19 Faux Terrazzo DIY Projects for you and your Home

If you are looking for a fun and pretty DIY project, try all these DIYs using faux Terrazzo.  

Terrazzo is best described as a material that consists of chips of marble, granite, and quartz. Those chips are usually placed inside another materials, such as concrete, plaster or a similar material.  It originally comes from Italy, where it was used in Venice, on many pavements, among other things.

Today the Terrazzo look is so stylish and functional.  It is used a lot for flooring in homes, but it can also be used to make a wide variety of items and projects.

These projects all use faux Terrazzo – made to look like the real thing.  These are great projects because you can really use all different colors, and make so many different items.

Here are 19 DIY projects to make your own Terrazzo items for you and your home!


Terrazzo DIY projects

Polymer Clay Box

Polymer Clay BoxPhoto: The Lovely Drawer


This is a little box that can be used anywhere in your home. It would look great on your desk, on your dressing table, in your bathroom and more.  It is made from Fimo clay completely. You can see the complete tutorial here from The Lovely Drawer.


DIY Outdoor Tray

TrayPhoto: Robbrestyle


Liven up your outdoor space by creating this lovely DIY serving tray. It is made with just stencils and paint. Get the tutorial here from Robbrestyle.  


DIY Compact Mirror

MirrorPhoto: Maritza Lisa


This is a lovely pretty compact mirror. It would look just great when you bring it out of your handbag!  It would also make a great gift for somebody. You can see the tutorial here from Maritza Lisa.  


Colorful Throw Pillow

PillowPhoto: A Kailo Chic Life


This DIY project uses heat transfer vinyl, but you can also easily make it using just a pair of scissors.  It makes a beautiful colorful throw pillow that will jazz up any room. See the tutorial here from A Kailo Chic Life.  


Faux Terrazzo Necklace

NecklacePhoto: Adorablest


This is one of the best tutorials I have ever seen on actually how to make your own Terrazzo.  This project makes a lovely stylish necklace.  You can see the tutorial right here from Adorablest.  


Terrazzo Style Notebooks

NotebooksPhoto: Enthralling Gumption


These are really beautiful and stylish notebooks. They will make keeping a notebook so much lovelier! See the tutorial right here from Enthralling Gumption.  


Terrazzo Umbrella

UmbrellaPhoto: A Kailo Chic Life

This is a really fun DIY project! Make yourself a colorful lovely umbrella, in the Terrazzo style. You can see the full tutorial right here from A Kailo Chic Life.  


Faux Ceramic Ring Cones

RingPhoto: Almost Makes Perfect


This ceramic ring cones are in the Terrazzo style.  They make a really pretty handy place to keep your rings and jewelry. See the tutorial here from Almost Makes Perfect.  


DIY Napkin Rings

NapkinPhoto: Burkatron


These lovely napkin rings will make any table so stylish.  Use them for your best dinner parties and get very admiring comments!  They are also fast and easy to make. See the tutorial right here from Burkatron.



Confetti Terrazzo Desk Organizer

OrganizerPhoto: A Kailo Chic Life


This pretty desk organizer will make any desk look great.  It is easy and fun to make too.  You can get the tutorial right here from A Kailo Chic Life. 


DIY Faux Terrazzo Jewelry Box

BoxPhoto: The Pretty Life Girls


This is another pretty DIY, that would look great in your bedroom.  It is also so easy and fun to make! See the tutorial right here from The Pretty Life Girls.  


DIY Faux Terrazzo Coasters

CoastersPhoto: Lia Griffith


These lovely coasters can be made so fast & easily. Add some fun to your home decor with these.  Get the tutorial right here from Lia Griffith. 


Triangle Trinket Box

BoxPhoto: Maritza Lisa


Here is another pretty little piece of home decor, this time a little triangle trinket box.  It would look good just about anywhere in your home! Get the tutorial right here from Maritza Lisa.  


DIY Mini Serving Trays

TraysPhoto: Burkatron


These pretty little serving trays will make entertaining just so much lovelier!  Get the full tutorial right here from Burkatron.  


DIY Faux Terrazzo Table

Coffee TablePhoto: Sugar & Cloth


This perfect little coffee table would make a wonderful addition to your home!  Its a really fun DIY project to take on, and the end result is just so lovely. Get the full tutorial here from Sugar & Cloth.  


Terrazzo Wall Mural

Wall MuralPhoto: House on a Sugar Hill


This is a more challenging DIY  project, but it makes a pretty awesome wall mural! Create your own Terrazzo wall mural with this great DIY. Get the tutorial here from House on a Sugar Hill.  


DIY Terrazzo Chocolate Bars

Chocolate barsPhoto: Aww Sam


If you just can’t get enough of all these different DIYs, and you want to keep going and trying all different things that you can make in the Terrazzo style, check out this chocolate bar DIY!  Get the tutorial here from Aww Sam.  


DIY Terrazzo Bookmark

BookmarkPhoto: Maritza Lisa


This is a very pretty bookmark to make.  Make this lovely bookmark for yourself, and also as a great gift for others. See the tutorial here from Maritza Lisa. 


DIY Faux Terrazzo Ornaments

OrnamentsPhoto: Sarah Hearts


Yes Terrazzo is even for the holidays! These lovely ornaments can grace any Christmas tree beautifully.  Get the full tutorial here from Sarah Hearts. 


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If you are looking for a fun and pretty DIY project, try all these DIYs with fauz Terrazzo

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