The Power of 30 Day Challenges

A 30 day challenge sets a schedule and holds you accountable for 30 days.  So why are 30 day challenges so great to do? Read all about how a 30 day challenge could improve your life here!


A 30 Day Challenge could be just what you need to change your life in some way.  This type of challenge is fairly easy to do and undertake, and it can show some really great results at the end.

A 30-Day Challenge holds you accountable to doing and learning something, and you can also track your progress every day.

You can also ‘sample’ something for 30 days, and see if it is something that you would like to pursue further, without a full commitment (it is only 30 days..)

So read on for everything you need to know about 30 Day Challenges and why you should take one!

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What is a 30 Day Challenge?

A 30-day challenge is a set of tasks and actions that you do for 30 straight days.  30 days is basically a month long challenge.

This type of challenge is all about learning something new, starting new habits, letting go of old habits, doing something crazy, or something fun.

For instance, you may want to tone your abs.  If you set yourself a 30 day challenge you will set and stick to doing exercises towards that goal for 30 straight days.

You can do a 30-day challenge for anything at all – fitness, health, eating right, losing weight, learning a new skill, drinking enough water etc. Pretty much anything can be turned into a 30-day challenge.

A 30-Day Challenge can also be seen as a chance to explore something. Maybe you want to become an expert in wine, or learn how to cook Thai food.  Setting yourself a challenge for that can be enjoyable as well as productive.

What is so Effective about a 30 Day Challenge?

A 30-day challenge is incredibly effective for many reasons:

  • 30 days is not too long a time period to do something, but it is long enough to get results. 
  • Studies say that it takes 21-30 days to break old habits and create new ones, so it is on the latter half of that requirement. 
  • You can monitor your progress every day, which is a great way mentally for you to see that you are making progress and working every day towards that goal.

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Are 30-Day Challenges effective?

For the most part 30-day challenges are very effective.  As previously mentioned they cover that time period of 21-30 days that studies have shown helps you break and start new habits.

Some 30-day challenges won’t be as effective as others. For instance, if you want to have a really lean and toned body, 30 days might not be enough to achieve that completely. Challenges such as those will take longer for you to see results.

But if you stick to doing something for 30 days you will see results. You may not get to your complete end goal of that super-toned body for example by the end of the challenge, but you are bound to look better and have lost weight and gained muscle.

30 days is a great length of time to learn something new. For instance if you want to learn a language 30 days of practice in starting to learn that language will show some results.

You can also learn how to do a certain craft or start a new hobby easily in 30 days. If you want to learn to knit for instance you should be able to learn and practice that skill in 30 days.

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The Power of 30 Day Challenges

How to Stick to a 30-Day Challenge

It is not difficult to stick to doing something for 30 days.  Although it does depend on what your challenge is for.

Something such as drinking more water every day for 30 days is relatively easy. But a challenge such as running 5 miles every day could of course be much harder.

To stick to a challenge there are things that you can to help you stay the course and not give up:

  • Track your progress each day. Either have a 30 day checklist that you check off each day you do it, or record in some way each day you have done something for the challenge.  This lets you visibly see your progress and you can see how close you are to the finish line. 
  • Take photos each day or at certain intervals if it something like a fitness challenge that will have visible results. 
  • Plan the time each day that you will do something for the challenge. 
  • Don’t set a huge time requirement each day for the challenge. If you set too much time needed you are more likely to skip days.  Try to set a manageable and realistic time period to do the challenge each day. 
  • Make sure the challenge itself is achievable.  Don’t set a challenge for instance to be a proficient speaker of Japanese in 30 days.  It will take far longer than that to master that or any language completely! 
  • Share your challenge with friends or social media.  This will hold you accountable to doing the challenge, and your friends can give you encouragement.  You can also inspire others to do their own challenge. 
  • Make the challenge mean something. Have a measurable goal at the end of the challenge to work towards.  
  • Don’t make the Challenge TOO EASY.  If a challenge is too easy it will barely register with you as a challenge at all.

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Challenges of a 30 Day Challenge!

It wouldn’t be a challenge if there weren’t challenges! But there are some things that you should know about these types of challenges that can help you get through them and reach the finish line!

The first week can be the hardest.  This of course depends on your challenge, but if it is something like a fitness challenge that first week can be hard.  But push through it – it will get easier.

Finding the time to do the challenge.  Don’t go for a challenge with a heavy time commitment. Try to choose a challenge that is do-able time-wise each day for you and your life.

The Power of 30 Day Challenges

A 30-Day Challenge Should be Fun, not Stressful

Choose a challenge that will be fun to do and that you will look forward to doing each day.  

Don’t choose something too hard, or too easy, but choose something achievable and that has an end goal.

Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up if you skip a day, can’t quite manage the task in hand, or you just don’t have the desire to do the task one day.

A 30 day challenge sets a schedule and holds you accountable for 30 days.  So why are 30 day challenges so great to do? Read all about how a 30 day challenge could improve your life here!

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