11 Essential Knitting Supplies for when you Start Knitting

When you start to learn to knit, you don’t need a lot of supplies and tools. But there are some things that are very useful to have, that really make your knitting projects easier.  Here are 11 essential knitting supplies that you may want to consider for when you first start knitting.



I was lucky when I started to knit as I come from a long line of knitters. My mother taught me to knit, her mother taught her to knit, and her mother taught her to knit and back and back.  

Knitting was a skill that a mother passed to her daughter throughout the generations.  But times have changed, and knitting is no longer taught routinely from family to family.

Because I came from a long line of knitters, I did inherit needles and all kinds of tools and supplies.   Some of them were just duplicates that my mother had in her knitting bag. But at least they all gave me a good start to knitting.

If you are just starting out and learning to knit, I really wouldn’t advise buying a lot of things until you know that knitting is for you.  But I really do believe that anybody can learn to knit, it just takes patience and practice.  

I often look back at my 8 year old self who kept throwing knitting projects into the bin because they went wrong! My mother very patiently plucked them out and sat down with me and went over the problems.   I look back and laugh at that now, but one thing that does stand out is that I just needed to keep practicing.  There will be frustrating times and times that you want to throw your knitting in the bin! 

So here are the 11 essential items that most beginning knitters will really find useful and helpful.


Essential knitting supplies


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1. Knitting Needles

You need a really good set of knitting needles when you first start knitting.  These knitting needles are 10 inches long, which is a good size for a beginner to start handling.  They have a shiny chrome finish, which means it is easy to move stitches along on the needle. The ergonomic shape is really easy and comfortable to hold. 


2. Great Knitting Yarn

Good knitting yarn is important for the beginner. You don’t want something that is too thin, too thick, or that frays too easily.  Red Heart Yarns are very durable, and they come in so many weights and shades of color. This acrylic yarn from Red Heart is perfect for the beginner.  

Knitting yarn


3.Knitting Counter

Counting your rows as you complete them is a major part of knitting. You can of course keep track on a piece of paper, but a knitting counter is a great inexpensive little tool that works so well for this. No more losing that vital piece of paper!  This counter fits right on your knitting needle, so you won’t lose it!

Knitting counter



4.Knitting Needle Case

You will accumulate a lot of different sized knitting needles during your knitting journey. It is important to keep your knitting needles together where they can be easily located. You also want to keep certain sizes together, and pairs together. In addition you want to keep them from getting damaged.  Therefore, as soon as you know knitting is for you, I would recommend getting a knitting needle case like this one.  It will serve you for years and years, and you won’t waste time hunting for certain sized needles.


5. Foam Knitting Block Mat

A foam knitting block mat allows you to accurately measure your knitting as you go along.  The one inch grids allow you to measure your knitting as you go along. If your knitting gets out of shape you can stretch it for steam blocking on this foam block too.


6. Knitting Needle Size Checker

This handy little tool lets you check on the size of a knitting needle. Just insert the needle into a hole and it will show you what size needle it is. This is especially useful if you have a lot of needles that don’t have the size visible. With this tool you can also check your knitting gauge size as you go along.



7. Knitting Needle Point Protectors

Don’t accidentally prick yourself with your knitting needle pointed ends!  Just in case you leave your knitting laying around, these point protectors will make sure that the sharp ends of your knitting needles don’t hurt you or anybody else. They are also really useful for making sure that your knitting stitches don’t come off the end of the needles.



8. Good  Pair of Scissors

You need a really good pair of scissors for your knitting projects. I always advise also that you use a pair of scissors exclusively just for your knitting projects. You will need to cut your yarn, snip off yarn tails and more when you are knitting.  This pair is pretty and perfect. The cute design will mean you will always know these are your knitting scissors!


9. Storage Case for Your Knitting

You will need somewhere to store your knitting projects, so they are protected and always close to hand. A basket, bag or just about anywhere should work for this. But a dedicated storage bag means you will always be able to locate your knitting, and you can also store some other things too.  This bag is portable, and you can also store tools and supplies inside it and on the outside of it too.


10. Knitting Stitch Holders

As you go along with various knitting projects, you will find that you frequently have to hold certain groups of stitches together.  These knitting stitch holders are really easy to use, and they are different sizes for different needs.  Whether you only need to knit a few, or many.



11. Yarn Holder Bowl

Sometimes that ball of yarn has a mind of its own as you are knitting, and you end up chasing it around!  But a yarn holder bowl will always keep your yarn contained and where you know it is, whether you are actually in the process of knitting or taking a break.  These also keep your yarn clean and free of all those little bits a ball of yarn can so quickly gather!


 These great products are essential to your beginning journey. As with any craft you need good tools, a good teacher, and a lot of patience! Happy knitting!

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Beginner knitter




When you start to learn to knit, you don’t need a lot of supplies and tools. But there are some things that are very useful to have, that really make your knitting projects easier.  Here are 11 essential knitting supplies that you may want to consider for when you first start knitting.

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