11 Pampering DIY Bath Bombs to make yourself

See these easy and fun Bath Bomb recipes to completely make and DIY your own luxurious and special bath time treat!

Bath bombs are really easy and fun to make, and are a great DIY bath and body product to make, especially if this is your first time making your own bath time products.

Bath bombs are (usually) circular balls made up of various ingredients, that you just place in your bathtub. They fizz away and dispense all their amazing ingredients into your bath water.

Whatever time of the year you are dipping your toe into your bath water, there is a bath bomb that is ideal!

See these great bath bomb ideas here, and make them as an amazing pampering treat for yourself, or somebody special!

Bath Bombs

Milk & Honey Bath Bombs DIY

Milk and honey bath bombs

These milk and honey bath bombs are incredibly moisturising, due to their ingredients including cocoa butter, honey power, and powdered milk.

Cocoa butter is great for moisturizing very dry and sensitive skin, and the other ingredients will really nourish your skin.

Once these bath bombs melt they create a silky and luxurious honey milk bath, that is just a delight!  You can see the DIY instructions for these Milk & Honey Bath Bombs here.

Floral Bath Bombs DIY

Floral bath bombs

If you love the pretty floral bath bombs that you can get in places such as Lush, this is an easy DIY recipe to create your own.

These bath bombs use dried flowers, that you can get from just about anywhere. These would make amazing gifts for somebody too!  See the DIY here to make the Floral Bath Bombs.

Lavender Bedtime Bath Bombs DIY

Lavender bath bombs

These bath bombs are so relaxing and beautifully smelling, just perfect for a bath late at night before you go to sleep!

Most of the experts agree that a warm bath is one of the best things to help you sleep at night.

So by adding these calming bath bombs to your bath you should be ready for sleep in no time! See the DIY here for making Lavender Bedtime Bath Bombs.

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Strawberry Milkshake Bath Bombs DIY

Strawberry bath bombs

These bath bombs are incredibly moisturizing and they smell just so good!

These bath bombs don’t contain cornstarch, which increases fizziness in most bath bombs. Therefore the end results is a more moisturizing bath bomb that will really give your skin a good moisturizing soak.

See the DIY here to make these Strawberry Milkshake Bath Bombs.

Charcoal Bath Bombs DIY

Black charcoal bath bombs

Active charcoal, which is the main ingredient of these bath bombs, has purifying and detoxifying powers.

Charcoal is completely safe and has so many great properties. It will also make your bath water interestingly black! See the DIY here for making Charcoal Bath Bombs.

Geode Bath Bombs DIY

Geode bath bombs

These geode bath bombs look so great – they are the perfect bath bombs to give as a gift to somebody.  See below for the complete video instructions!


Lemon Bath Bombs DIY

Lemon bath bombs

Lemon Bath Bombs give off that amazing scent of lemon, which will stimulate your senses while you are sitting back and relaxing in your comforting bath!  You can see the DIY instructions for making Lemon Bath Bombs here.

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Peppermint Bath Bombs

Peppermint bath bombs

These Peppermint Bath Bombs would make a special treat for the holidays! Either for yourself and to make as a gift for someone else! See the DIY instructions here for making Peppermint Bath Bombs.

Cupcake Bath Bombs with Soap Frosting DIY

Cupcake bath bombs

These cupcake bath bombs with a soap icing look so incredible – they actually look nice enough to eat!

But they are in fact an amazing moisturizing bath bomb to turn your bath into something special. See the DIY here for making Cupcake Bath Bombs with Soap Icing.

Pumpkin Spice Bath Bombs DIY

Pumpkin spice bath bombs

Here are some great bath bombs for the holidays! Pumpkin spice is associated with the fall holiday seasons, and smells just so wonderful!

Make these gorgeous bath bombs and turn your bath time into a spicy dream!  See the DIY here for how to make Pumpkin Spice Bath Bombs.

Donut Bath Bombs DIY

Donut bath bombs

For something a little different, how about these donut bath bombs! These would make a perfect home-made beauty gift for somebody special. See the DIY here for Donut Bath Bombs.

See these easy and fun Bath Bomb recipes to completely make and DIY your own luxurious and special bath time treat!

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