10 Sizzling Summer Mocktails

Cool refreshing drinks are a must for the heat of summer. These sizzling summer mocktails are delicious, beautiful to look at, and will quench your thirst in no time!


If you don’t drink alcohol, or you just don’t want an alcoholic drink during a certain occasion, it can be so difficult to watch others sipping their fancy summer cocktails!

Usually if you don’t want a cocktail, you have to make do with a can of something fizzy, or just water. There aren’t many non-alcoholic ‘fancy’ drink concoctions that you can really enjoy drinking, and looking at!

The big secret to making amazing mocktails is the choice of certain ingredients. Using fruit juices, fresh fruit, syrups, and cordials is the way to make something taste, and look, really amazing.

The great thing about summer mocktails is that you can choose all the best juicy fruits to make delicious drink concoctions.  

Summer fruits are so delicious, including lemons, limes, watermelon, mangoes, peaches, strawberries, Blackberries and more.  You can also use great refreshing herbs such as mint and rosemary to add a flavor punch.

Here are 10 sizzling summer mocktails that are big on taste, beautiful to look at, but low on the alcohol!

Summer mocktails

Coconut Mojito Mocktail

Summer mocktailsPhoto: Cook at Home Mom


This mocktail is packed full of the tastes of summer. It includes coconut milk, lime, mint and sea salt. Those flavors all work together to create such a delicious tasting drink for hot summer days and nights  You can see the full tutorial here for this drink.


Italian Bramble Mocktail

Summer mocktailsPhoto: The Artful Desperado


A Bramble is a British cocktail that is usually made with gin and blackberries.  Because this is non-alcoholic the gin has been replaced with juniper – which as you know gives gin its distinctive flavor. This means you can enjoy a mocktail that tastes like the real stuff – but isn’t! You can see the recipe right here.  


Ginger Mimosa Mocktail

Summer mocktailsPhoto: My Ginger Garlic Kitchen


This mocktail is full of orange juice, ginger ale, and maple syrup. That combination makes for a really tasty mocktail that is full of ginger taste, and sparkles on your tongue.  See the recipe right here.  


Lavender Lemonade

Summer mocktailsPhoto: The Cookie Rookie


This is such a pretty drink.  Lavender and lemons both say summer like nothing else!  Enjoy sipping this delicious pretty drink on hot summer days.  See the recipe right here.  


Virgin Pina Coladas


Summer mocktailsPhoto: House of Nash Eats


Pina Coladas are such perfect summer drinks.  This non-alcoholic version features pineapple juice and coconut cream. Frozen it makes a wonderful tasty drink to sit and sip. It looks great too! Get the recipe here.  


Shirley Temple Mocktail

Summer mocktails

Photo: Food Meanderings


If you want a non-alcoholic version of a classic cocktail, a Shirley Temple is just the thing.  This mocktail version of the classic cocktail features orange juice, ginger ale, and grenadine.  See the recipe right here.  


Watermelon Fizz Mocktail

Summer mocktailsPhoto: Homegrown Provisions


Nothing says summer quite like watermelon. This watermelon fizz mocktail takes less than 10 minutes to prepare.  Watermelon not only tastes great and is cooling for summer.  It is also full of wonderful vitamins and nutrients.  You can get the recipe for watermelon fizz right here.  


Virgin Peach Daiquiri

Summer mocktailsPhoto: Savor the Flavor


Take advantage of delicious juicy summer peaches with this virgin peach daiquiri recipe.  This mocktails bursts with the taste of summer, with freshly picked peaches, rum extract, lemon juice and mint. You can see the full recipe here.  


Blueberry Mojito Mocktail

Summer mocktailsPhoto: Neighbor Food


This mocktail features a blueberry simple syrup, lime and mint.  The whole drink is topped off with ice and sparkling water.  It makes a really refreshing drink with a burst of blueberry flavor. See the complete recipe right here.  


Mango Mojito

Summer mocktailsPhoto: The Yellow Daal


This mango mojito is full of flavor. It makes a perfect summer mocktail. You won’t even miss the alcohol in this explosion of flavor. You can get the full recipe right here.  


Enjoy a wonderful tasting mocktail this summer, full of flavor, and so refreshing!

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Cool refreshing drinks are a must for the heat of summer. These sizzling summer mocktails are delicious, beautiful to look at, and will quench your thirst in no time!


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