6 Things to Organize in your Home this Fall

Fall is a great time to take on some organization projects around your home. It is great to get organized just before the holidays, and to deal with the changing seasons


Your home sees so much action during the fall and winter! This is when you spend more time in your home as the weather is worse outside.

You will be entertaining more during the fall and winter. You will bake and cook more, and you are more likely to have people over to your home, seeing and being inside your home.

With the change in seasons comes different clothing and storage needs, and your home is going to face more wear and tear!

There are many unique organization projects that you can do in your home during the Fall. Take at look at these tips and suggestions below! 


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Mudroom/Coat Closet

In the fall and winter your family are going to be pulling out their biggest and warmest coats and jackets. This is also the time when scarves, gloves and hats are pulled out and used non-stop.

Wherever you store your family’s outerwear needs to be organized and ready for use. Your family needs to be able to find their winter clothing and grab it quickly.

You also want the space organized so it doesn’t get out of hand. Mud rooms and coat closets are some of the spaces that very quickly get out of control.

This is a good time to go through old coats, jackets, hats, scarves, gloves etc that no longer fit, or are ripped or torn.  Throw out anything too past mending or saving.  Donate anything still in fairly good shape that is no longer worn. Fix and mend what can be.

Organize scarves, hats and gloves into their own storage bins. You could separate scarves, hats and gloves into their own dedicated bins. Or you could create a bin for each family member with their dedicated items.

Be aware of wet, muddy and dirty boots and shoes.  Use a tray to keep wet and muddy shoes contained and directly off the floor.

Purchase heavy duty hangers or install any hooks that are needed to deal with all the coats and jackets you have hanging out of control.  Don’t forget those extra hooks and hangers you will need during the holidays for your guests coats and jackets!


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Organize Seasonal Clothing

Fall is when we start dipping into those warmer items in our closets and cupboards.

If your closets are still prominently full of summer clothing, move them to the lesser used parts of your closet, or put them into storage until next spring/summer.

Pull out your kids fall and winter clothing so it is ready to go when they need it.

Check your kids fall and winter clothes for signs of wear and fix anything that needs to be. Clothing that no longer fits or is out of style can be donated.


Get your Guest Room Ready

You are more likely to have guests staying over the coming holidays, so get your guest room all ready and prepped!

Make your guest room a warm and inviting space for your guests.

Do you need new bedding? How is the mattress holding up? (If you can’t afford a new mattress, but the mattress has seen better days, consider purchasing one of these).

Your guest room probably needs a good clean. Clean the bedding, sweep the floors, vacuum, and dust.

Evaluate your guest room. Is there space for your guests to keep their clothes? Is there a mirror for them to use?  

Think about what would make your guests comfortable, and feel welcomed in your home.


Organize your Baking Supplies

If you love to bake during the holidays, now is the time to take stock of your pots, pans and other baking utensils.

If your baking supplies are all spread out between your kitchen and your pantry, it may help to pull them all together in one place.

If your kitchen is small, think about some storage items for your baking supplies. You want to keep everything together and close at hand.


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Organize your Holiday Food

You will be starting to buy in holiday baking and cooking foods during the fall. Make space in your pantry or kitchen for all the extra food items that you will need to purchase.

Purchase organizers for your pantry or kitchen that can store all those extra canned goods more neatly and organized.

Consider buying containers and bins that can organize and keep your baking supplies fresh and easy to access, such as containers for your flour, sugar etc.


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Get your Food Storage Organized

All those containers that you have to store your food leftovers in, such as glass and plastic containers, need to be organized and ready for use!

If they are out of control in your kitchen cupboards and pantry, now is the time to get them organized and ready to go!

Go through all your existing food storage containers, and check them for wear and tear. Throw out anything that is stained, and has holes or splits.  Match lids to bottoms. Throw out (or recycle) anything that doesn’t match or fit anymore.

If your food storage containers are really out of control, consider getting them under control with inexpensive storage items. This lid storage container is perfect for keeping kids together, and making them easy to find.  

If you use storage bags, consider buying reusable eco-friendly bags, rather than plastic bags that are one time use.



These are just a few simple organizing projects that you can do in your home this Fall, that will make a huge difference!

You can take several weekends to do these projects. Most can be done in just a few hours.  Putting in a little work now will ensure your home runs a little more smoothly during the fall and winter months!

Fall is a great time to take on some organization projects around your home. It is great to get organized just before the holidays, and to deal with the changing seasons



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