The Best Places to buy Cricut Cutting Machine Supplies & Tools

Whether you are an occasional Cricut crafter, or you craft and sell your products, I am sure you are always on the hunt for the best, yet cheapest, Cricut supplies and tools. Here are the best places that I have found for a good selection of reasonably priced Cricut machine supplies.


Every Cricut or cutting project needs a different supply and material.  It can get pretty pricey buying all the supplies that you need for your Cricut.

But there are a lot of places online that I have found offer great pricing, choice and availability for supplies.

You will very quickly find your go to source for all your craft supplies (check out all the suggestions below!).

But anytime you are doing a special project, it is always good to shop around for the best prices.  Hopefully my suggestions below will make your searching much easier!

Here are some of my favorites Cricut supply sources below. Happy Crafting!!


Cricut vinyl


Cricut supplies


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My Vinyl Direct has a great selection of vinyls, including gloss vinyls, glitter heat transfer vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, and permanent and removable vinyls. 

But in addition to vinyls they also sell numerous digital files, including for holidays, sports, word art and sayings, and numerous digital file bundles.  They have fast shipping, usually within 2-3 business days of your order.  

Featured Product:

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets


These glitter heat transfer sheets come in such a wide variety of colors, and they are a great price.  Each sheet is 12″ x 19.5″.  They offer individual pricing on these, plus special bulk pricing.

Ways to Save: Check out their Sale section on a regular basis.  They offer frequent sales on all kinds of items.

My Vinyl Direct 



The Cricut site is still one of the best places to purchase Cricut supplies and equipment.  I always hesitated to order supplies directly through the Cricut site, because I always assumed that I would get far better prices elsewhere, if I just searched around.

But in my experience I have found that purchasing Cricut supplies directly from are not overpriced, and they run so many frequent sales, that there is always a chance you can get a really good deal. 

Cricut are especially great for tools, and they just carry everything that you could possibly need for your Cricut projects and machine.

The other thing about ordering directly from Cricut is that you can be sure that the supplies are authentic and good quality. They are not going to mess up your machine and be inferior in any way.

It’s kind of like a guarantee when you are ordering from the actual producer of the Cricut machine themselves.

Best Ways to Save:  Check out the Cricut Sale Section on a regular basis. Bookmark it, and check it weekly for the latest sales and deals. Cricut always has a sale going on for something!

Featured Product:

Deluxe Paper: Rob & Bob Citrus Garden


I love these beautiful papers from Rob & Bob.  This is a set of 12 sheets, with 6 patterns each.  They are ideal for making cards, scrapbooks, and so much more. It is also for all Cricut machines.



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Etsy is a great place to buy Cricut supplies. They have so many sellers selling Cricut supplies. It is possible to find all kinds of Cricut supplies and materials on Etsy. 

Not only can you get vinyl and blanks on Etsy, you can also find fonts to download, tools and SVG files. Actually pretty much anything that you need for your Cricut can be found on Etsy.

Featured Product:

Willow Lane Digital Font

This Willow Lane font is such a pretty font for any writing project you have for your Cricut.  It is a beautiful handwritten feminine calligraphy font.

Ways to Save: Save your favorite stores and suppliers (heart them), and check back with them often for any sales and special offers they may have.



Amazon is a great choice for so many crafters, as it has so much selection and choice, and if you have a Prime membership you can get such great shipping on items. (If you don’t have Amazon Prime membership, just click here for a free 30-day trial)

It is possible to find great deals on Amazon, especially because they have so many private sellers who are selling directly on there. 

But I would always advise you to check reviews first, because I have experienced buying vinyl that is certainly not the quality it was advertised to be.  But just check reviews and look around, and you are likely to come away with a really great deal.

Featured Product:

Holographic Opal Craft Vinyl


This is a really lovely decorative vinyl pack.  It is so pretty, and great for so many Cricut craft projects.


Happy Crafters have a wide variety of heat transfer vinyl, adhesive vinyl, blanks, cut files, tools and equipment.  

The selection of products available at Happy Crafters is pretty huge.  One of the things I really love about Happy Crafters is also their rewards program, which can really give you savings if you order from them frequently.

Ways to Save: Check out their clearance section on a regular basis.  They frequently offer sales and clearance items on all kinds of items. They also have a rewards program.

Featured Product:

Unicorn SVG Cut File Bundle

This Unicorn SVG Cut File pack is such a pretty pack.  You can create all kinds of pretty products with these cut files.



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Check out all these suggestions and links for the supplies and tools that you need for your Cricut, at the most reasonable prices.  

Don’t spend more than you have to on Cricut supplies and tools. Sign up to mailing lists of all these companies – that way you always get advanced notifications on sales and special offers.


Whether you are an occasional Cricut crafter, or you craft and sell your products, I am sure you are always on the hunt for the best, yet cheapest, Cricut supplies. Here are the best places that I have found for a good selection of reasonably priced Cricut machine supplies.

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