11 Space Saving Gadgets for your Small Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen you may find it hard to store what you need, where you need it. But here are 11 space saving gadgets that can be stored easily and compactly!


Your kitchen is where you do everything – cook, eat, and entertain.  But if you have a small kitchen doing all those things can be a big challenge.

But there are many great gadgets and products available that can really help you out with space issues in your tiny space.

Here are 11 great space saving gadgets that will really help you out in your small kitchen! They are all incredibly useful, as well as great for saving and creating much-needed space.

Space saving for small kitchens


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1. Nesting Mixing Bowls & Measuring Cups


These Joseph Joseph Nesting Bowls are a great set of 9 different sized mixing bowls, measuring cups, and even a sieve colander. It is at least 3 different valuable accessories in one place!  You can store these much-needed essentials easily all together with this great set.  You can get them here.


2. Collapsible Salad Spinner

A Salad Spinner is one of those accessories that is so handy to have, yet takes up so much storage space in your kitchen cupboards.  But this collapsible salad spinner solves that problem completely!  The salad spinner completely collapses down for easy storage.  It is also dishwasher safe. You can get it here.


3. Roll Up Sink Drying Rack


If you are short on counter space in your kitchen, this roll up sink drying mat is a great product. It simply fits over your sink and provides a drying space for your dishes. Once you have finished using it, it rolls up for easy storage. You can get it here.


4. Collapsible Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers are needed for all those leftovers and for packing up meals and lunches, but they can certainly take up so much space in your kitchen cupboards. But these collapsible storage containers fold down so compactly when they are not in use.  You can get them here.


5. Foldable Kitchen Cart

Sometimes you need that extra counter-top and storage space.  That is why this foldable kitchen cart is really a treasure for your small kitchen.  Use it when you need it, and then fold it away and store it out of the way.  It would work perfectly for when you are entertaining and need that extra space, or if you are planning a big meal and need extra counter space for meal prep.  You can get it here.


6. Under Cabinet Knife Block

Your knives can be hard to store in a small kitchen. A knife block takes up counter-space, and your cutlery drawer probably doesn’t have room for all your large cutting knives. This great under cabinet knife block is a great solution for organizing issues.  It also is a great safety addition to your kitchen, as it keeps your knives well out of the sight and the way of little hands.  You can get it here.  


7. Under Cabinet Wine Glass Holder


This under the cabinet wine glass holder can store your wine glasses, and create valuable room in your kitchen cupboards.  It also makes it handy to reach your glasses quickly and easily. You can get it here.


8. Cabinet Door Lid Organizer

Those saucepan lids can take up so much room. So why not mount them on the inside of your cupboard doors.  It makes them easy to grab and use, and also keeps them well out of the way in your kitchen.  You can get the organizer here.  


9. Pull Down Spice Rack

This spice rack sits inside your cupboard, and can be pulled down easily to access all your spices quickly and easily. It will store all your spice jars, and will tuck away unseen. It will not only save you space, but also make your spices more accessible. You can get it here. 


10. Under Shelf Mug Hooks


Create valuable cabinet space with these cabinet hooks. You can hang your mugs and cups, and also kitchen utensils neatly and out of the way. They will save you much needed cabinet space.  You can get them here.  


11.Over the Sink Cutting Board

Using your kitchen sink for as much as possible is a great way to gain space in your kitchen. This Over the Sink Cutting Board stretches across your sink to give you extra chopping space. It also features a collapsible colander, so you can scoop your fruits and vegetables straight in there from the cutting board to be washed and rinsed.  You can get it here.  


Don’t despair over your small space issues, just use incredibly useful space-saving gadgets instead to create valuable and much-needed space.

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If you have a small kitchen you may find it hard to store what you need, where you need it. But here are 11 space saving gadgets that can be stored easily and compactly!


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