The Many Benefits of Coloring (why you should do it!)

Coloring is one of the best things you can do to reduce your stress and anxiety. Coloring is a great habit, and is also fun to do!

Our lives are so busy and full of stress these days. We are always looking for new ways and new ideas for stress relief and relaxation. Coloring pictures and coloring books is a great way to cope with the stress of every day life, and is also so much fun to do.

Remember as a child how you would sit for hours and just color? I remember how exciting it used to be to get a new full set of colored markers to use in coloring books! I would color away happily for hours!

So why should you color as an adult? What can coloring do for you? Why is coloring such a great thing for your stress relief and relaxation?



Coloring Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Coloring can relax the part of your brain that is responsible for fear.  In fact, coloring has the same effect on your brain as meditating does. Coloring clears your mind, and reduces any bad thoughts and feelings that you may have at the time.

When you are feeling stressed, just sitting down to color can really help ease those feelings, and make you feel so much calmer.  

The act of coloring requires focus, and at that moment that you are focusing on the task at hand, you are not focusing on other things, especially your worries or fears.

It is also really hard to mess up coloring, therefore the stakes are pretty low.  If you go outside the lines, who cares? It isn’t something that requires enormous skill or practice. Therefore there is less stress or striving for perfection involved. 



It is good for your Motor Skills

Coloring is a great thing for your fine motor skills. It is one of the best ways to develop a child’s fine motor skills for instance, and it is just as beneficial to you as an adult.

Coloring and staying inside the lines requires concentration and application. We really don’t take much notice of our fine motor skills as adults, but they are important to maintain, especially as we get older.

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It Helps your Vision

Looking carefully at a picture to color, and carefully coloring that picture, allows your eyes to focus properly on something.  

Focusing intently on something is good for your eyesight, and developing your eyesight.  Even if you have to wear glasses to color, it is good practice for your sight and focus.


It can greatly improve your Sleep

Coloring is so relaxing that if it is done just before you go to bed, it will help you sleep so much better. It is also a good way of avoiding the blue light of your electronics late at night.

If you need to do something before bed, that doesn’t involve electronics and watching TV, coloring is a great thing to do. Just pull out your favorite coloring book and do a little bit of coloring!


It Improves your Focus

When you color a picture you need to keep inside the drawn lines, which really helps your focus.  Focusing on something such as coloring carefully opens up your frontal-lobe, which is the problem solving and organizing part of your brain.

Coloring also means you are focusing on one thing at a time. You are focused on selecting the color you will use, coloring in between the lines, filling out the picture.

You are directing good focus to that one thing.  Therefore any feelings you have that are stressful and anxious, are put aside, as you are concentrating on the task at hand.

We all have reduced focus these days, but coloring can help you focus again.  Focusing on coloring will help your focus in so many other areas too.

Research supports coloring

There are numerous studies that have been done on adult coloring and coloring, which all support it being a great hobby and a great form of stress relief and relaxation.

Coloring is part of art therapy, and studies have been done constantly on the effects of art therapy.  Those studies include studies that have revealed how much coloring and art therapy have relieved depression, anxiety, the effects of trauma, and addiction.

Ramp it up!

For more additional benefits of coloring to ease your anxiety and stress, and induce calm, try playing your favorite music also as you color!

Listening to your favorite music will greatly improve your mood, and coloring at the same time will give you that needed therapy to help you with all the anxieties and stress in life.



Coloring is one of the best things you can do to reduce your stress and anxiety. Coloring is a great habit, and is also fun to do!

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