Best IKEA Hacks of 2020

See this collection of the best IKEA Hacks of 2020!  This was a great year for IKEA Hacks, and here are some of the best ones I came across this year!

I really couldn’t finish off this year without featuring the best IKEA hacks that I came across this year! 

As many of you who know me and this blog know, I can never resist a good IKEA hack! I am always scanning Pinterest and Googling IKEA hacks, that I love to feature on this blog.

2020 has been such a great year for IKEA hacks. Maybe it is something to do with the fact that people had more time to be creative this year? Or just that IKEA hacks have really come of age and prominence? 

There is an IKEA hack for practically every piece of IKEA furniture and decor, and an IKEA hack for practically every single room in your home!

So here are 11 great IKEA hacks that I came across (or created myself) in 2020!  Enjoy looking at these great pieces, and perhaps making some yourself!


IKEA Hacks

IKEA Bar Cart Hack

DIY Bar Cart IKEA Hack

This hack takes the IKEA Nissafors cart, and turns it into an attractive and incredibly useful bar cart. 

The cart was spray painted, wooden shelves added, and finished to create this great piece of furniture for your home. You can see the complete hack right here.


Art Deco Cabinet


This hack uses a plain IKEA Eket Cabinet – which is white with a natural base.  But it was made incredibly different and stylish just with the addition of washi tape!  A really amazing transformation. You can see the complete hack right here.

IKEA Brimmes Cabinet Hack


This beautiful stylish cabinet was created from just a plain black Brimmes cabinet from IKEA.

As you can see by adding the cane webbing it looks so much more beautiful and expensive, and who would ever know it started its life as an IKEA piece.  You can see the complete DIY right here.

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IKEA Skogsta Upholstered Bench

IKEA Upholstered Bench Hack


The IKEA Skogsta bench is a beautiful natural wood bench that IKEA sells.  It can be used in any room of your home and is pretty in its natural Scandi style already.

But you can also make Skogsta even better, and the perfect bedroom bench too, by upholstering it. See how to do this hack right here.

Woven Room Divider

Woven Room Divider

This woven room divider is the perfect piece for your home.  Use it wherever you need privacy, or additional decor in your home.  It’s not just an easy IKEA hack, its a really fun one too. You can see the hack right here.



IKEA Ivar with Wooden Rods

This IKEA Ivar cabinet looks absolutely amazing and so different with the addition of wooden rods.  Completely turn an IKEA furniture item into something so stylish and chic with this diy. You can see the complete DIY project right here!


Cane Sideboard IKEA Hack

This gorgeous cane sideboard is made with an IKEA hack. It creates a beautiful unique piece of furniture, that would make an ideal sideboard, entryway cabinet or chic piece for any room of your home. You can see the DIY here.


Stylish Built-In Mudroom

This beautiful and stylish mudroom was completely built using basic IKEA Pax wardrobes.  As you can see it is absolutely gorgeous, and so functional and useful. 

This mudroom completely looks fully custom-built and expensive. You can see the complete DIY tutorial right here.


Industrial IKEA Mirror DIY Hack

This amazing hack uses packs of IKEA mirror squares, to create an incredible industrial style mirror. Perfect for adding a modern look to any room in your home. You can see the complete tutorial here.


IKEA Drinks Cabinet Hack


This beautiful Retro style drinks cabinet was created using just an IKEA IVAR cabinet. If you know IVAR it is a basic cabinet, that is incredibly versatile that IKEA sells. It has been wonderfully transformed with this hack that you can see right here.

DIY Cane Nightstand

Cane was very much a 2020 thing, and this cane nightstand hack is no exception!  There were so many cane DIY projects being created this year, which was such a great thing! You can see the DIY for this cane nightstand right here.

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I hope you enjoyed this collection of great IKEA hacks.  All products hacked in this post can be found at IKEA!


See this collection of the best IKEA Hacks of 2020!  This was a great year for IKEA Hacks, and here are some of the best ones I came
across this year!

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