Check out Answers to your Questions:

Can I feature and link to your post?
If it is an original post from Make Calm Lovely, yes you may by all means feature it and link to it. All I ask is that you make the links Do Follow links. You may use one image from the post to promote it also.

Can I pin your posts on Pinterest?
Yes please! As much as you want! I love Pinterest and it is the main form of social media that I use for all my blog promotion!

Do you accept guest posts?
Yes I do accept guest posts. However I am very careful to feature posts that are of interest to my readers and are similar to my own posts. Please contact me at to discuss. If you would like a copy of my media kit just send me an email to that email address.

We are an ad network offering great rates. Are you interested in partnering with us?
I use Mediavine on my site and I am extremely happy with them, so at this time I am not looking to join any new advertising networks.

I have a question about one of your DIY projects
Please email me your question at I will do my absolute best to provide you with more information that you need on one of my DIY projects/IKEA hacks.