Lovely things to do with old vintage books

Give your old vintage books a new purpose with these amazing DIY Projects!


Do you have a pile of old vintage books just laying around your home? You don’t want to throw them away, as they may have been in your family for years perhaps, but you just don’t have the room for them anymore in your home?

Or do you enjoy meandering around used book stores, where you can find all kinds of beautiful vintage books, but you just don’t know what to do with them (apart from read them of course!)

There are so many old used books around to be found in junk shops, used book stores, flea markets, antique stores, garage sales, online, and many other places. Or you may have some beautiful, but damaged, old books that you want to somehow salvage. 

If an old book is just beautiful you might want to display it or use it in your home in some special way, and not just stack it on a shelf to be forgotten and eventually covered in dust. 

Here are some lovely ideas of things you can do with old used Vintage books around your home.


Lovely things to do with old Vintage books




DIY Knife Holder

This is a great idea if you have a farmhouse-style kitchen and want to really make a rustic statement! 

This project takes about 15 minutes to make, and all you need is your kitchen knife collection, some old books, and a piece of rope or twine.  Get the tutorial here from





DIY Vintage Notebook

This is a great way to take a beautiful old book cover and turn it into something pretty but useful. 

The entire project is really fast and all you need is additional paper for the note pages, and a binding machine of some kind. 

These would also make really great gifts for people.  See the full tutorial here from Crafting Chicks.


Photo: The Crafting Chicks


Vintage Book Page Banner Bunting

This is a great way to take a beautiful old book and showcase some of its artwork.  It would look great in a children’s room or in a room of your home that you want to make look vintage and interesting. Get the full tutorial here from




Vintage book activity kit

This is such a beautiful way to re-use a lovely old book, and turn it into something useful for your children to use and enjoy every day.
See the full tutorial at Cosmo Cricket.


Photo: Cosmo Cricket



Bookmarks from old book spines

I absolutely love this DIY!  The spines of old hardback books make great and pretty bookmarks.  See the full tutorial here at Crafts a la Mode.


Photo: Crafts a la mode


Needlecase from vintage book

This is again another really unique idea, and turns something already lovely into something incredibly useful.  See the full tutorial here at The Green Wife.


Photo: The Green Wife


Storage box made from a vintage book

This storage box can be used for absolutely anything, including jewelry and your secrets!  Get the full tutorial at Make and Do Crew.


Photo: Make and do Crew.


Book picture frames

This is a great use for old used books, making a unique picture frame that is as useful as it is pretty. Get the full tutorial here at Well Rounded.


Photo: Well Rounded


Book Pages Pencil Cups

This is a pretty interesting DIY using book pages, and the good thing about this DIY is that you can use the pages from many books for this.  See the full tutorial at The 3 R’s Blog.


Photo: The 3 R’s Blog


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Give beautiful old vintage books a new purpose with these gorgeous DIY projects.

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