9 Etsy Buys for Upgrading & Hacking your IKEA Stuff

Most IKEA Hacks require you to do a little creative DIY.  But you can save time and effort with these great buys from Etsy that will upgrade and hack your IKEA products into truly amazing pieces!

If you love IKEA hacks (like I do!) you will be amazed at all the wonderful creativity that goes into those hacks. 

But it does take some time and effort to hack something into a completely different piece, just like an IKEA hack does.  

But you can save both time, and your creative juices!, with these buys from Etsy that will upgrade your IKEA products and furniture into amazing hacks! Without you having to do too much work!

So take a look at these 9 amazing buys from Etsy that will take your IKEA from ordinary to extraordinary!

Etsy for IKEA

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Decals for the Malm Dresser

The IKEA Malm dresser is a pretty yet simple and versatile dresser.  Sometimes simplicity is just best, but if you want a little more color and design you can use stickers.  These tile sticker decals will amp up your Malm dresser and upgrade it into something a lot more special and decorative. You can get them here from Etsy.

Shelf Insert Sets for Duktig Kitchen 

This is a wonderful set of shelf inserts for the IKEA Duktig play kitchen. Just select the design you like (out of numerous options) and you can add it to this amazing play kitchen. The designs are printed on plastic, which is durable and hard wearing too. You can get them here from Etsy.

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Besta Cabinet Legs

The IKEA Besta cabinets are such great cabinets for so many uses and so many rooms. These legs add a stylish upgrade to the cabinets. They also fit all other IKEA cabinets too, so you can jazz up a huge amount of cabinets in no time at all! You can buy them here from Etsy.

Greenhouse Acrylic Shelf

The IKEA Fabrikor cabinet has got to be one of the most pretty and useful cabinets they have produced for a long time.  So many people are turning them into great little greenhouses for their plants.   Fabrikor is truly a great display glass display cabinet, that could be museum worthy!

You can get this great acrylic shelf that fits into the Fabrikor cabinet from Etsy here.  It creates more room inside the cabinet and fits in so easily and delicately too.

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Brass Cabinet Legs


If you are hacking and upgrading an existing IKEA cabinet you may need some new legs.  You can put any style and color legs on a cabinet to completely change how it looks, how it matches existing decor, and to change its style completely.  These brass legs are sleek and stylish, and will really upgrade any IKEA cabinet. You can get them here from Etsy.

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Kallax Bench Cushion

If you have an IKEA Kallax cabinet that you want to turn into a bench, here is a beautiful bench cushion.  This makes the hack of Kallax into a bench so fast and easy! You can get it here from Etsy.

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Ombre Pattern Decals for IKEA Alex Drawer Unit

The IKEA Alex drawer is so useful and stylish. But it is plain.  But you can easily jazz it up into something extraordinarily beautiful with these ombre stickers.  You can get them here from Etsy.

Tarva Dresser Front

The Tarva dresser is another pretty IKEA dresser.  This replacement drawer front for the Tarva dresser is an incredible IKEA hack! These are not stickers – these are real drawer fronts. You can get them here from Etsy.

Stickers for Flisat Doll House

The IKEA Flisat doll house comes open to all kinds of design and use possibilities.  You can get some great stickers to personalize the rooms with colorful wall paper in this kit from Etsy.

Most IKEA Hacks require you to do a little creative DIY.  But you can save time and effort with these great buys from Etsy that will upgrade and hack your IKEA products into truly amazing hacks!

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