Lemon & Ginger Curd

This Lemon & Ginger Curd tastes like a blast of summer sunshine!  The tartness of the lemons, combined with the spice of the ginger makes a delicious spread and baking ingredient!


Lemon Curd is an English dish/condiment that I grew up with in England.  If you haven’t ever had lemon curd, it truly tastes like a burst of delicious creamy lemon sunshine! It is so tasty, and reminds me so much of summer.

Recently, I have been so into the taste of lemon and ginger together.  It all started when I was sick in the spring, and hot lemon and ginger tea got me through the worst days.  Lemon and ginger have great healing properties, and the two paired together have such a wonderful taste.


Lemon Ginger Curd


Therefore, I wanted to make a little twist on regular lemon curd. I think you will agree that this lemon and ginger curd is so full of taste! The tartness of the lemons, combined with the slight spiciness of the ginger will really give you an amazing taste sensation!

With a bit more time on all our hands recently, it has been a great time to try to make some dishes and things we have always wanted to make.  Lemon curd is one of those things!  It can be hard to buy lemon curd in the US where I now live, as it isn’t widely known and used in the US (Goodness knows why!) so I was very excited to make this.

I wasn’t sure quite how difficult it would be to make Lemon curd.  But it really was incredibly easy.  It was actually such a great recipe to make, because the smells were gorgeous as I cut and chopped, peeled and grated!  I made this on a glorious summer day, which seemed the perfect day for making something with lemons!


Easy & Delicious Homemade Lemon & Ginger Curd

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What can you use Lemon & Ginger Curd for?

There are so many uses for delicious lemon & Ginger curd.  You could make a lemon and ginger tart, or individual tarts. It can also be used as a filling for doughnuts.  You could smear it on scones, pastries or English muffins. You could bake it into a cake, muffins, or cookies.  Lemon curd also goes really well with cheese, placed on the side with crackers.

You could also give Lemon & Ginger Curd as a great gift to somebody special.  It would make the perfect gift for a teacher, friends or neighbors.  

Ingredients for lemon & ginger curd


Kitchen Items you will Need

Glass or metal bowl


Hand mixer

Citrus Zester or cheese grater

Glass jars


How to Make Lemon & Ginger Curd

Ingredients needed:

50z Granulated Sugar
Juice of 2 large Lemons
Zest of 1 large lemon
1 Egg
3 Egg Yolks
1 stick (just over 100g) of Butter
About a 2 Inch piece of Ginger


Wash the lemons well, and dry them.  Taking one of the lemons, grate the zest of the lemon, and put aside to use later in a small bowl.

Cut the zested lemon, and the other lemon in two, and juice them both. Place the juice of the two lemons in a bowl and set aside.

Peel the piece of ginger, and chop as finely and small as possible. Place aside to keep in a small bowl also.

Next, fill a saucepan about half full with water, and put it on your stove to boil.  Once it is boiling, turn the heat down to medium setting.  

While the saucepan full of water is boiling, mix the sugar and the eggs together in a metal or glass mixing bowl. You will be using just the yolks of 3 of the eggs, so separate the yolk from the egg white in those eggs. One of the eggs you are using will be the complete egg. Mix together with a hand mixer until the mixture is frothy and well mixed.

Put the mixing bowl on top of the water in the saucepan (the heat from the water below will warm up the bowl and cook the ingredients).  Add the lemon juice, ginger, and lemon zest to the mixture.  Stir the mixture well together.

You will now be cooking the mixture on the stove for about 20 minutes, stirring constantly. The mixture will start to thicken. Keep stirring as it thickens.  This should all be done on a medium heat.

If after 20 minutes or so, the mixture is still not thick enough (lemon curd has the consistency of jam), then continue stirring for around another 5-10 minutes to let it thicken more.

Once the mixture is thickened, take the mixing bowl off the top of the pan of water and move the bowl to a work surface.  Chop the cold butter into small cubes, and stir into the hot mixture in the bowl, until completely combined.

Your lemon and ginger curd is now ready!  Place the curd into glass jars and seal.  Keep the curd in you refrigerator. It should keep for up to about a week in the refrigerator, as it does contain eggs.

Tips for making the curd:

You can add more ginger to what is in the recipe, if you want a more gingery flavored curd.

If you want a really smooth curd, just strain the final mixture through mesh or a fine sieve.  I left the tiny pieces of ginger in my curd, and it was a great consistency and a good mix, but if you prefer it to be smoother, just strain it.


This Lemon & Ginger Curd tastes like a blast of summer sunshine!  The tartness of the lemons, combined with the spice of the ginger makes a delicious spread and baking ingredient!

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