19 Adorable Leftover Yarn Knitting Projects

You have all those leftover bits and balls of yarn laying around, so what do you do with them?  That leftover yarn can be put to really good use, with these 19 adorable knitting projects!


Whenever you undertake a knitting project, do you end up with pieces and balls of leftover yarn?  That leftover yarn can be pretty to look at, but it is just taking up space around your home.

Why not put all that leftover yarn to really good use?  These 19 knitting projects will use up that stash of leftover yarn.

They will turn leftovers into perfect knitted pieces for you and your home! You can even make some great gifts for others!


knitting projects


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Knitted Face Mask

Knitted face mask


What could be a better use for leftover yarn right now than a knitted face mask?

This face mask won’t do the job on its own, but it comes with a filter pocket so you can insert a coffee filter, piece of fabric, or specialized filter so that it can help protect you.  You can get the pattern for this right here.


Pom Pom Bookmarks

Pom pom bookmark

Have fun making pom poms with this DIY project! Pom Poms are not just fun to make, they are so easy to make too.

You can sit and make lots of pom poms in one session! This is a great way to use up all those different colored yarns that you have left over. See the DIY tutorial here.


Knitted Beanie Hat

Knitted Beanie Hat


This is a really fast to knit knitted beanie hat. It is suitable for males and females, and it will knit up in next to no time (in fact this pattern states it can be knitted up in just an hour).

It is a perfect stash buster for those odd balls of yarn you have laying around.  See the pattern and tutorial right here.


Make a Knitted Hero Bear

Knitted hero bear


Another great way to use up your yarn stash is to knit a little hero bear! You can make this and give it to somebody special in healthcare, or give it as a gift to somebody (kids would especially love this). You can get the free pattern right here.


Knitted Socks

Knitted sock


Knit these cute socks with your stash!  If you have never knitted socks, this is a great project to start sock knitting, using your stash and no special supplies!  You can get the free knitting pattern here.

Tassel Knitted Pillow

Tassel knitted pillow

This pillow is a great way to use up leftover yarn. Using up that yarn will create something useful and beautiful all at the same time. You can see the tutorial post right here.


Make Preemie Hats for Charity

Knitted preemie hats

Turn your scrap yarn into a really worthwhile project.  This free pattern is for preemie knitted hats. You can knit and donate to your local hospital especially for tiny babies who really need these.


Knitted Baskets

Knitted baskets

If you have leftover chunky yarn, these knitted baskets are a great use for it.  They knit up really fast and easily, and you can use them to store all kinds of stuff around your home.  See the tutorial right here.

Knit Christmas Ball Ornaments

Knitted Christmas baubles

Knit pretty Christmas ball ornament decorations with this tutorial. This would be an especially great project to use up sparkly yarn that you have left over!

Baby Blanket

Knitted baby blanket

This pretty baby blanket is another perfect way to use up leftover yarn. You could make it in whatever colors you have left over in your stash of yarn.  See the full tutorial right here.


Scraptastic Cowl


Knitted Cowl


This pretty knitted cowl is the perfect way to use up leftover yarn.  It is an easy fast knit too! 

You can have so much fun making color patterns out of the yarn you have left over to use for this project. Get the pattern and full tutorial right here.


Knit a Pretty Headband

knitted headband

Make a pretty knitted headband with this knitting pattern.  A headband is so useful to have, and this one is so simple, yet so pretty.

Boho Rainbow

Knitted rainbow


These knitted boho style rainbows make the perfect decoration for your home!  Knitted entirely with scraps, these rainbows can also be made as a lovely gift for somebody. You can get the full tutorial here.


Knitted Hair Scrunchies

Knitted hair scrunchies


Make pretty and useful hair scrunchies with this tutorial.  A great way to use up your yarn stash!  Scrunchies are great to always have on hand for tying back your flowing locks!


Sweater Key Chains

sweater knit keychain

These sweater knit keychains are a perfect way to use up little pieces of yarn you may have leftover. You could use absolutely any yarn for these. Get the free pattern and tutorial here.


Earbud Pouch

knitted earbud pouch


Create something really useful with this earbud pouch knitting pattern.  The perfect way to keep your earbuds to hand, easily found, and well protected at all times.

Cottage Zippered Pouch

knitted cottage pouch

This pretty and cute cottage is the perfect knit for keeping all your stuff together and organized.  You will always have a smile on your face when you use this pouch! 

An easy and fast way to use up all those different colors of yarn that you have left over. You can get the free pattern here.


Make a Tassel Garland

Knitted tassel garland

A wonderful way to use up all that yarn – turn it into a beautiful tassel garland. If you have a wall or piece of furniture that could do with cheering up, drape it in this gorgeous garland! 

You will have so much fun making these tassels too!  Get the tutorial right here.


Knit Leaves

knitted leaves

Knit beautiful leaves with this knitting pattern here.  The leaves can be turned into a garland, wreath, pendant, or whatever you want. Knitting leaves is actually very therapeutic too!

Don’t just let all that leftover yarn sit around your home, gathering dust. Turn it into knitting projects for adorable items for you, for others, and for your home!

These knitting patterns and tutorials will make gorgeous and adorable items!  You will be so glad you busted your yarn stash for these!

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Knitting projects


You have all those leftover bits and balls of yarn laying around, so what do you do with them?  That leftover yarn can be put to really good use, with these 19 adorable knitting projects!

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