6 Things I did to Create a Successful Blog

A successful blog is the goal of most bloggers. These are the 6 major things that really helped my blog grow and be successful


I knew that I wanted to start a blog after I read about blogging one winter afternoon.  Starting a blog seemed to be everything I was looking for at that time. I was going through a lot of terrible family illness. I was stressed up to the eyeballs. I needed an outlet, and I needed a new direction.

I started my blog having only a rough idea of what I wanted to blog about. Over the years my blog has evolved into what it is now. 

Setting up a blog takes a lot of work. Suddenly you are expected to be a writer, graphic designer, SEO specialist, marketing specialist, social media manager, photographer, and more. Most of the time you have to learn all those things.  It takes time. It can move slowly.  I had to learn everything from scratch.

But then after a while, suddenly your blog comes together. You start getting page views. You start getting social shares. People start buying through your affiliate links.  One day it can seem as if you are in the barren wilderness of having no readers, and the next you suddenly have all these wonderful people interacting with you.

I learned most of what I know through trial and error. I built my blog slowly, trying different things, experimenting with different things. I made LOTS of mistakes.  I made some small mistakes, but also some big ones.

This is a rundown of 6 of the major things I did that I feel helped to really build my blog into a successful blog.  Today I am earning an income from my blog, that continues to grow month by month.  I have great readers and friends through blogging. 

If you want to build your own successful blog these are my best tips.  

How to create a successful blog

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1.I invested in Education

You need advice as you start and grow your blog. You need good advice, from trusted experts.  It is hard to start and grow a blog without some educational resources and help.

There are so many courses and books out there, and they are not always good ones. I bought a lot of bad ones.  I also paid for many courses when there was a free course just as good.

In order to build a successful blog it helps to know what you are doing, and how to do things the right way.

Here is a selection of the courses and books that I would highly recommend (and some are free!):

How to Start a Blog from Her Paper Route is free, and is a great starting point to starting and building your own blog.  

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing  is an excellent course. It covers absolutely all you need to know about affiliate marketing. 

Free course on SEO. This free course from Her Paper Route covers SEO basics. Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) is essential to growing a blog.

Pinterest Resources from Pot Pie GirlJennifer from Pot Pie Girl really knows Pinterest. She studies Pinterest strategies and what works and doesn’t work. She creates great blog posts and more in-depth e-books about all she discovers and knows.  Check out everything she offers here.

Easy On Page SEO book.  This book goes over all the strategies you should use to get your posts to rank well on Google.  I saw so much improvement in mine after trying out some of the points that Debbie makes.  

The Income Journey by Start a Mom Blog  Anything that Start a Mom Blog produces is just great information and advice. You don’t have to be a mom with a blog to appreciate the advice!  Anyone starting a blog can really use all the great information put out by Suzy.  This book shows you month by month how Suzy built her blog.


2.I used Pinterest

Pinterest has been a huge game changer for me.  As soon as I upped my Pinterest game, I got so many more readers and page views.  In fact the largest majority of my readers continue to come through Pinterest.

I read up on Pinterest, and took a couple of courses.  I learned how to design Pinterest pins. I make several Pinterest pins for every blog post. I schedule those pins through a scheduler (Tailwind) and also manually.

Pinterest is such a great source of traffic to utilize – whatever you blog about. There is pretty much every topic you can imagine covered on Pinterest.

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How to create a successful blog



3.I Schedule Pinterest Pins Through Tailwind

This kind of ties in to point number 2 above, but because this has been huge for me, I wanted to make it into a separate point here.

Tailwind has changed everything for me with regard to getting more readers, page views and traffic.  I don’t have time to manually pin every day.  But as bloggers we need to constantly get our pins out there to be seen and clicked.   That is where Tailwind has been an absolute life changer.

I signed up for a Tailwind account, and I schedule through Tailwind constantly. With Tailwind you can schedule a week’s worth of pins, two weeks, three weeks, and even a month’s worth of pins at a time.

Once I started using Tailwind I really noticed a huge difference in my traffic, page views and more.


4.I started an Email List

Having an email list means that you have your own unique group of followers who you can share your news and posts with.

An email list is the only thing that you truly own as a blogger. Pinterest, Facebook and other channels can go away at any time, or change their rules.  But your email list is your list of people who have shown interest in your blog. The are your fans as such.

Once I started an email list I had a unique group of people who I knew were interested in what I blogged about, and were more likely to purchase things from me, or use my affiliate links.

I use Convertkit for my email list and I love it. I started out with Mailchimp, but I found it very user-unfriendly.  Convertkit has a fee associated with it, but it is so easy to use, and you can really do some great things in Convertkit with email blasts, campaigns and more.

Building a successful blog also means building a successful email list of dedicated readers and followers.



5.I Joined an Ad Network

When I first started out I was with Adsense for ads on my blog. Adsense was good, I have no complaints, but it doesn’t bring in high earnings for ads. 

I switched to Mediavine as soon as I reached the required page views, and it was amazing!  My earnings each month tripled immediately, and each month they grow.  I also know that with Mediavine I am serving good ads to my readers, not spammy ads.

Joining an ad network is a great thing to do if you want to start bringing in regular income to your blog.  They also manage the ads that are shown on your blog extremely well, making them geared towards your particular audience.

Success is measured in different ways. But a successful blog is usually one that is bringing in income.


6.I Studied SEO Tactics

SEO – which stands for search engine optimization – is important for ranking in Google.  Even though I continue to get a lot of followers through Pinterest, I still need organic search results.  

SEO can seem really hard and confusing.  You may think you will never get it.  I didn’t get SEO at all at first.

But I consulted courses, books and articles about SEO. I still don’t know everything there is to know about SEO.  I still continue to learn.  But what I can say is that SEO isn’t as hard as you think it is – once you understand it.

Check out the SEO free course I mentioned above for a good primer starting point for understanding SEO.  


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These 6 things really helped grow my little blog into a successful blog!



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