How to Create a Calming Space that Inspires your Creativity

Creating a calming space in your home where you can be your most creative can be a complete game changer for your creativity


Having a space in your home where you can relax and be yourself will do wonders for inspiring your creativity.

You may have a work space that you use for either working from home, or any other tasks that are ‘work related’

But it is also great to have another space in your home, that is your creative space.

You don’t need to create a new space in your home for this. You can use space that you already have.

This can be an area of your home, a nook, or a part of a room. Just anywhere where you will not feel pressured or hurried – a relaxing calm space.

So read on for how to create that calming space in your home that will work wonders for your creativity!

Why you Need a Calming Space in your Home

How often have you tried to do something creative in your home, and been interrupted by your kids, pets and just general noise around your home?

Do you sometimes sit down to write, draw or whatever creative outlet you pursue, and just cannot think?

Do you try to be creative in your home but there just isn’t a place that feels condusive to that? 

It is impossible for us to be creative if we just don’t have the space and the tools in order to do so.

Essentials for a Calming Space for Creativity

The ideal calming space for creativity is a part of your home that is quiet with no distractions.

It has to be a space where you can easily think and that is quiet and calming.

Don’t select the busiest part of your home – for instance your kitchen where you entire family is always entering and leaving.

It should be a space off the beaten track, that the rest of your family will not be constantly visiting and using.



What you Need to Have in your Calming Space

Comfortable cozy blanket.  There is nothing like cozying up with a lovely warm and soft blanket.

Having a blanket like this in your calming space can help you relax, it can keep you warm, and it can foster a cozy feel that can really help with your creativity.

Comfortable Seating.  A comfortable place to sit and lounge is essential.  It can either be a comfy chair, or a even a bed.

Good lighting.  Natural light from a window is so calming and mood-inducing.  You can also use candles, lamps, string lights, or anything at all that makes your space feel relaxing and comfortable.

Books.  Keep books around that inspire you.  Books that you can pull out and browse when you need ideas and inspiration.

Notebooks.  Have lots of notebooks around to record any ideas that you have flowing as you spend time in your creative space.

Scents and Smells.  Scents such as lavender and camomile can make you relax. Scented candles will always set a mood.

Flowers and plants.  Bring in the outdoors with plants and flowers. Large plants are good in larger areas and spaces, or smaller plants dotted around.

Noise.  Either music that you love, music that soothes, background music or white noise. Background music can be very soothing and help your creativity.


Creating a calming space in your home where you can be your most creative can be a complete game changer for your creativity

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