This is the Very Productive Planner that YOU Need

Planners come in all shapes and sizes, and all different options.  I created the Very Productive Planner because no two people need the same time of planner.  See here why this printable planner is exactly what everybody needs, and how to get it!



I got tired of buying planners that were supposed to completely change my life. Those planners that promised that they would change MY life were either overkill, or not enough. They had pages I didn’t need to use, and they lacked pages that I really could use.

Therefore, I decided to design my own planner! This planner has options for the pages that I want to use. If I don’t want a certain page I just don’t print it off and use it – at all.  I am now offering this planner for sale through my shop on Make Calm Lovely!

Very productive Planner


Why the Very Productive Planner?

I could have come up with a very fancy name for the planner I am offering.  But I just decided to call it what it is – a very productive planner! It is designed to get you to be your most productive ever!

The entire planner is a digital file that is printable. That means you can choose what pages you want to use, and not use the pages that you don’t want to use.

By printing it out, you can either print off the pages that you need daily, weekly or monthly. Or you can print off what you want to use and have the planner bound, or keep it in a ring binder. The planner is standard 8.5×11 US paper size.

A Look Inside the Very Productive Planner

The Very Productive Planner is 85 pages total.  That includes assorted planning pages, trackers, and also tabs and sticker pages.

Plan Your Best Day

One of the things that I feel very strongly about, and the very basis of my site Make Calm Lovely is that everyone should make time for the pleasurable and relaxing things in life.  We all have obligations and things that we have to do in life, that are not always fun.  But we can at least all try to set aside some time in our day for things that are more pleasurable and relaxing.

The Very Productive Planner lets you make lists of things to do that are relaxing, productive, and pleasurable. There are some suggestions already listed, but you can come up with your own selections of what you personally find to be relaxing and pleasurable.

In order to be organized and productive in our lives, we need to do productive things every day. Those productive things can be things that you have to do for your work and home. But they can also be things that will help you out in life, such as making important phone calls, running errands, tidying up your closets, and more.

The planner comes with a Daily Choices Chart, that allows you to select a productive, pleasurable and relaxing thing to do, each and every day.  This is unique to this planner, no other planner that I have used offers you this chart. You can either draw what you want to do, write it in, or you could use one of the stickers.

Daily Pages that are right for YOU

Your daily needs are your unique daily needs. Therefore, instead of being told what kind of daily tracking, or daily plan you need to follow, with this planner you get to select your own, based on your own needs and what you would personally like to use.

The Daily pages section of the planner has 6 different types of daily planners to choose from.  These range from a simple sheet to write down the tasks that you need to get accomplished and done that day, to detailed daily planning by the hour, and even a daily self care reflection chart.


Weekly Pages that are right for YOU

If you like to plan your week out, you again need the right pages for your particular week.

The weekly pages section of the planner offers you 12 different pages of planners and schedules for your week. You can choose the style and type that works best for you.

This section also includes some weekly meal planners, as planning your meals is an important part of your week after all!

Monthly Pages that are right for YOU

The planner comes with six different types and styles of monthly trackers and schedules for you to choose from.  In addition the monthly section has habit trackers so you can try to stick to those habits, and also expense trackers for your finances.

There is also a monthly self care planner, and a monthly budget sheet.



The Ideal Planner for all your Planning Needs

Most of us are planning out our future in some way. Whether that is working towards a goal, planning an important life event such as a wedding, or saving for a vacation.

The Very Productive Planner comes with a whole section on Future Planning.

That section includes planning sheets for planning projects, goals, and even your financial payments.



As you can see, the Very Productive Planner has pages and pages of charts, schedules and calendars to get, and keep, your life on track.  

You can get your copy today at the Make Calm Lovely Shop!


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Planners come in all shapes and sizes, and all different options.  I created the Very Productive Planner because no two people need the same time of planner.  See here why this printable planner is exactly what everybody needs.

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