11 Amazing IKEA Nightstand DIY Hacks

IKEA hacks can ‘hack’ and change pretty much any piece of furniture that they sell.  That includes nightstands too! So here are 11 amazing IKEA nightstand hacks that can make your bedroom a much better place!

Every bedroom needs a nightstand, or two!  A nightstand not only holds your alarm clock, lamp etc, but if you have drawers in the nightstand you can also keep all the little stuff you have somewhere easy to access and keep organized.

IKEA makes some great affordable and stylish nightstands already. But with a little work and DIY you can completely revamp those existing pieces, and even change them completely. You can create a totally different and unique piece of furniture, that not everyone else will have!


Hacking a nightstand can be as simple as adding new handles, painting it, staining it, or even adding additional decorative pieces to it to complete a whole new look.

So here are 11 hacks for nightstands using popular and easily available IKEA pieces of furniture.

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Mid Century Modern IKEA Tarva Nightstand Hack

White Mid Century Modern style nightstand.

This hack uses the very simple yet stylish IKEA Tarva nightstand, and turns it into a beautiful Mid Century Modern piece. 

If you love Mid Century modern style, but don’t want to spend a ton on a designer piece of furniture for your bedroom, this hack is for you!

This nightstand is both painted and stained, and each piece is prepared separately and then assembled into the complete nightstand. You can see the hack right here.

IKEA Campaign Nightstand

White and gold Campaign style bedside dresser.

This hack uses the IKEA Rast dresser, which is turned into an amazing Campaign style nightstand.

The unit is sprayed and painted and brass corners and handles have been added to create that great campaign look. You can see the hack here.

IKEA Rast Nightstand

White panelled bedside table.

The affordable Rast dresser is used for this stylish hack.  Plywood strips have been laid over the drawer fronts and the entire piece has then been painted and new modern legs added. You can see the hack here.

Cane Nightstand Hack

Cane fronted drawer dresser.

This is another hack using the IKEA Rast dresser, and it creates that amazing boho cane look for a piece of furniture.

The drawer fronts of the dresser have been replaced with cane sheeting.  This creates a beautiful stylish nightstand for your home.  You can see the hack here.

Wood Stained Nightstand Hack

Wooden nightstand.

This beautiful nightstand is spray painted and stained to create an industrial looking stylish nightstand.  You can see the hack right here.

Rattan Bedside Table

Rattan nightstand.

This hack uses the incredibly inexpensive IKEA Nesna nightstand.  Sheets of rattan/cane have been added to the top and lower shelf to create a stylish modern looking rattan masterpiece that is not just stylish but so useful too. You can see the hack here.

Linen Wrapped Nightstand

Linen covered bedside table

This hack creates an unusual and stylish bedside table, using the Lack side table.  A drawer has been made and added to the nightstand, and the whole piece is wrapped in linen wallpaper. You can see the hack here.

Moody Modern IKEA Nightstand Hack

Dark Grey Rast IKEA Nightstand.

This is another hack using the IKEA Rast unit.  The Rast dresser starts out as a simple plywood drawer unit.  It is then primed and painted, and new drawer handles added, to create an amazing looking nightstand. You can see the hack here.

Tarva Nightstand Hack

Wood stained IKEA Tarva nightstand hack

The IKEA Tarva dresser unit is again used in this hack to create a lovely stained wood nightstand. 

The unit is assembled, and then sanded and stained with wood stain.  You can see the hack here.

Compact Tarva Nightstand Hack

White and wooden nightstand.

This nightstand hack is made with the IKEA Tarva unit once again.  The unit is stained and painted, to create a more upmarket looking nightstand. You can see the hack here.

Tarva Nightstand Hack

Grey and white number nightstand.

Being stained and painted, with a unique number sign added to the front of the drawer, makes this nightstand a unique one of a kind piece.  It again uses the IKEA Tarva piece.  You can see the hack here.

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of 11 popular nightstand DIY hacks using IKEA pieces of furniture that are popular and easy to get.

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