Review of Printables By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog

Printables By Number is a course by Start a Mom Blog on creating your own Printables in order to grow your email list and income. This is my  honest review of the course. I will cover whether I think it is worth your time and money.


The Printables By Number course is a course offering through Start a Mom Blog. I purchased, and took, this course recently, and I wanted to give you my honest opinion of the course. 

I actually went through the course twice, to really fully learn and implement all that was taught in the course.

Printables by Number course


Printables By Number is a paid course from Start a Mom Blog on creating, marketing and selling Printables for your blog and business. 

Creating Printables provides another income revenue stream for bloggers, and this course is a complete and thorough course on every aspect of creating, marketing, and selling Printables. It has lots of informative instructional videos, tutorials, graphics, and advice.

Spoiler alert – this is a must-have course that I totally recommend!

About Start a Mom Blog

Start a Mom Blog is a very successful blog that was started by Suzi Whitford. The blog was so successful in fact that Suzi’s husband, John, gave up his corporate job and joined her in running the blog. (Note: this is what I love to hear – female power here!)

Suzi Whitford is the mom of 3 small children.  She was an engineer by profession and gave up her career to raise her 3 children. But as with so many successful women, she still wanted to do something and also bring in money for her family. Hence the creation of Start a Mom Blog.

Start a Mom Blog is aimed at showing women, mothers, how to start and run a successful blog. But if you are not a woman, or a mom, don’t let that name put you off.
The blog has education, courses and information for every blogger, in whatever niche, gender, or age you are or blog about.

Start a Mom Blog has taught over 50,000 students all aspects of blogging, and the blog itself has brought in over a million dollars over the past few years.


Review of Printables by Number Course

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Why Start a Mom Blog Courses are Great Courses

I personally really love the teaching style of the Start a Mom Blog courses. Because Suzi was previously an engineer by profession she is able to very successfully break everything down into easy to follow steps. This is crucial in blogging, as there is so much to learn and conquer, and many times bloggers have no prior experience and are learning as they go.

Another thing I really love about Start a Mom Blog courses is that they are priced just right.  They are affordable, yet complete and thorough, courses.

Is Printables By Number the Right Course for You?

Printables by Number is the right course for you if:

You are a beginner blogger and you are just starting out blogging, and also wanting to create Printables for your blog and business.

You are an intermediate blogger,  you have a relatively successful blog with traffic and some income already, but you want to take your blog to next level by creating Printables as another income revenue stream.

Even if you consider yourself a very advanced blogger, with a lot of experience under your belt already. Printables By Number can be a great course for you, if Printables is just something you have never considered, or tried, for your blog.

An In-Depth Look at Printables By Number

Printables by Number is a major cause that covers all aspects of creating and selling Printables.

It is an online course with numerous videos showing you step by step how to create and sell Printables. That includes numerous step by step videos that are like watching over somebody’s shoulder as they show you how to create Printables.

The course focuses on 3 different types of graphic design software to design and create Printables: PowerPoint, Canva, and Google Slides. There are lessons and videos in each different software.  These range from free to paid subscription based software, so there is an option for everyone, and every budget.

The course is also full of templates that you can edit and use yourself, saving you valuable time in creating and designing.  These include templates for an e-book (paid), calendars (weekly and monthly), budget and project planners, meal planner and gardening planners, among many others.

A great aspect of the course is how to sell your Printables.  That includes how to present them, with instructions for mockups and 3D Flatlays for your marketing needs.  

The tech side of selling and delivering Printables can be very confusing for many people, and many courses on designing Printables don’t even touch on that.

But this course dedicates a large section on just that, that I know so many of you will find so valuable.  It covers how to deliver those Printables, how to create sales funnels, and even how to create an online store on your own website.  

The Pros of Printables By Number

Extremely in-depth course covering all aspects of designing, creating, marketing, selling and delivering Printables

Lots of informative, follow-along instructional videos

The tools recommended are free or reasonably priced

Easy to follow course format and structure

Excellent student support. Good email and Facebook support from the Start a Mom Blog team

Regular updates. In fact this course was just recently updated to include so many better lessons and resources.

Lifetime access to the course, and all updates

Affordable cost at just $97.  (I have paid more than 3 times that for some courses that don’t have nearly as much content or support)

What is Included with the Printables By Number Course?

e-course with over 40 video tutorials

Templates for many different Printables in different graphic design softwares

List of 100 Printables ideas

Bonus Resource Library By Number Course included

Bonus premium e-book template offer (for $9)

Bonus premium Thrivecart sales page template

Course Modules of Printables By Number Broken Down

These are all the course modules of Printables By Number broken down:

  • Welcome

Why Create Printables

How Printables Lead to High Priced Products to Grow Your Business

6 Huge Mistakes & Why Your Printables Do Not Convert


  • Module 1 – Resources & Templates

PowerPoint Files & Templates

BONUS: 100 Printable Ideas

BONUS: Resource Library By Number

BONUS: Premium e-book template for only $9


  • Module 2 – PowerPoint

Benefits of PowerPoint

How to set a Default Template

How to Import a Fancy Font into PowerPoint

The Magic Tool inside PowerPoint called SmartArt

How to Save a Printable as a PDF

How to make a PDF editable for free

How to make Gorgeous Presentations

How to easily create an Infographic for more traffic & shares


  • Module 3 – PowerPoint Printable Tutorials

How to  create a Weekly Calendar

How to create a Monthly Calendar

How to create a “Year at a Glance” Printable

PowerPoint – Meal Planner Printable

PowerPoint – Garden Planning Printable

PowerPoint – Budget Planner

PowerPoint – Daily Reflections Bible Planner

PowerPoint – Project Planner


  • Module 4 – How to Make Printables in Canva

How to make Printables in Canva

Should you upgrade to Canva Pro?

How to combine templates in Canva


  • Module 5 – Canva Printable Tutorials

Canva – Weekly Meal Planner

Canva – Gardening Planner

Canva – Budget Planner

Canva – Daily Reflections Bible Planner

Canva – Project Planner


  • Module 6 – How to Grow your Email List with Printables

How to deliver your Printables through Email


  • Module 7 – How to Sell your Printables – the Strategy

Elements of High Converting Printables that Sell

How to present your Printables so they sell like Hot Cakes! (Canva)

How to create a 3D layflat overlay image (boost conversions!) (PowerPoint)

How to get traffic to your landing or sales page


  • Module 8 – How to Sell Your Printables – the Tech Side

Demystifying the sales process – how everything works together

Should you launch a sales funnel or an e-commerce website? What’s right for you?

Set up an entire sales process inside of Thrivecart (Bonus template included)

Set up an advanced sales funnel for selling Printables in Thrivecart

How to sell your Printables from your WordPress site beautifully using Thrivecart

How to create an online store and sell your Printables from your own website, step by step

How to sell printables on Teachable


  • Module 9 – Additional Lessons and Overviews

Where can I get graphics to sell?

Full overview of PowerPoint, Canva, and Google Slides

What makes a good freebie – additional places to promote your freebie

How to make Printables with  PowerPoint – Bonus lesson

How to create a Coloring Book


  • Thank You

The Printable Membership

Let me Share your Success with my Audience

Thank you and Congrats!


The Cons of Printables By Number

This is my honest review, therefore I do have to include some cons to make this review fair and honest. Obviously barely anything in life comes without some downsides, and that includes courses too.

This is a thorough, really quite overwhelming course. But this also puts it in the pros category too. Because it is a complete, in-depth course for everything you need to know and do about creating Printables.

You may look at all the lessons and think that it looks too much, and that there is too much there. But you should approach this course little by little.

Don’t try to take the entire course in a short amount of time. Dedicate an hour here and there to doing a lesson or watching a video. The course is so easily broken down, and each video is labelled with how long it is, so that you can very easily do that, bit by bit, over time.

How did Printables by Number Help Me?

I took the Printables By Number course at the stage in my blogging where I was considered an intermediate blogger. I had a successful blog, I had traffic to my blog, and I was bringing in some money.

But I was only bringing in revenue from advertising at that point.  In order to have a really successful blog that brings in constant income a blogger needs to diversify. That means not relying on one income source.  Advertising for instance relies on traffic.  If your traffic takes a hit, your income takes a hit.

Therefore I was at the stage in blogging where I had to diversity and bring in new income streams and revenue. I knew that income stream should be Printables.

Printables were something that could really help my readers, and because they are delivered digitally I could offer good Printables at affordable prices to my readers. I also wanted to improve my free opt-ins on my site, with better quality opt-in Printables.

So I signed up for Printables By Number from Start a Mom Blog. I had already taken many other courses through Start a Mom Blog, and I loved Suzi’s teaching format and the way she explained and covered things.

I went through the entire course twice. Actually I went through the course once, and then it was updated (when you sign up for the course you get lifetime access and all the updates they make to the course, which they do pretty frequently).  There was some great new bonus material in the updated version of the course, so I went through it all again! I know I will go through this course again and again!

This course was pretty amazing! I really feel that I learned everything from creation to selling and more in this course.  Prior to the course I made all my Printables in Canva. I still use Canva for so much of what I do that is graphic design related.

But I had no idea that PowerPoint could be such an amazing software for creating Printables. Working through all the PowerPoint lessons in the course, I was able to create PowerPoint Printables in no time at all.  I made powerful PowerPoint templates that I just edit and use time and time again.

Selling Printables was something so completely alien to me prior to taking the course. I knew I could put them on my website to sell them, but should I start an e-commerce website such as Shopify or WooCommerce to sell them?  I only had a small amount of knowledge of how funnels really worked, and how to set up those funnels.  The course completely demystified all that for me, and answered all my questions.

I actually signed up for Thrivecart through taking the course!  The course doesn’t need you to have Thrivecart at all, but the lessons on Thrivecart in the course made me realize that Thrivecart was exactly what I was looking for in a sales and delivery system for my Printables.

Prior to signing up for Thrivecart I was using several different softwares to deliver files, that were quite expensive every month for me. Thrivecart is a one time price, you pay it once and then you have it for life. You never have to pay for it again. So I was a complete convert to Thrivecart and I am so glad I did. 

This course is just such a complete comprehensive course on everything to do with creating, marketing and selling Printables. The course is so packed with great information and tutorials, that I really don’t feel I ever have to take any other course on creating Printables – ever.

Other Courses & Products by Start a Mom Blog 

In addition to the Printables by Number course from Start a Mom Blog, they also have numerous other courses and e-books that cover all aspects of blogging. These include:

Blog By Number.  Everything you need to know about starting a blog and making money in under 3 hours.  The course includes video tutorials, e-book, worksheets, pre-made templates, and stock images.  You can find out more abut Blog By Number right here.

Course By Number.  How to create, launch, and make consistent income with a course.  The course includes 24 detailed instructional videos, 43 lectures, course funnels and so much more. You can find out more about Course By Number right here.

Niche By Number.  The 9 steps to finding your perfect niche.  How to plan a successful blog topic and niche. You can find out more about Niche By Number here.

Theme By Number.  Everything you need to know about the Divi theme by Elegant Themes. You can find out more information about Theme By Number here.

List By Number.  Everything you need to know to grow your email list. You can find out more about List By Number here.



Try a Start a Mom Blog Free Course First

If you are just not sure about signing up for Printables By Number, I would encourage you to take one of Start a Mom Blog’s free courses first. There are a lot of free courses that they provide, and by signing up for one of these it will let you see the style of teaching, and you will get to know Start a Mom Blog more.

Here are some of their free courses you may want to take:

Start a Blog Course. This free course is a step by step plan on how to start a blog for beginners.

How to use PicMonkey as a Mom Blogger.  This free course shows you how to use the PicMonkey graphic design software, to create graphics and Printables.


Printables by Number is a very thorough and complex course on all aspects of designing, creating, marketing, and selling Printables. 

In my opinion this course is a must-have course for learning all aspects of Printables for your blog and business.  It is affordably priced, easy to follow and implement, and you will return to this course time and time again.

For more information and to sign up for Printables by Number just click here.


Complete review of Printables by Number Course by Start a Mom Blog


Printables By Number is a course offering from Start a Mom Blog on creating your own Printables to grow your email list and income. This is my  honest review of the course. I will cover whether I think this course is worth your time and money.


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