Enhance your life with the 30 Day Glow Up Challenge!

The 30 Day Glow Up Challenge will help you become a new better you – and reinvent yourself – in just 30 days!



You may hear the words ‘Glow Up’ used a lot lately.  When you hear those words you probably think about external factors – glowing up in terms of appearance outwardly.

But a glow up actually encompasses the whole person – and every aspect of a person.  It includes your physical health, as well as your mental and emotional health – it includes every aspect that makes up you as a person.

You can think of a glow up challenge as both an inner and an outer glow!

You have many different parts that make you who you are – the outward appearance part of you, and also your mental and emotional health. But you also have those parts that run your life – finances, work, home, family, friendships, and more.

Because you have so many aspects to you that make up your physical, mental and emotional health, you need a challenge and a transformation that will address all those different parts of you.

Why Should you do a “Glow Up”?

You may be feeling that you are stuck in your life right now.  You may feel that your health is suffering, you are under stress, you are tired of your appearance when you look in the mirror each day.

You may want things to change, to transform in your life, but you are stuck knowing exactly how to do it yourself.

We can all make little changes here and there, but knowing what exactly to do, and then sticking to them, can be hard.

That is why a challenge can help you. A challenge guides you through an entire 30 days of different things you can do for a better you and to transform you.

A challenge tells you what to do each day – and then you follow through and document your progress.

A challenge holds you accountable and you are more likely to stick to the tasks it sets for you each day.

Plus a challenge can be fun! A new habit to introduce into your life or a new life skill every day for 30 days can be a really fun and interesting thing to do.

Hopefully you will continue to practice the habits that you learn throughout the challenge, and continue making yourself better long after the 30 days are up.

What is the 30 Day Glow Up Challenge?

The 30 Day Glow Up Challenge is a challenge that you do each day for 30 days – which is basically one month.

The challenge has been turned into a fun way to glow up or basically reinvent and transform yourself.  

The course comes with a 30 Day Glow Up Challenge hub, which makes it fun and easy to go through each day’s challenge.

Every day there is guidance, inspiration, and tutorials for what to do that day to make yourself and your life better.

Who is the 30 Day Glow Up Challenge For?

Anyone can take and do the 30 Day Glow Up Challenge! The only criteria is that you are a person who is ready to commit to, and take, a 30 day challenge to make themselves better!

If you really want to work on your personal growth and self improvement, the challenge is exactly right for you!

Take the 30 Day Glow Up Challenge


How to do the 30 Day Glow Up Challenge

The 30 Day Glow Up Challenge has a challenge hub that forms the basis of the entire challenge.

This hub is really a lovely 30 day experience.   Each day of the challenge you click on the hub and you are taken to that day’s challenge.

The challenges vary every day – they can be for your physical self, your mental and emotional health, your financial life, your social life, and more.

Many of the challenges come with inspirational specially curated videos to watch, as well as other resources and worksheets.

The challenge comes with a 30 Day Glow Up Challenge Digital Journal, as well as a printable journal, and a printable 30 day calendar.

Each day you should journal about your experience of doing the challenge that day. You can journal about what you did, how it made you feel, what you achieved, what you liked, what you didn’t like etc.

The digital journal that accompanies the challenge has pages every day for recording that day’s challenge.

You can also just click on the diamond icon on the top right of each journal page to be taken to the challenge hub.


What you Need to do the Challenge

You will need to purchase the 30 Day Glow Up Challenge course, which is extremely inexpensive for all that you get!

If you plan to use the digital journal you will need a tablet, such as an iPad, a stylus, such as an Apple Pencil, and a note-taking app such as GoodNotes.  Read here for a guide on how to plan digitally.

If you want to use the printable journal you will just need a printer to print off the journal itself.

What Kind of Things will I Learn to do During the Challenge?

You will have all kinds of tasks to do during the challenge.  Those things are new healthy habits that you can embrace and start.

You will learn to journal (and you get a great journal with the challenge too!), you will work on better sleep, track you water intake, set goals, connect with your creativity, start an emergency fund, learn to live with intention, and so much more.

The 30 Day Glow Up Challenge will help you become a new better you – and reinvent yourself – in just 30 days!

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