15 Unique & Amazing IKEA Nursery Room Hacks

IKEA hacks are so useful for any room of your home. Here are 15 great IKEA hacks that are amazing for nurseries and kids rooms.


Furnishing and creating a nursery or kids room can be fun, but challenging at the same time!

IKEA hacks are great for all rooms of your home, and these 15 IKEA DIY hacks are aimed especially at nurseries and kids rooms.

If you want stylish and unique furniture and decor pieces for a nursery, these ideas will let you create amazing pieces, far less expensively than you could buy similar items in the stores.

Here are 15 great DIY hacks for a nursery or kids room.  These vary from extremely easy to more time-consuming hacks.




Raskog as a Diaper Changing Cart

The Raskog cart is already so versatile, and in this hack it is being used as a handy and useful diaper changing cart. On this you can store everything you need for those all important diaper changes and clean ups! See it here.

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Pretty Nursery Dresser


This pretty dresser that would look great in any nursery is an IKEA hack using the Tarva dresser. This dresser looks incredibly designer and expensive, yet all that was involved was a coat or two of paint and new handles!  You can see the hack right here.

Baby Play Gym

Baby Play Gym


This hack takes an IKEA play gym, together with an IKEA mobile, and the two together create this amazing affordable play gym for your baby.

They aren’t going to use this for long, so why not save money as well as design a great unique play gym for them. You can see the hack right here.


Baby Play Gym II

Here is another baby play gym completely DIY’d using IKEA products. You can see the DIY tutorial right here.

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Nursery Wall Shelves using Bekvam Spice Rack


This easy yet useful and stylish hack for nursery shelves uses the IKEA Bekvam spice rack. This inexpensive little wooden rack has just had the front bar painted, to create gorgeous nursery shelving. You can see the hack here.

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Picture Ledges as Nursery Shelves

By using IKEA picture ledges you can create great shelving for books in your child’s nursery.  You can see the complete idea here.

Cane Nursery Shelves


These cane nursery shelves can be created completely using an IKEA Bekvam spice rack, with cane added. See the hack here.

Nursery Bench Seat

In any child’s room storage is always a big must have.  This DIY IKEA hack creates a stylish storage bench (for toys?), as well as a great useful seating area on top. You can see the hack right here.

Dipped Stools

These dipped stools would make a colorful addition to any kids room and nursery. A stool comes in so useful, and when it is stylish and pretty it is even more useful! You can see the DIY hack here.


Colorful Storage Boxes


The very useful Drona storage boxes that IKEA sells are great for kids room storage. In this hack Tan has added pretty colorful tassels to make the boxes prettier and stand out more. You can see the DIY here.

Donut Rug

This really fun donut rug is the perfect fun rug for any nursery.  You can see the complete DIY tutorial right here.

Rocking Armchair

Grey Rocking Armchair

The IKEA Strandmon armchair is a very comfortable armchair that IKEA sells.  It is already a super comfortable armchair for your home, but by adding rockers to this chair you can create an amazingly comfortable rocking chair!

A rocker is the perfect chair to have in a nursery, ready for night-time feedings and cuddles.  So take a chair that you already know is super comfortable, and add even more comfort to it!  You can see the hack right here on IKEA Hackers!

Rocker Chair II

Here is another rocking armchair created using the IKEA Ektorp armchair.  You can see the complete DIY tutorial right here.

Bamboo Book Box

The IKEA Bullig storage box is a pretty and useful bamboo storage box from IKEA. By adding hairpin legs to the box with this hack, you can create a gorgeous book box all ready to store your baby’s books. You can see the hack here.

Hot Air Balloon Decoration

This amazing hot air balloon decoration that all kids will love is created using an IKEA lampshade! You can see the DIY hack here.

These amazing IKEA DIY hacks will let you create something awesome and stylish for your children’s nursery!

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IKEA hacks are so useful for any room of your home. Here are 15 great IKEA hacks that are amazing for nurseries and kids rooms.

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