and useless to you.

These scissors are top-rated sewing scissors.  They are strong and durable, and the blades are rust-resistant.  


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5. Rotary Cutter

 You may prefer to use a rotary cutter instead of scissors, as you can get more control in cutting a straight line. 

Rotary cutters are also especially good for cutting multiple layers of fabric (which scissors usually can’t do well), and for cutting out quilting pieces.  This rotary cutter has a comfort handle and is easy to use.  


6. Seam Ripper


When you first start out sewing you are going to make mistakes!  It is all part of the learning process. So you need a way to undo those mistakes!

A seam ripper is an essential tool for your sewing kit.  Keep it on hand at all times!


7. Tailor’s Chalk Markers


You will need to mark fabric and pattern pieces as you tackle sewing projects.  Tailor’s chalk has been used for a long time to mark fabric and paper patterns.

Tailor’s chalk wipes off easier, and is so easy to use. You can also use special markers and pens, but tailor’s chalk is an essential basic piece of sewing equipment. 


8. Sliding Gauge


A Sliding Gauge is an essential tool in sewing. It can mark buttonholes, seam allowances, hems, and more.  

This is an inexpensive tool that can make so much difference to your sewing projects.  


9. Sewing Basket


You need to place to store your sewing supplies, and any container, box or basket will work well.  But it needs to be durable, and large enough to store all your tools and notions.


10. Pinking Shears


Pinking Shears are essential for cutting fabric edges, so they don’t fray and rip.  These pinking shears have great stainless steel blades, and are easy to hold and use.  


If you are starting out learning to sew, these 10 items will get you started easily and fast!

They are all you need to get started sewing, and these items will last you years and years, and will be staples in your crafting kit!


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