How to set Goals that you will actually follow through on (+ free printable Goal Setting Planner)

Goals are what keep us motivated and on track. Learn in this post how to set goals that you will actually follow through on. Plus you can download a great printable Goal Setting Planner to record & keep track of your progress!


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Without goals we wouldn’t have anything to aim for, or set out to achieve in our lives. You probably have lots of goals in your life right now. Some are big – such as saving for that new car, or putting money aside for a family vacation.

You may have long term goals, such as when you will retire, saving money to send your children to college, when you will buy a bigger house.

But you probably want to set goals for other things too. Such as losing that 10 pounds finally,  decluttering your kitchen so it finally is a great room to cook in!, learning how to cook Creme Brulee for example.  

Your goals can span all kinds of things, topics and wants in your life.

Unless you write those goals down, and then follow through on them by checking on them, and marking and recording your progress, they will just wither away into the nether!






To set Goals you need an Accountability Partner

It helps to have some accountability when you set a goal. An accountability partner is somebody, or something, that will help to keep you on track to reach your goal.

If you want to exercise more, and get out do a walk each day for instance, an accountability partner could be a friend you will walk with, therefore keeping you on track to actually do it each day, and stick to the plan.

But an accountability partner can also be a notebook or journal that you keep.

This is what my download is for you in this post – a Goal Setting Planner pack!

This planner is going to help you record your goals, and follow through on your goals by checking in and marking your progress.

How to use the Goal Setting Planner

For each project that you have, there are several pages to record and track your goal in the planner.



Page one lets you record exactly what your goal is.  You can record the area of your life the goal is in (for instance, home, work, family), and you can clearly write out several things:

What exactly you want to achieve
How you will measure your progress
If it is attainable for you 
If it is relevant to you and your life
What time frame you have for the goal

You can record your progress in the grid at the bottom of the page as you go along, if seeing visual achievements really helps you.

Goals need to be SMART.  You need to state what you want to achieve, how you will measure your progress, if it is attainable, if it is relevant, and the time frame you want to set for it.




On page two of the journal, you can continue to set your goal:

What motivates you about it
How you will feel once you achieve it
What tools you will need to achieve it
What you might need help with to achieve it



Page 3, lets you brainstorm your goal. This is especially good for those of you who are very visual in your thinking and learning.  You can sketch out your goal clearly on this page.


There is also a page that lets you record your smaller goals. These are not such big projects, but are goals just the same. By writing these down, and having deadlines and a list of tasks to do for them, you are setting in motion the task of getting that goal achieved.

So click here for your copy of the Goal Setting Planner pack. Print off the planner pages (you can keep printing off pages as you need to).  

Think about those goals that you have, and set about achieving them with a planner.

Set SMART goals using the planner, and finally get things achieved, instead of just thinking and talking about doing them!

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Goals are what keep us motivated and on track to achieve something.  Learn in this post how to set goals that you will actually follow through on. Plus you can download a great printable Goal Setting Planner to record & keep track of your progress!


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