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Review of Printables By Number 3.0 Course from Start a Mom Blog

Printables By Number is a course on creating your own Printables to sell in order to bring in more income to your blog. This is my honest review of the course.

Updated November 21, 2022

Note: This review now covers the brand new update of Printables By Number 3.0.

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Why You Need to Create Printables

You started a blog.  You love your blog and you have loyal regular readers, you get comments and shares on social media. But you are not bringing in a regular income from your blog – does this sound like you?

You keep reading other bloggers income reports and they are all making a great regular income – but you just can’t crack the code for making money with your blog. Does that sound like you again?

You keep questioning why you are not bringing in an income with your blog (aside from perhaps display advertising). But deep down you know the reason – you need to create and sell products.

It’s not that you haven’t tried perhaps. You designed a few Printables in a graphic design program, but they looked – well – blah! and if people can get that information online anyway why would they buy from you?

But what if you could just learn how to design the right Printables – that your readers and others actually need and want? What if you could design beautiful Printables that people can’t resist?!

This is exactly what the Printables by Number course can do for you!

Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog

What is Printables By Number?

Printables By Number is an online course that covers everything you need to know about designing and selling Printables.

A Printable is something that a customer can download on their computer and print out at home for their own use.  

Printables can be absolutely anything – e-books, planners, journals, workbooks, templates, challenges, digital stickers, calendars, coloring books, schedules and more!  

Printables by Number is now on its 3rd revamp.  The previous versions of this course were amazing, but the new 3.0 version now includes many more great tutorials, more awesome advice and much more guidance.  

The course is an offering from Start a Mom Blog, and this course is not just any old Printables guidance course.

Suzi and Jon who created and run the course have thousands and thousands of Printables sales to their names. They really know their stuff – not just the designing and selling, also the tech side of things that can be so confusing to so many.

The course breaks everything down so easily and simply, so that no matter what level of tech or design experience you have – you can do this!  

There are also graphics and templates included for you already, so you can quickly get started with your own Printables, and start selling them in no time.



Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog


Why you Need Printables By Number

You need to know exactly what products to create for your readers and others. 

That means doing some market research. But don’t be scared by that – it isn’t as complicated as it actually sounds, and this course breaks it all down beautifully for you. 

This course follows Suzi and Jon’s exact market research strategy, so that you know that when you put all that time and effort into creating a product it will actually sell. 

You have designed and created a great product – now what! This course covers everything you need to know about selling your product – including the best places to sell (Etsy, your website, Amazon etc). 

This is where the tech can get REALLY scary. But not with this course! Because they guide you through all those scary tech aspects of starting a store and selling and delivering your Printables and products. 

Sales funnels are gold, but like me you probably get palpitations when you hear those two words!  But this course will take you through setting up those sales funnels step by step – you can actually do this!

The Pros of Printables By Number

This is an extremely in-depth course covering all aspects of designing, creating, marketing, selling and delivering Printables.

The course has lots of informative, follow-along instructional videos – over 9 hours of easy to follow videos.

The tools recommended in the course are free or reasonably priced, so they suit every budget. 

The course has full instructions on learning both PowerPoint and Canva to design your Printables.

It has an easy to follow course format and structure.

There is excellent student support. Good email and Facebook support from the Start a Mom Blog team.

Regular updates. The latest update to the course is 3.0. As with all courses from Start a Mom blog you buy them once and get all the updates automatically when they are updated. You get lifetime access.

The course is really affordably priced for all that you get – over 9 hours of instructional videos, done for you graphic and design templates, Blog Shop course, course slide deck and workbook, & so so much more.

There are so many student success stories with Printables by Number. Here is just a selection:


What is Included with the Printables By Number 3.0 Course?

Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog



Course Modules of Printables By Number Broken Down in Full

These are all the course modules of Printables By Number 3.0 broken down in full:

  • Welcome

Course Workbook & Slide Deck

Why Little Digital Products?

The Mindset behind a Successful Digital Product Shop

  • Market Research

Market Research with Google

Market Research with Etsy

Market Research with Pinterest and Others

  • Product Creation

Introduction to Product Creation

Rules of Selling Printables

Where can I get Graphics to Sell?

How to create your Own Graphics

How to create Printables

How to create e-Books

How to create Workbooks

How to create Planners

How to create Challenges

How to create Coloring Books

     How to create Digital Stickers

     How to create Templates

     Different programs you could use when creating products

  • Getting Ready – Marketing & Strategy

Getting ready to make money

How to make your product stand out – Hero Images

Introduction to the 4-phase selling plan

Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog

  • Phase 1: $0-$100 with Simple Tools

Welcome to Etsy

How to set up your shop

How to make your first sale

Day 1 – Setup

Day 2 – 12 – Listings

Day 13 – Sales

Day 14-16 – Share

Day 17-29 – Repeat and grow

Day 30 – Homework & Celebrate!

Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog

  • Success Stories – Amazing Success

How to use this module for success

The Everyday Farmhouse – $1,000 + with Printables on Etsy as a Beginner

     How to make $6k+ Per Month with Printables

     700+ Etsy Sales in 1st Year

     Almost $1m on Etsy – SEO Techniques

     Bachelorette Printables

Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog

  • Phase 2: $100 – $1000

Welcome to Phase 2

The 60 Day Scaling Plan

Etsy Scaling Tips to $1000+

20 + Ways to get Traffic to your Product

Traffic Workshop

Day 60 – Homework & Celebrate

Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog

  • Phase 3: $1000 – $10,000

Module Objectives

What are Sales Funnels? (and why should you care?)

Sales Funnel Components

Funnel Math (don’t miss this!)

Delivering your Products in a Premium Way

Set up your Funnel Framework

How to create a high-converting sales page

Customize your funnel with these 3 components

Phase 3 conclusion

Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog

  • Phase 4: $10,000+ Advanced Scaling Strategies

Scaling strategies overview

The freebie funnel

Create an army of affiliates

Joint venture partnership – succeed together

Create your signature offer

Back-end services

Horizontal scaling (deep vs. wide)

Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog

  • Congratulations – Thank You

Let me share your success with my audience

Become an affiliate

  • Bonus – So many goodies!

A simple and effective way to build your email list

How to present your Printables so they sell like hotcakes! (Canva training)

100 printable ideas

Blog Shop – how to create an online store and sell your Printables from your own website – step by step

Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog

  • More Strategy – Keep Learning

How printables lead to high priced products to build your business

6 huge mistakes and why your printables do not convert

Elements of high converting printables that sell!

How to deliver your printables through e-mail

How to sell your Printables from your WordPress site beautifully using Thrivecart

How to sell your small digital products on ConvertKit for free!

  • PowerPoint Tutorials

PowerPoint files and templates

Benefits of PowerPoint

How to set a Default Template

How to import a fancy font into PowerPoint

The magic tool inside PowerPoint called SmartArt

How to save a printable as a pdf

How to make a pdf editable for free

How to make gorgeous presentations

How to easily create an infographic

How to create a monthly calendar

How to create a weekly calendar

How to create a ‘year at a glance’ printable

Powerpoint: Meal Planner Printable

PowerPoint: Budget Planner

PowerPoint: Daily Reflections Bible Planner

PowerPoint: Project Planner

PowerPoint: Nursery Art

PowerPoint: Kids Activity Printables

PowerPoint: Gardening Planner

PowerPoint: Reading Log Printable: PowerPoint & Canva Tutorial

Printables with PowerPoint: Bonus Lesson

How to create a 3D layflat overlay image (boost conversions!) (PowerPoint)

How to create a Coloring Book

Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog

  • Canva Tutorials

How to sell multiple or large products in Etsy

How to make Printables in Canva

Should you upgrade to Canva Pro?

How to combine templates in Canva

How to change the orientation from vertical to horizontal

Canva: Gardening Planner

Canva: Budget Planner

Canva: Daily Reflections Bible Planner

Canva: Project Planner

Canva: Nursery Art

Canva: Kids Activity Printables

Canva: Weekly Meal Planner

Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog

Additional Resources that come with the Course

Course Slide Deck.  You can print out the entire course deck of over 140+ slides, so you don’t need to take notes separately when going through this course, or you can take further notes on these.

Course Workbook.  The course workbook has 30 and 60 day step by step plans to help you grow in the course.  This means that you won’t get stuck and you will always know what to do.

Course Bonuses

The course also comes with some fantastic bonuses:

Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog

Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog

Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog


Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog


Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog


Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog



Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog


The Cons of Printables By Number

This is a thorough, really quite overwhelming course which may seem daunting to some. But this also puts it in the pros category too. Because it is a complete, in-depth course for everything you need to know and do about creating Printables.

This is a big course, but don’t try to take the entire course in a short amount of time. Dedicate an hour here and there to doing a lesson or watching a video. The course is so easily broken down, and each video is labelled with how long it is, so that you can very easily do that, bit by bit, over time. 

You will need some software to undertake the Printables design in this course. However the course does cover two different graphic design software options that are affordably priced or free, so you can choose. 

You may want to use different graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, or even PicMonkey, and no tutorials on these are included in the course. (However Suzi does have a free course on using PicMonkey that you can sign up for separately!)

About Start a Mom Blog

Start a Mom Blog is a very successful blog that was started by Suzi Whitford. The blog was so successful in fact that Suzi’s husband, Jon, gave up his corporate job and joined her in running the blog. 

Suzi is the mom of 3 small children.  She was an engineer by profession and gave up her career to raise her 3 children. But as with so many successful women, she still wanted to do something and also bring in money for her family. Hence the creation of Start a Mom Blog.

Start a Mom Blog is aimed at showing women, mothers, how to start and run a successful blog. But if you are not a woman, or a mom, don’t let that name put you off.  The blog has education, courses and information for every blogger, in whatever niche, gender, or age you are or blog about.

Start a Mom Blog has taught over 50,000 students all aspects of blogging, and the blog itself has brought in over a million dollars over the past few years.

Try a Start a Mom Blog Free Course First

If you are just not sure about signing up for Printables By Number, I would encourage you to take one of Start a Mom Blog’s free courses first.

There are a lot of free courses that they provide, and by signing up for one of these it will let you see the style of teaching, and you will get to know Start a Mom Blog more.

Here are some of their free courses you may want to take:

Start a Blog Course. This free course is a step by step plan on how to start a blog for beginners.

How to use PicMonkey as a Mom Blogger.  This free course shows you how to use the PicMonkey graphic design software, to create graphics and Printables.

My Overall Impression of Printables By Number

Printables by Number is a very thorough course on all aspects of designing, creating, marketing, and selling Printables. 

In my opinion this course is a must-have course for learning all aspects of creating and selling Printables for your blog and business.  It is affordably priced, easy to follow and implement, and you will return to this course time and time again.

Once you purchase this course you will also be given lifetime access and sent all updates that are made to the course as they are released.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this course take to complete?  The course is set up in phases.  Each phase will take a few hours to work through. There are daily plans included to help you work through each part.  The recommended approach to taking the course is to dedicate 30 minutes to an hour each day to it. 

How soon will I make money?  This depends on a lot of things – including how much you are putting into the course, doing your market research correctly, and how you market your own products. However the course has been set up to get you up and running in just one weekend starting a store and selling your products.

What if I am not tech savvy at all?  That’s fine!  The course creators know this is an issue for so many people, so they designed the course to take account of that and really show you how things are done, guiding you through each step.

For more information and to sign up for Printables by Number just click here.


Complete review of Printables by Number Course by Start a Mom Blog


Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog


Printables By Number is a course on creating your own Printables to grow your email list and income. This is my  honest review of the course. 


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