Time to Clean up & Organize your Spice Storage!


If your spices are a little out of control now is the time to clean & tidy them up!  Here are all the best ways to finally get your spices organized, no matter how much space you have in your kitchen!


The place we keep our dried herbs and spices tends to get out of control pretty fast and easily.  Even if  that space starts out neat and tidy, it can very quickly become a mess of jars and containers, with no real organization.

If you are having trouble locating your spices, and you tend to need to hunt through numerous jars and containers for the spice you need, now is probably the time to reorganize all that. Plus neat organized spices just look so much better!

No matter how much room you have in your kitchen, here are several storage ideas for neat, organized and tidy spice storage!


Organize your spice storage. No matter how much space you have in your kitchen, here are several different ways to organize and tidy your spice storage




Choose the Right Storage Space

First of all, where are you storing your spices?  Part of your problem with locating spices and keeping them organized might be to do with where you are storing them.

If you have a spice rack that is wall mounted or on your counter top it might be pretty easy for you to keep those spices organized and to hand.

But if you are keeping your spices loose in your pantry, in a drawer, or on a shelf you will need to come up with ideas of how to keep them organized, neat and tidy, so you can locate what you need.

Many of us don’t have room on our counter tops for spice storage, or we may not want to mount a wall storage unit. Therefore you need to get creative as to where to keep those spices.

Because you are going to be using those spices every time you cook a meal, you need them to be fairly close to hand to your prepping and cooking area, and your kitchen.

If your spices are in a pantry that is out of the way, it will be much harder for you whenever you are cooking or baking. Of course you can grab what you need first, but what if you need something in the middle of cooking.

The best storage for your spices is always close to where you are prepping and preparing your food.


Keep Your Spices in a Drawer

My preferred way to keep my spices at home is in a drawer. I am lucky to have a wide shallow drawer in my kitchen which can house my spices.  

I love to use a drawer because I can open it and quickly glance over what I have in there, making it so easy to grab the spice I need quickly and easily. My drawer is also located right next to my stove, making it really easy to locate what I need without leaving the general ‘cooking’ area.

A drawer makes an easy way to locate spices, because you are looking down onto them and can easily see and identify what you have.



I have purchased special glass spice jars, that I can re-use over and over again. The glass jars keep the spices fresh and I can easily see what is in each jar. Once the spices run out I just refill the jars.

I then label each jar also and I store my spices in alphabetical order, so that they are easy to find and locate. Putting spices into alphabetical order is actually incredibly easy, and once they are in order they are organized going forward.

If you have a drawer in your kitchen that you can dedicate to holding spices, you can keep it organized and tidy very easily.

If you have a very deep kitchen drawer to store spices in, you may want to store the spice jars standing up, and affix labels to the lid tops.  That way you are looking down on the jars and you can easily see what you need.

You can also use a drawer organizer for your spices, which will elevate them all slightly to make them more easily seen.




Keep Your Spices in a Cupboard

Cupboards are where most of us keep our spices it seems.  Cupboards are accessible and usually have enough space to store spices. But the only drawback with keeping spices on a cupboard shelf is that it is hard to see exactly what the spices are.

Spices stored on cupboard shelves tend to be stacked in front of each other, therefore it is really difficult to find the spice that you need easily.

Therefore, if you are keeping spices in a cupboard, you need a system whereby you can somehow see what spices you have, so that you can easily locate them without picking up every jar and container to see what is in it.


Use Stackable Tins

This way of using tins for your spices, that are then stacked on top of each other and clearly marked is a great way of storing spices in a cupboard, but an easy way to find and locate what you need.


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Purchase small metal tins for this purpose, and chalkboard stickers/labels.  Not only do these spice tins look organized and attractive, you will never have an issue finding the spice you need quickly.

Use a Tiered Spice Rack

Tiered spice racks will elevate your spice jars easily, so that they can be seen and found much more quickly.

Tiered spice racks are inexpensive to purchase, and they are usually adjustable so that they fit into any size cabinet easily.



Use a Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan can be great for storing spices in a cupboard. You can store your spices, and find them easily as you can twist the Lazy Susan around to find exactly what you need.



Spice Racks if you do have Counter Top Space

If you do have the counter top space, a counter top spice rack will always be to hand and easily accessible.

Here are a few really good looking counter top spice racks:



If your spices are a little out of control now is the time to clean & tidy them up!  Here are all the best ways to finally get your spices organized, no matter how much space you have in your kitchen!

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