Why you Need to use a Family Schedule (& Free Download!)

A Family Schedule helps you plan out the time & activities you will spend and do with your family. You can make sure that activity happens, stick to it, and be far more present and productive!



When you are busy, and that means in the home and out of the home, you don’t always have enough time for the things that matter.

How many times has the day flown by so quickly and you realize you didn’t get to do anything fun with your family?

Have you just been so rushed and busy that you couldn’t find time for your family?

But do you want to know a secret?  It isn’t just that you are too busy (because I know you are incredibly busy) and rushed.  

The secret to getting to spend MORE time with your family, and to do the things you WANT to do with your family is that you have to schedule it!

Just as you would schedule a doctor’s appointment, when you work, when you go to the grocery store etc, you need to schedule in family time.


Why you need to use a Family Schedule. Plan your family schedule and be more productive. Plus free download


How to Schedule More Family Time

By using a Family Schedule Planner you can schedule that needed and wanted family time.

You can make sure that your family time is protected, and will happen, no matter what.

I have a free download right here for you to get started!

Print off the Family Schedule Planner. You can print off a new schedule every week.  

Assign a time to fill out your Family Schedule Planner every week. One of the best times to do this is on a Sunday evening.  Because on a Sunday evening you are already thinking ahead and preparing for the week ahead.

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Fill out on the Planner the appointments you already have scheduled, such as doctor’s and other appointments.  Fill out the times you have to work and do certain things in your week.

With the hours that are not marked on the planner, you then start to fill out things to do for you and your family.

For instance, on Monday you may need to work from 8-11am.  After that you have the entire afternoon and evening free. So pick something you want to do as a family.

Write in the activity you want to do, and assign it to your Family Schedule Planner.

Place the planner somewhere that your entire family can see really easily. So everyone knows what is planned and when.

Now when Monday rolls around, and you finish work, you have things already scheduled. That means that you won’t suddenly decide to go to the mall or run errands instead. Because that time is scheduled out – right there – on your Family Schedule Planner!

Of course, it isn’t always going to work perfectly.  Things are always going to come up. Things will get in the way.  But if you have allocated for, and planned for, that time it is far more likely to happen.

Why Having a Family Schedule is Good for your Kids

Kids need routines.  They need to know and understand what is happening, and when.

If you fill out a Family Schedule each week, and display it somewhere that your entire family can easily see, everyone can consult the Planner to see what is planned and scheduled.

If you have very small children who cannot read, you could always place stickers or draw on the Planner what is planned. For instance, for a dentist appointment, a drawing or sticker of a tooth.  For a trip to the park, a picture or drawing of a slide.

Nobody in your family needs to say they were blindsided or unprepared for something taking place! As that Family Schedule will be displayed for everyone in your family to see and follow!

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Why a Family Schedule can Help you Be More Productive

You know how your weeks are. Before you know it Friday rolls around. Or it is suddenly Sunday evening and the work week is looming.

You intended on taking your kids to the park this weekend, but, well, things got in the way. You weren’t reminded to actually do it and take them.

You want to take your kids to that new movie this week, and Tuesday afternoon will be ideal for that.

But Tuesday rolled around and you had to do some stuff for work  (it could have waited, but you had some time). So another week has gone by and you didn’t get to do something you all really wanted to do.

But if what you really want to do with your family is planned out on a Family Schedule, you will stick to it. You will know that you have to get your work done by a certain time, because you have that family event coming up.

You can be far more productive because everything is planned out. You can see the reward you get after you do something in particular.

Get the Free Downloadable Family Schedule Planner Right here!  

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A Family Schedule helps you plan out the time & activities you will spend and do with your family. You can make sure that activity happens, stick to it, and be far more present and productive!

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