Pinteresting Strategies Pinterest Course 2.0: Honest Review 2023 (+ My free gift to you!)

This is my honest review of the Pinteresting Strategies 2.0 Pinterest course from Carly Campbell.


This article is my honest review of the Pinteresting Strategies 2.0 course from Carly Campbell of the Mommy On Purpose blog.

You may have heard of this course, which has been taken by so many successful bloggers and Pinterest marketers, you may be a new blogger trying to get traffic, or you may have been blogging for many years and want to up your Pinterest game.

No matter where you fit in the above description, Pinteresting Strategies is an amazing and affordable course that you can take to really finally understand Pinterest.

If you are considering purchasing this course I will let you know my honest experience with the course, the pros and cons, and more in this article!

My Personal Experience with Pinterest

When I first started my blog several years ago I wrote my first few posts and hit publish – and then – nothing! Nothing at all! Nobody was visiting my blog!

Because when you first launch your blog nobody knows about you. Google hasn’t yet crawled and indexed your site, and nobody has heard of you! It makes sense – how could they possibly know about you…!

So faced with being unknown I had to set about becoming known. I knew it would take some time for Google to realize my site existed and to find me.

Google as you know is the best search engine out there, but if Google doesn’t know you exist you have to turn to other ways of getting found.

So I turned to something I was already using in my own life – Pinterest. Pinterest is basically a search engine, just like Google is.  But it is different to Google in that it has a human component to it and is a very visual platform.

I was already a huge fan of Pinterest. I used it for home decor ideas for my own home, for craft and DIY ideas and more. I regularly pinned on Pinterest and found so many amazing ideas for crafts, recipes and more on the platform.

Therefore I naturally gravitated towards using Pinterest for my blog in its first few months.  As my blog is in the DIY, craft, and home decor niche I knew that I would find a lot of interest on Pinterest.

I created Pinterest pins and sent my pins out there into Pinterest land – and after several months of pinning I suddenly got a lot of interest! Certainly before Google really picked me up.

It took at least six months for me to get my first viral pin on Pinterest. Which might seem a long time to some of you, but really isn’t in the world of blogging. 

I was absolutely amazed at how fast I could actually be found and grow an audience by pinning on Pinterest. Because I would never have had interest that fast on just Google and being found organically.

In my first year to year and a half of blogging, Pinterest was my main source of readers and income for my blog.

If it hadn’t been for Pinterest I would have had a really hard time launching and running my blog during that crucial first 18 months.

Fast forward to today and Pinterest is still the biggest source of traffic and earnings for my blog.  I belong to the Mediavine advertising network and Pinterest is my major driver of traffic and income.

My point to all this is – Pinterest can help you grow your blog faster than other methods, and it can help you start bringing in income for your blog sooner too.

Therefore learning Pinterest the right way and knowing all there is to know about Pinterest will give you a huge advantage when you first start using it.

Pinteresting Strategies 2.0

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on a link in this post and make a purchase via that link I may receive a small commission, at absolutely no additional cost to you.

Why you Need Traffic to your Blog

If you want to make money with your blog, traffic is everything.  Because traffic gets you more readers – which gets you more eyes on your posts.

Traffic gets you more advertising income, it gets you more eyes on the products you sell, and it gets you more affiliate sales too.

Of course you may not have started a blog to make money, and that is of course totally ok.

But if you do make money on your blog you can use it as an additional source of income.  You can get paid to do something you love, and you can reach more people.

What if you Know Nothing about Pinterest?

If you know absolutely nothing about Pinterest you will totally love a course by Carly Campbell called Pinteresting Strategies.

This course takes you through every single thing you need to know to start an account and pin your content on Pinterest.

There are quite a few Pinterest courses out there, but I love Pinteresting Strategies because it is so in-depth, it backs up what it teaches with examples and data, and it is a very affordable Pinterest course to take.

What is the Pinteresting Strategies 2.0 Pinterest Course?

Pinteresting Strategies 2.0 is an in-depth information packed course on Pinterest from Carly Campbell of Mommy on Purpose.

Pinteresting Strategies covers a complete guide to using Pinterest, starting with the very basics.  

Those basics are understanding the terms used, and how Pinterest works. Understanding how Pinterest works is so important to whether or not you are going to be successful on Pinterest.

Pinteresting Strategies promotes the manual pinning method of promoting pins on Pinterest (as opposed to using a paid scheduler such as Tailwind).

Manual pinning is when you upload pins directly into the native Pinterest scheduler. 

This is the method that Carly Campbell, the creator of the course, has used herself successfully for many years, and has been used successfully by her many students of the course.

Who is the Pinteresting Strategies Course for?

All bloggers can benefit from taking the course and implementing the lessons and tips taught in the course.

If you are beginner, Pinteresting Strategies will show you how to set up a Pinterest account the right way, and guide you the right way from the start in how to use Pinterest.

If you are a seasoned blogger, Pinteresting Strategies will give you a refresh on Pinterest and you may find you have not been doing many things correctly.

Whatever you aim to do with your blog – increase your traffic, increase your email subscribers, sell products, and more – Pinteresting Strategies will show you how to do this using Pinterest.

Why Pinteresting Strategies is the Best Pinterest Course there is

Carly Campbell is the Pinterest expert.  She has successfully used Pinterest since she first started her blog in 2016.

Carly spent a lot of time at the beginning of her blog using Pinterest and really trying to understand how Pinterest works.

This included talking to the experts at Pinterest, trying out different strategies herself, and talking a lot to others about their own experience with Pinterest.

Pinteresting Strategies is constantly updated with the latest Pinterest information and news. Therefore once you purchase the course you will automatically get all those updates as they happen.

This means that you can be sure that you are being taught and advised on the best way to use Pinterest and how to make it work for you.

Pinterest changes its rules and updates all the time.  It can be hard to be aware of all the changes and best practices unless you really spend time studying it.

So a course such as Pinteresting Strategies that is constantly updated with new information is security for you that you are getting the latest information, and that you are doing things right on the platform.

What I Learned from the Pinteresting Strategies Course

When I took this course I had many years of pinning on Pinterest already behind me.

To be honest I am not sure why I didn’t take this course sooner. I had heard amazing things about this course, from many of the top bloggers out there.

I finally took the course recently, and I realized that there was so much I didn’t know or understand about Pinterest.

I used to regularly listen to podcasts and read articles about Pinterest, in order to get the latest information and understand what I was doing with the platform. But I got busy, and as my blog got more and more developed I had so many other things to do rather than read about Pinterest all the time.

So I stuck to the same Pinterest strategy that I had started from the start.  It was working for me, so why worry about it?

BUT – after taking Pinteresting Strategies I realized that there was so much more I could be doing for even more eyes on my pins to increase my traffic.

I also realized that I hadn’t been doing some things the right way, which could have had a negative impact on my account.

Here are some of the things I learned through the course, that I just didn’t know or realize before:

A key aspect of Pinterest’s algorithm is pin relationship.  If you interact with one pin it then has a relationship with another pin.

Your niche must align with Pinterest user intent. I am not going to go into this in too much detail here because Carly covers this completely in the second module of the course – but this is a major Pinterest secret.

Pin descriptions are for Pinterest not the reader – another major secret!

Using the native Pinterest scheduler can be so beneficial. I currently subscribe to Tailwind, but I am wondering if I should continue…

I shouldn’t repin so many of my own pins….

Group boards really don’t matter anymore…

This is just a small sample of what I personally learned (it wouldn’t be fair to Carly and the course if I spilled all the beans here in this article!)

Pinteresting Strategies Course Outline

Below is the total course outline of Pinteresting Strategies 2.0. I have also included actual screenshots from the course further along.



Introduction to Pinteresting Strategies
 Welcome to Pinteresting Strategies 2023
 Current News & Updates
 Pinteresting Strategies Checklist & Video Breakdowns
 Blogging Without Traffic Sucks

First Things First

PRE-Pinterest Homework
 Do your Homework

Getting Started: How Pinterest Works + Profile Set Up

 Important Definitions before we Start
 Extremely Basic Explanation of How Pinterest Works
 An Overview of the Pinterest Platform (for Creators)
 Getting Started the Right Way
 Setting up your Pinterest Boards
 How to Set Up Rich Pins

Pinterest is About People

 Understanding Niche Virility and User Intent
 People can SEE Your Pins
 Pinterest (Thinks) it can See Your Pins
 Humans are Busy and Lazy

Pinterest is About SEO Too

 SEO for Pinterest
 Keyword Research for Pinterest
 Pin Descriptions

Get Pinning

 Creating Pins That Get Clicks
 Understanding Board Co-occurence and Session Co-Occurence
 The Best Way to Pin Your Pins to Pinterest
 How to use the Pinterest Native Scheduler
 Pinning for Brand New Accounts
 Pinning Strategy for Established Accounts (this is what I do)
 Pinning for Abandoned Accounts/Reviving old Accounts

Final important things and FAQs

 Video pins, idea pins, product pins etc
 Pinterest analytics (+ Pinterest trends)
 Do Pinterest followers matter?
 How long does it take to gain traction as a new account?
 Pinning FAQs
 Final Pinteresting thoughts

Advanced Learning

 Title Traffic Hacks for Bloggers pdf
 Pin Design Rules for Bloggers pdf
 Pinterest Niche Site Deep Dive

Bonus Content

 Free Pin Templates
 How to become an affiliate for this course
 FB Mastermind live

Here are actual screenshots from the course contents:



The Pros and Cons of Manual Pinning in Pinterest

The strategy taught by Carly in the course advocates doing all manual pinning, using the built-in native Pinterest scheduler.

But you do not have to do manual pinning at all. If you are using a scheduler such as Tailwind you can still use it and apply the strategies taught in this course.

Carly explains in the course why she believes manual pinning is the best strategy for pinning in Pinterest.

The Pros and Cons of Pinteresting Strategies


  • There are a lot of videos in the course, which really explain things very well.  If you are a very visual learner especially you will really like the videos.  Carly shows real life examples through these videos that can be very helpful and easier to understand.
  • What Carly teaches can be backed up, and is frequently, by data and examples in the course.
  • The strategies taught in the course apply to beginners and seasoned Pinterest users, as well as to old accounts and brand new Pinterest accounts.
  • Pinteresting Strategies is a very affordable course.  There are many courses on Pinterest out there, but not a lot of them are affordable and comprehensive at the same time.


  • There are a lot of videos in the course. Yes that is also a pro mentioned above, but to be honest a lot of people can’t watch the videos and would rather a more text based course.
  • There is no personal support for the course.  Carly makes this clear during the course.  She cannot answer emails and questions about the course. But she does have some frequently asked questions and answers that she gets a lot about the course.  There is also a Facebook group, and you can join the Mastermind group.

Pinteresting Strategies 2.0

How to Purchase Pinteresting Strategies

To purchase Pinteresting Strategies click on this link hereNote – this is my affiliate link to the course – full disclosure I am an affiliate for Pinteresting Strategies (because it is just so so good!)

My Free Gift to you if you Purchase Pinteresting Strategies through my Affilate Link!

I wanted to give you a gift if you purchase Pinteresting Strategies through my personal affiliate link.

I thought long and hard about what would be the most use to you – and I realized that is probably Pinterest pin templates!

So if you purchase the course through my affiliate link here, you will get a bonus gift from me –  18 bright & colorful Pinterest pin templates.


This is my honest review of the Pinteresting Strategies 2.0 Pinterest course from Carly Campbell.

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