Cricut Easy DIY Projects for the Complete Beginner

You have a new Cricut cutting machine!  But now what do you do with it?!  Here are    12 complete beginner projects to try on your brand new Cricut machine!

Your new Cricut machine needs to be used! Don’t leave it just sitting there because you are not sure what to do with it, or you just don’t have any beginner tutorials to hand.

If you are still thinking of getting a Cricut machine, check out this guide as to which Cricut machine would be best for you.

Whatever Cricut machine you have, you will want to find place where you can get supplies and tools at reasonable prices.

Start using your Cricut machine right now! With these easy beginner projects!  These are easy products that are suitable for a beginner to get stuck into!  


Cricut Beginner Projects


Gift Tags

gift tags

Gift tags are great to make on a Cricut machine. You can really see its paper cutting potential in all its glory! 

These would be a great choice for your very first paper cutting project on your Cricut! 

These are easy to make, and this post details how to do it, even including instructions for using the Cricut software to do this.

Cricut Easy DIY Projects for Beginners


Fast & Easy Citrus Coasters

Citrus coastersPhoto Credit: Tastefully Frugal


These citrus coasters can be made in about 5 minutes! That makes this the perfect beginner project for your Cricut machine.

Make something fast and easy, and really see what your Cricut machine can do, without spending so much time on that project. 

These are great summer-themed coasters, and they would also make a great gift for somebody too! You can see the post here.



Make a Door Mat



This is a lovely project, for designing your own doormat!  You can create a great saying for your own home’s doormat, that will be sure to be noticed by anyone entering your home!  Full instructions are given in this post here.


Glitter Name Topper

glitter name topperPhoto Credit: Ashlee Marie

This glitter name topper is so perfect for a special treat for somebody. Create a special cake topper with this! Or host a party for anything at all, and create toppers for that! 

This is a fun project to really get to know your Cricut machine. You can see the post right here.

Vinyl Pantry Labels

Vinyl pantry labelsPhoto Credit: Hey Let’s Make Stuff


This is a great starter Cricut project, and will be useful in your home. If you really want to organize your pantry right now, how about printing off these beautiful pantry labels? 

They are so pretty to look at, and you will be so incredibly organized! You can see the post right here.

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Rae Dunn Inspired Christmas Ornaments

Rae Dunn Christmas ornamentsPhoto Credit: Amber Simmons


Christmas is the season when you can really make some great things with your Cricut. These Rae Dunn inspired Christmas ornaments are beautiful and fun.  You can see the post right here.


Glitter Dipped Mug

Glitter Dipped Mug

This glitter dipped mug is a great first Cricut project. The glitter part is done by hand, but the saying on the mug is done using a SVG file, which is so easy to do on a Cricut machine. 

This would make a great mug for your own coffee and tea drinking sessions, or would make a great gift for somebody.

If you don’t want to do the glitter part, just do the SVG sayings part on this mug. You can see the tutorial right here.


Make a T-Shirt



T-shirts are great things to make with a Cricut, because you can come up with so many cool designs and sayings for your t-shirts.

There are numerous SVG files available for just about anything to put on your t-shirt.  See the post right here from Jennifer Maker on how to make T-shirts with Cricut.


Personalized Water Bottles

Personalized water bottle

These really cute personalized water bottles are easily made with a Cricut.  This is actually one of the projects that Cricut does really well – and excels at – personalizing things! 

This is an easy and fast project that is so suitable for the complete Cricut beginner. You can see the post with full instructions right here.

Make your own Phone Case

Phone case

Phone cases are great things to make with a Cricut. Using foils and other materials you can create some really pretty and personalized phone cases.  You can see the full tutorial right here.

DIY Ice Cream Card

ice cream greeting card


Cards are one of those great things that Cricut machines do really well. The paper cutting that a Cricut does is second to none.

This DIY project for an ice cream greeting card will not just produce a great card, it will also show you the full range of paper cutting that a Cricut does!

Rainbow Suncatcher

Rainbow Suncatcher

This rainbow sun catcher is made on the Cricut, and is made with tissue paper! It’s a great DIY project, and it is fast and easy to make for the beginner.

After you have made it you will have a beautiful rainbow sun catcher to brighten your windows! You can see the full tutorial post right here.


Cricut Easy DIY Projects for Beginners

Start learning how to use your Cricut cutting machine with these easy beginner DIY projects! Don’t just leave your Cricut machine sitting there gathering dust! Put it into action today with these great DIY projects!

You have a new Cricut cutting machine!  But now what do you do with it?!  Here are 12 complete beginner projects to try on your brand new Cricut machine!

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