Sleep better using Essential oils

Essential oils are great for so many things, but one of the things they work especially well for is helping you get to sleep and get a better night’s sleep


Do you toss and turn every night and find it hard to sleep? Is it hard to relax and calm yourself when it is time to go bed and go to sleep? If so, aromatherapy may be the answer for you to get a better and easier night’s sleep.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using certain fragrances and oils that have been reputed to have some type of therapeutic effect or medicinal properties. Numerous studies have shown that essential oils and aromatherapy can greatly help people with sleep problems.  Essential oils are a more natural way of dealing with sleep problems, especially if you don’t want to take heavier medicinal drugs, many of which that can be habit forming.


sleep better by using essential oils


A 2015 study in Turkey tested lavender essential oil on 60 ICU patients, all of whom were having terrible sleep issues. The researchers wanted to try whatever they could to alleviate the insomnia for these patients.

The clinical findings showed that when the lavender oil was inhaled it had an absolutely positive, measurable and marked effect on those patients ability to rest adequately, and furthermore, many of these patients were experiencing simultaneous cardiac issues which the anxiolytic effect of the lavender oil seemed to take care of as well.

By relieving some of the anxiety and stress from which these patients were suffering, the lavender oil improved their ability to rest and their conditions in general.



Although aromatherapy would not be recommended as the primary treatment for severe and chronic medical sleep disorders, it most certainly should be considered as an additional treatment, and if no serious sleep disorder exists, then aromatherapy likely will be adequate in terms of alleviating mild cases of stress induced insomnia.

If you suspect of course that you have a major sleep disorder you should always see your doctor for proper medical treatment and attention.


How to use Essential Oils

There are a variety of ways in which essential oil can be delivered, and all are reputed to have similar results in terms of effectiveness. Some of the ways through which the oil can be delivered to you overnight are:

• Soaking a cotton ball and placing next to your bed or on your pillow
• Placing 10 – 15 drops of oil in hot Epsom or sea salt water in a bowl by the bed
• Spraying an essential oil diluted solution on linens, pillows and blankets
• Electronic (and other forms of) diffusers.


Try our Calming Lavender Sugar Scrub!  This easy to make sugar scrub is full of lavender essential oil. Use it in your bath at night for a great relaxing aid to sleep!


The Best Calming Essential Oils

Essential oils that are typically used for the purposes of improving the quality of sleep include:

• Lavender
• Valerian
• Clary Sage
• Sweet Marjoram
• Roman Chamomile
• Bergamot
• Ylang Ylang
• Sandalwood

The overall general consensus among health practitioners in both the disciplines of standard western medicine and homeopathic/naturopathic medicine alike is that there does appear to be validated data concerning the effectiveness and benefits of aromatherapy on certain conditions. It has been shown to be especially effective on those conditions which are closely related to stress such as cardiovascular disease and insomnia.

Either way, there does not appear to be any evidence that there are any contraindications or harm to using aromatherapy and so at the very least, you get a nice pleasant scent!

Focus on Ylang Ylang Essential oil

When searching for a calming and beautiful essential oil to add to your collection. Ylang Ylang is an awesome addition. With a fun name and countless mental benefits, this wonderful essential oil is jam packed with positivity. It is originally derived from the blooming flowers of the ylang-ylang tree in Asian rainforests.

The flower is aesthetically interesting as the petals droop from the stem. It begins as a bright green bud and eventually blooms into a pale pink color. It almost looks as if the flower has pink claws aiming to grab something on the ground.

Nevertheless, the oil distilled from this flower is quite precious. If you are seeking a holistic option to assist with your overall wellness needs, consider the many benefits of utilizing ylang-ylang oil.

Since ylang-ylang has a relaxing effect, it can also be a handy tool to use when facing issues surrounding falling asleep. One way to benefit from this oil is to place it into a diffuser and inhale it. This will result in an immediate feeling of calm and relaxation. It can also provide immediate relief for those suffering with anxiety or depression. Although relaxing in its aroma, it also comes packed with a revitalizing aroma that can assist with mood improvement and regulation.

Focus on Lavender Essential oil

Lavender is a really versatile plant and is an essential oil good for a multitude of uses.  Lavender smells wonderful and has amazing healing and wellness properties.  Lavender essential oil induces sleep, especially when placed on a pillow or close to your bedside.  It also relieves stress and anxiety which greatly helps with falling asleep and staying asleep.  Lavender also works as a great bug repellent and numerous other uses, including muscle and joint pain relief.

Where to get Essential oils

You can get essential oils in many places.  They are available in numerous places online, including Amazon, and also in health food stores.



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