10 Fast & Easy IKEA Hack DIY Projects

If you want a fast and easy IKEA Hack here are 10 great ideas for you! These are all quick and fairly simple to do, but produce amazing results!

I am frequently asked by readers if I can just show them some really fast and easy IKEA hacks.  

Many IKEA hacks are in fact just that – fast and easy. But many of course have more intricate steps and prep involved.  

But one of the most amazing things about IKEA DIY hacks is that really even if you just spend a little time on something, you can still create something unique and amazing.

It really does all come down to creativity. If you are creative and prepared to take some risks, you really can come up with some amazing things. Don’t let doubt stop you – if you have an idea – go for it!

So here I have rounded up 10 fast and easy IKEA hacks that you can try when time is tight, but you still want to create and make something!

10 Fast and Easy IKEA Hacks DIY Projects

Painted IKEA wood Box – 10 Minute DIY

IKEA sells these great wood boxes that are composed of unfinished wood. That means they are just crying out to be painted and to use your best creative skills! IKEA sells all kinds of wooden boxes, so you can use this idea on pretty much any box!  You can see the DIY of these beautiful colored boxes here.

Cupcake Stand – 60 Second DIY

This very cute and very useful cupcake stand is a really fast and easy DIY project. It takes just around a minute or two to do! Those cork coasters from IKEA can be used for so many things, and this is one of them! You can see the complete DIY right here.

Painted Salad Servers – 30 Min DIY (plus drying time)

These pretty painted salad servers using IKEA wooden forks and spoons are a very fast DIY. The longest time is spent waiting for each coat to dry! You can see the complete DIY tutorial right here.

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Painted Basket: One Hour or so DIY

This pretty painted basket takes a regular basic IKEA basket and turns it into something more beautiful and amazing. Once again, much of the time is spend waiting for the paint to dry. You can see the DIY tutorial right here.

Cork Trivet Notice Board – 20 Minute DIY

The IKEA cork Heat trivets can be used for a wide variety of hacks. This fast DIY project turns the trivet into a beautiful notice board complete with a pretty and useful fabric pocket. You can see the hack right here.

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Washi Tape Clocks – Very Fast DIY!

This is a great example of how hacking an IKEA piece can turn it into something completely different looking.  This is a fast and easy DIY project that decorates plain yet beautiful IKEA clocks and turns them into amazing pieces!  Just by using Washi tape! You can see the complete DIY Tutorial right here.

Succulent Box – DIY in a few Minutes!

This one is a really easy and fast DIY hack, because you are using something already completely made and ready! By using a bathroom storage box and turning it into a planter you are doing such an easy IKEA hack!  See the complete tutorial right here.

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Bekvam Spice Rack Picture Bar – 20 Minute DIY

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This DIY is so fast, it will only take the time it requires to actually hang these on a wall of your choice.  This DIY hack is using 3 of the Bekvam spice racks, but you could use more or less. 

Colored Dresser – 1o Minute DIY Hack

Turn a dresser into a colorful beautiful piece with this really fast 10 minute DIY. You can instantly turn plain into bright and colorful with this hack.  You can see it right here.

Two-Tier Cork Jewelry Dish – 30 Minute DIY

This DIY project is easy and fast. There is some drilling involved, but it really shouldn’t take you long to do it at all. This uses IKEA cork coasters, and with the addition of a dowel rod it makes this incredibly useful jewelry holder. You could also use it store other things too! You can see the complete DIY right here.

Just because you don’t have a lot of time doesn’t mean you can’t create and make something unique and amazing. All 10 of these DIY IKEA hacks are so fast and easy, yet the end result is incredible!

Not one of these DIY hacks will take you more than probably around 30 minutes tops.  Many of these only take as long as they do because you are waiting for paint coats to dry!

If you want a fast and easy IKEA Hack here are 10 great ideas for you! These are all quick and fairly simple to do, but produce amazing results!

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