Try Paint By Numbers for your next Relaxing Hobby

If you are looking for a relaxing, fairly easy, art project to do, consider using a paint by numbers kit!  Painting by numbers is a great way to learn techniques of painting the easy relaxing way!


If you want an art project to do, that won’t take you weeks to learn and source the contents for, paint by numbers is exactly what you may have been looking for.

Paint By Numbers involves having an art board or canvas, which has already been marked out with light areas, which indicate which areas to paint, and in what color (they are color keyed by number).

Paint By Numbers is sold usually in kits, with the board or canvas, and all the different colored paints you will also use supplied together.

Paint by Number kits cover all different types of themes, including animals, places, people, and so much more. There is a paint by numbers kit available for pretty much anything these days.

Paint by Number kits were first developed and sold in the 1950s by an engineer with a paint company in the US. They have remained a popular hobby craze ever since. Many of us recall doing paint by numbers as children. But the kits being sold now are so much sophisticated and higher quality.

Painting in this way is very relaxing, with no stress at all (just making sure you are selecting the right colors!). Everything you need is right there, you have full instructions, and you can create something very fast.

While paint by numbers isn’t likely to turn you into a fully fledged artist anytime soon, it will show you many painting techniques, such as blending colors and color theory.

By following along with the colors used in a certain painting, you can quickly grasp the choice of different colors chosen together to create certain scenes and illusions.  You can see easily how one color can actually be several colors selected and carefully used together.

Not only will you have a relaxing craft to do, you will have something great at the end with a piece of artwork for your walls!


Paint by Numbers


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Why Paint by Numbers is good for Stress Relief

Painting by numbers requires you to focus for a period of time on something. Therefore while you are focusing and creating, you are less likely to be thinking about all your worries and stresses.

The process of creating is also so good for our mental health and inducing calm.  Once you have completed a painted project you will have such a huge sense of self worth and achievement.

Paint by numbers is also great for your fine motor skills. We all need to refresh our motor skills every now and again, and the small area concentration required of painting is perfect for this. It can be especially good for developing children’s fine motor skills.

Some Great Paint by Numbers Kits

Paint by numbers kits are available from so many places, including Etsy and Amazon.  Here are some selections that I have found to show you the different types of kits available.

Summer Beach Modern Print

If you want to create a modern, clean line wall print, this is a beautiful paint by numbers kit to try.  You can get it here.


William Morris Pimpinella

This beautiful William Morris Pimpinella Art Nouveau print can be recreated with this paint by numbers kit. You can get it right here.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Try your hand at painting the Great Wave, one of the most iconic pieces of art there is.  You can get it here.

Colorful Cow

If you want a bright colorful cow to adorn your walls, this kit has all you need to create this colorful animal!  You can get it here.

Poppy Fields Claude Monet

If you fancy trying your hand at a great impressionist painting, this kit is for you!  The kit comes with canvas, and all the colors of acrylic paint that you need for this great painting.  You can get it here.

Potted Cactus

This beautiful modern potted cactus would look fantastic on your walls. Create it easily with this kit available here.

Star Wars Paint by Numbers

It isn’t just classic paintings that you can re-create with paint by numbers. Here is a great Star Wars wall poster that can be done completely by painting by numbers ! You can get it here

Beach Sunset

This pretty beach sunset can be created all with paint by numbers. You can get it here.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

If you want to try your hand at painting a particular place, how about the Golden Gate Bridge?!  This paint by numbers kit is available right here.

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If you are looking for a relaxing, fairly easy, art project to do, consider using a paint by numbers kit!  Painting by numbers is a great way to learn techniques of painting the easy relaxing way!

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