Why you should Meditate

Meditation is the practice of taming the overwhelm of your mind, which helps you to be calmer and experience less stress.

Just as our homes get cluttered, our minds get cluttered too.  Meditation can play a big part in helping you see things more clearly, be much calmer, and be more in touch with your own thoughts and feelings.

Sorting out your mental clutter is a big step towards achieving daily calm. This is what meditation can do for you – sort out your mental clutter. Clutter is physical and mental. You can declutter your home of unwanted possessions, but you can also unclutter your mind of unwanted feelings and fears.

Regularly practicing meditation can help anxiety, depression and much more. Even if you don’t consider yourself anxious or depressed, meditation can do a lot to improve your everyday life and health. Our days are full and busy, and everywhere around us we are surrounded by clutter.

Just as you would sort out the clutter in your home, sort out your mental clutter too with meditation.



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What exactly is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice in which you work to still your mind and to concentrate only on the present moment.

Meditation can take a number of forms, including guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises, and more.

No matter which form or type of meditation you choose to practice, the main point of meditation exercises is to focus attention, eliminate distractions and eliminate intrusive thoughts.

Meditation has been in use by various cultures for thousands of years.  Some cultures consider meditation to be a part of their religion.

In our modern life, people usually meditate in an attempt to overcome the stress and anxiety associated with the modern world. Meditation has the power to lead you to experience a tranquil state.  It also can improve your well-being overall when it is practiced on a regular basis.


The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation offers a wide range of benefits. Many of these are directly related to the practitioner’s state of mind, but the practice can also improve physical health.

One of the great things about meditation is that the effects of meditating are long-lasting. You will find yourself feeling calmer and note significant improvements in your physical well-being long after your meditation session ends.

Meditation helps to diminish the mental overload that can overwhelm you, which means you will experience less stress. This renewed state can often provide you with clarity when it comes to the issues you face throughout your life.

The health benefits of meditation include decreased depression symptoms, lessened anxiety, a reduction in chronic pain, greatly improved sleep, and less frequent tension headaches, among so many other incredible health benefits.


How to do a Simple Breathing Meditation

While there are a number of different kinds of meditations, one of the easiest to start with is a simple breathing exercise.

Controlled breathing is a part of many meditative practices. It can help you to gain focus and to “blow away” stress.

Find a quiet space with a comfortable chair. Sit up straight, with your feet flat on the floor. You could also take a seated position on a floor pillow, if you prefer.

Begin by inhaling deeply, pushing your stomach muscles, or diaphragm, outward. Inhale slowly, allowing your stomach to return to its resting position. Continue this until you find a comfortable rhythm.

Try to push all thoughts out of your mind, but don’t worry too much if intrusive ideas sneak in. Five minutes is usually long enough to gain the benefits, but your session can be as long as is comfortable when starting out.



Other Tips for Meditation

Some people find it easier to have calming music playing to meditate, rather than complete silence. Consider purchasing or downloading music especially for meditating.

You can meditate anywhere – in your home, at your work desk, on a park bench, on the beach. Once you master a basic meditation technique you will be able to do it anywhere.

Don’t worry if you don’t do it perfectly the first few times. Stay at it and eventually you will master good meditation techniques.


Resources for Meditation Help & Advice

Check out numerous videos on YouTube to guide you through meditation techniques. Such as the one above.

Check out this useful source also:


How to Meditate


Meditation is a practice that can provide tremendous calming benefits. It’s easy to do and is especially effective when done regularly. Give it a try to see how meditating works for you.

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Meditation is the practice of taming the overwhelm of your mind, which helps you be calmer and less stressed.

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