Why you Should use a Paper Planner

Paper or Digital? There are so many planner options these days to choose from.  Here are the reasons why you may want to choose a paper planner to plan your life!

There are many different options these days for planners – including paper, digital, web-based and more.

Ultimately the type of planner that you choose to use depends on your own lifestyle, needs and wants.

So what should you choose between all the options? A paper planner that you can carry around with you and write in, a digital planner that you use with your iPad, or a web-based planner that you can pull up on your phone or computer?

With all those choices available, this article is going to focus on why you should use a paper planner, or if you like a traditional planner.

Don’t get me wrong here – I LOVE digital planners. I use a digital planner that I designed myself every single day to help keep me on track in my life.

But I also love paper planners too! I love the fact that I can choose a really pretty looking paper planner, and the actual act of writing in that planner is relaxing and stress-busting for me.

There are times, and reasons, to choose one or the other.  But if you are considering a paper planner here are all the reasons you should!

Woman writing in a paper planner, with a cup of tea nearby

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A Paper Planner can Make you More Organized

A paper planner can in fact make you better organized than other types of planners.  If you are the type of person who always has post it notes and notes everywhere about what you need to do, a paper planner can help you get them organized.

With a paper planner you can enter what you need to do, or think about, in real time as it comes to mind.

That way you always know where to find those vital notes and your to do list etc.  All those disorganized notes and lists will be together in one central place.

A Paper Planner can Help your Stress

Not only will being more organized help you with the stress in your life, actually writing on paper has been found to be most therapeutic and stress-reducing.

It also helps if you can do a brain dump of sorts and get everything that you need to do out of your mind and onto paper.

Sometimes what seems like a lot of mammoth tasks when listed out on paper doesn’t look quite so bad!

Planner open with a pen and post it notes

A Paper Planner can Help you Reduce Screen Time

With a digital or web-based planner you won’t have to rely on logging on and looking at an electronic device, therefore you will be using much less screen time.

A paper planner will get you away from a screen (and it isn’t dependent on being charged or having electricity!)

Paper Planning can be so Much Fun!

Planning in a paper planner can be a lot of fun. You can choose fun and colorful stickers to use in your planner, you can write in different colored inks, and you can even insert photos or drawings into your planner.

There is also something about a paper planner that is so good to look at. Especially if you incorporate fun graphics photos, ink colors and more it can be really pleasurable to just sit and flip through your planner pages, looking at all the things you have added.

You can be More Creative with a Paper Planner

We all grew up writing and drawing on paper, so it comes pretty naturally to use above all other methods.  Therefore because it feels so comfortable to do on paper, you can be more creative with a paper planner.

You can add your own drawings, photos, stickers and more. Your creativity can really come into its own with what you write and insert inside your paper planner.

Paper planner open inside to show photos, notes and stickers

You can Buy Some Really Pretty Planners!

There are so many amazing planners out there if you want a paper planner. There are so many incredible designs and themes available in paper planners.

You can choose something so pretty to use, that using it every day will be just a pleasure! So check out paper planners in stores, on Etsy, on Amazon and more to find one that really suits you and your own personality!

Check out Planners on Etsy Here!

Check out Planners on Amazon Here!

Woman writing in open planneer

So even though digital planners are awesome, a paper planner may be more in tune with your own personality and your own wants and needs!

Paper or Digital? There are so many planner options these days to choose from.  Here are the reasons why you may want to choose a paper planner to plan your life!

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