15 Stylish & Modern Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

If you are looking for less traditional easter egg decorating ideas here are some modern takes on Easter egg design.  


Easter egg decoration tends to be quite traditional a lot of the time, with the same colors used, and the same packs of coloring to buy from the store.

But you may just want something different, more stylish, and more modern instead of the usual.

There are so many great modern decorating ideas out there for your Easter eggs. You don’t need to stick to those traditional pastel shades of color for your eggs this year!

Here are 15 great ideas for modern and stylish Easter eggs to decorate your home this Easter!

Paint Splattered Eggs

paint splattered eggs in egg holder tray

This is a really simple project that creates simple, yet pretty and stylish paint-splattered eggs!

I used to love grabbing a paintbrush as a kid and flicking it onto paper to create all kinds of great splattered designs.

This DIY uses just that – just select your paint colors, and start flicking on the eggs!  You can see the instructions here from Squirrellyminds.

Neutral Easter Eggs

black and white decorated eggs in egg carton

If you prefer a more neutral color scheme and more minimal style of decoration, you will love these easter eggs.

See here for details on these eggs. There are not really instructions for creating them, but you can get some visual ideas from these great photos.

The eggs have a marbled effect, and the post does mention using a copper spray paint.

Easter Eggs

Scandinavian Sharpie Easter Eggs

Bowl of black and white decorated eggs.

These Scandinavian style eggs are so so easy to create! You just need a black sharpie pen, a couple of nails, toothpick, and of course eggs!

These eggs are simple, yet so stylish, and they will fit in with any decor whatsoever in your home.  See the instructions here from Happy Grey Lucky.

Black & White Marbled Eggs

6 black and white marbled eggs on a white plate

Very simple, yet stylish – that’s these black and white marbled eggs! You can see the instructions here from Hello Glow.

Mud Cloth Easter Eggs

Black and white mud cloth design eggs

This is another stylish egg decorating idea, but again so so simple!

Again you just need sharpie pens, or paint for this DIY. The eggs look so stylish and amazing, and it gives a great twist on Easter decor. You can see the instructions here.

Modern Dip Dyed Easter Eggs

dip dyed easter eggs

If you are tired of the same old colors of dyeing easter eggs, these eggs have a modern style to them, with such great color combinations. You can see the instructions here.

Goddess Inspired Modern Easter Eggs

Gold and pink eggs

Just use various shades of paint and gold paint to create these goddess easter eggs!

You can try out all kinds of splatter patterns and paint colors, to create what you would regard as goddess eggs! See here for details on these eggs.

Speckly Beachy Dyed Easter Eggs

Blue and green speckly marbled eggs

These dyed easter eggs have a speckly swirly design. They have a shibori look to them, as well as marbled and stone-like.

They make a pretty change from other easter eggs. They are stylish and minimal, yet intriguing to look at. You can see the post here.

Easter Eggs

Typography Easter Eggs

colorful eggs with words

These are a very different idea for easter eggs, and they allow you to have a bit of fun too!

You will need vinyl and a Cricut machine to make these eggs! Or you can use an alternate way of making them too. See the instructions here from Lovely Indeed.

Pantone Eggs

Pantone eggs

If you love Pantone colors like I do, you will love these decorated eggs!  You can get so creative with these, and use whatever Pantone colors are your favorites too!  See the instructions here.

Ombre Easter Eggs

Ombre colored eggs.

These ombre colored eggs are so easy to do! They just use various colored spray paint, to create pretty stylish eggs. See the instructions here.

Sprinkle Easter Eggs

Sprinkle eggs

These sprinkle easter eggs are so pretty and colorful, and they are so much fun to decorate too!

Add some color to your Easter with these eggs! See the instructions here.

Calligraphed Eggs

Calligraphed eggs.

This is a different take on easter eggs – calligraphed eggs.  You can see the instructions here.

Pink & Gold Mist Easter Eggs

pink and gold eggs.

Pink and gold eggs are pretty feminine Easter egg decorations. If you are looking for a more delicate simple modern design these eggs are perfect. You can see the instructions here.

Striped Eggs

Colorful striped eggs.

These eggs are so pretty and stylish, and so much fun to make!  Try your hand at these striped eggs and have some fun in the process.  You can see the instructions here.

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If you are looking for less traditional easter egg decorating ideas here are some modern takes on Easter egg design.  

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