Sewing for Beginners: An Introduction to what you need, and need to know

You may have always wanted to learn to sew, but just never had the time before. There may be something that you really want to sew, but you just don’t know where to start.

Perhaps you are finally dusting off that sewing machine that you have had for years?  Or you need to make something special and to do that you need to learn to sew?

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn how to sew, there is no time like the present!  Sewing is a great craft to learn and do, and you can also create some pretty amazing things.

But if you are a complete beginner there will be a lot of confusing things to learn about sewing.  You may be stumped on sewing terminology and what things mean? You may not know which sewing machine to buy, and what supplies you need. But stick around, I have it all covered for you here!



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Buy a Good Sewing Machine

A good sewing machine is essential if you want to really learn how to sew, and sew properly. The first thing you need in learning to sew is a good, beginner-friendly, sewing machine.

You can of course sew by hand, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend that unless you have too much time to spare, and you are really up for a challenge!

Sewing machines can run a range of prices. They can be really cheap, and really expensive. They can have just a few controls, or they can have many controls.

Check out my guide here on the best sewing machines for beginners to help you find the best, and most affordable, sewing machine for you.

There are many things to consider when buying a sewing machine, and these include your level of experience, your budget, whether you are buying in person or online, and even what space you have in your home.

Try to pick a sewing machine that is great for a beginner, but will also grow with you in your level of sewing expertise.  

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Learn how to use your Sewing Machine

Learn to use your sewing machine the right way, and it will always be good to you.

The best place to start when learning to use your sewing machine is the user manual that comes with your sewing machine.  The dedicated user manual is geared towards that particular machine and model, and should give you the best results.

The best way to really learn how to use your machine is to sit down with the users manual and try to do everything.  Work your way through every part of sewing with a machine – threading the needle, adjusting the controls, how to change the needle, how to wind the bobbin, and much more.

There are also some great courses available that can help you master using a sewing machine.  This free course from Bluprint: Sew Ready – Machine Basics covers a basic knowledge of your sewing machine, and is especially great for beginners.  There is also another free class on Sewing Machine Feet from A to Z, which will guide you through everything you need to know about using sewing machine feet.


Buy Basic Sewing Supplies

You will need some very basic sewing supplies when you first learn to sew. These include a tape measure, pins, seam ripper, scissors and/or rotary cutter and more. See my post here on the basic supplies that every beginner sewer needs.  

Buy the essentials to start, and then as you tackle projects and different garments you can add to your supplies as you go. You will eventually build a great sewing library of supplies.


Take Sewing Lessons

You can completely,  absolutely, teach yourself to sew. But many people prefer to watch and take part in a sewing lesson to really learn properly, especially for certain sewing techniques and more advanced sewing.

This sewing class: Startup Library: Sewing is a great intensive beginner’s class on all aspects of sewing.  It includes 17 streaming videos, a dress pattern to follow along with, many downloadable resources and much more. 

There are also numerous You Tube videos that can show you all kinds of sewing techniques and projects.


Look for Beginner Friendly Sewing Patterns

Look online for beginner friendly sewing patterns, on places like Pinterest, You Tube and more.

Start out with simple projects, and gradually move on to more advanced projects.

Look at my Pinterest board for a great selection of Sewing Patterns, many of them for beginners.


Practice, Practice and Practice

Yes that is right! There is nothing like practicing to really learn and master something.  You know the old saying – if you spend 100 hours on something you will be an expert in it.

The more that you sew, and try, different sewing projects the better and more experienced you will get.

You will make mistakes, sure. But mistakes are all part of learning, and you will learn important lessons from those mistakes.

So start out now by trying out different projects. Try sewing with different fabrics, try sewing different items, and different things.


Sewing is a great hobby, and a great craft, and you can make some great things.  If you have always wanted to know how to sew, this post will get you started.


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