12 Beginner Knitting Patterns for Beautiful Easy Sweaters

Making beautiful knitted sweaters isn’t just for experienced knitters. Here are 12 easy knitting patterns especially for beginner knitters.  You too can have a beautiful knitted sweater!

One of the most useful things to knit when you are just starting out knitting and as a knitter is a sweater.  But are you frequently intimidated by knitting patterns for sweaters that are just too complicated?

You see a pretty sweater that you want to make. But when you take a look at the knitting pattern you realize it just is not for your level of expertise.

Pretty sweaters don’t need to be just for experienced knitters. Beginner knitters can easily make their ideal sweater – with the right knitting pattern aimed at beginners.

So here are 12 knitting patterns for beautiful sweaters that are easy to make, and so perfect for beginners and those starting their first knitting project.


Knitting patterns for sweaters

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Gallant Sweater

This is a beginner friendly top down knitting pattern.  This sweater is chunky and cropped, making it so stylish and perfect to wear with jeans.  You can get the pattern and supplies right here.

Easy Chunky White Pullover

Chunky knit sweater

This sweater knits up really quickly, and is a perfect first knitting project.  This sweater will keep you so warm and cosy during those winter months, and you will look so stylish too! You can get the instant downloadable knitting pattern right here.

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Soft Alpaca Barbican Sweater

Soft Alpaca Knitted Sweater

This beautiful stylish sweater is knitted into soft luxurious alpaca wool.  This sweater is perfect for beginners, and the pattern is free to download. You can get the free pattern and purchase supplies right here.

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Garter Stitch Tee Sweater

Garter Stitch Tee Knitted Sweater

This pretty sweater is knitted entirely in garter stitch, which makes it perfect for the beginner knitter.  Garter stitch is where you knit every row, therefore you just can’t get easier than that.

This is also great if you are an experienced knitter, but you just want an easier project. You can get the pattern here.

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Easy Knit Cobble Stone Sweater


This is a beautiful oversized sweater that is so easy to make.  The soothing garter stitch makes this sweater a pleasure to make!  You can get the pattern right here.


Bamboo Sweater

Bamboo knitted sweater

This is a pretty asymmetrical shaped sweater.  It is called bamboo because it looks like still standing bamboo!  It has a nice long turtle neck, and a long back hem. You can get the pattern right here.


Clarke Pullover

Clarke Pullover knitted sweater

The Clarke pullover is knitted from the top down and in the round, making it perfect for beginner knitters. 

The modern stripes are in contrasting shades of denim.  This sweater is so comfortable you will want to live in it constantly! You can get the pattern right here.

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Super Chunky Knit Sweater

Super Chunky Knitted Sweater

This raglan sweater is knitted top down.  Using super bulky yarn this sweater knits up so fast and easily, making it the perfect knitting pattern for a beginner. You can get the pattern right here.

Josy Easy to Knit Sweater

Easy Knit Sweater

Josy is knitted from top to bottom, and is extremely easy to knit.  It has a pretty round neck and raglan sleeves. 

It is slightly oversized for comfort, but very feminine and pretty in design and shape.  You can get the pattern right here.

Woodland Cropped Sweater

Woodland Cropped Sweater

This sweater has a lovely modern rustic design.  It will add a bohemian touch to any outfit.  This is an easy and quick knit for beginner knitters. You can get the pattern right here.

Latte Knitted Sweater

Latte Knitted Sweater

This pretty Latte sweater is lighter than air and gentle on hands. The perfect soothing and sensory knitting project!  It is so easy to knit it is perfect for beginner knitters. 

This is knitted using two tones soft and gentle mohair yarn. You can get the knitting pattern right here.


Transparent Pullover

Transparent Pullover

This knitting pattern is in German language. I wanted to include it here for my German readers!

You may be able to translate this pattern as it is such a simple knitting pattern that is perfect for beginners. You can get further details and the pattern right here.

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Enjoy a great knitting project that makes something so beautiful especially for you, that is not just easy to make, but it is also fun to make too.


Patterns for knitted sweaters



Making beautiful knitted sweaters isn’t just for experienced knitters. Here are 12 easy knitting patterns especially for beginner knitters.  You too can have a beautiful knitted sweater!

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