DIY Glam Gold Dipped Wine Glasses

This easy and fast DIY project will give you many great drinking sessions from your new lovely gold-dipped wine glasses!


These metallic gold-dipped wine glasses will put some glam into your life!   They are nice to use when you have friends over, or just to add a touch of class to any regular wine-drinking ‘occasion’. 

Great DIY projects are the ones where you make something special, that you constantly use. It is great to constantly use something that you know you made yourself. It makes it even more special!

This is an easy and fast DIY project. Perfect for doing in a weekend, or a day (the actual DIY doesn’t take that long, but there is drying time involved).

I used stemless wine glasses for this project – I really like the modern simple look of stemless wine glasses, but you can use any glasses at all – stemmed, stemless, or even champagne glasses.





gold dipped wine glasses


Supplies needed for Gold Dipped Wine Glasses:

Drinking glasses of your choice
Painter’s tape or masking tape
Ziplock bags (I used small sized ones for these glasses)
Metallic Gold spray paint

How to Make Gold Dipped Wine Glasses

Wash the glasses thoroughly in soapy water. Rinse well, and set out to dry.

Once the glasses are all completely dry, cover the glasses with masking tape or painter’s tape, to mark out the area you want to be sprayed gold.

I only wanted the bottom of the glasses to be sprayed, so as you can see I have covered all the other areas, leaving the bottom exposed. 

Once the tape is on, tape the clear ziplock or plastic bag over, to protect the rest of the glass from being sprayed.


gold dipped wine glass


Turn each glass upside down and spray each glass with the gold spray paint.  Spray from about 12-18 inches away.

The further away you can spray the better the finish of your paintwork. I found that spraying too closely just produced ripples in the paint.

Remember you are only spraying the bottom of the glass that will be gold.  You will need to do a couple of coats of the paint in total.   

Do one coat and then leave it to dry. Once that first coat is dry, spray another coat over the top of the first. This will allow for the coating to be more even. 

It is very important that you allow the paint to dry in between coats for a smoother finish.



gold dipped wine glass


Leave the sprayed glasses to dry for as long as possible (I left mine for several hours), then pull off the plastic and tape once the paint is dry. 

If you have uneven lines just go over them and tidy them up with either a razor blade or a knife (obviously be very careful when doing this). 

Wipe the glasses over lightly with a very damp cloth  once they are completely finished and dry.

Stand the glasses on a flat surface rim side down, so that the painted bottom is upright to dry for a while longer, overnight if possible to really finally finish them.

Once completely dry your glasses are ready to use! Remember they are not dishwasher safe.  To clean rinse the inside by hand-washing, and gently wipe over the outside of the glass.

This easy and fast DIY project will give you many great drinking sessions from your new lovely gold-dipped wine glasses!



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