Review of iRobot Roomba 675 Vacuum Cleaner

A Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is a great choice for you when you are busy, and just don’t have time to keep your house always neat and tidy.  A robot vacuum cleaner can clean your house when you are at work, or even during the night!



One of the biggest obstacles I have encountered through working full time and raising children is that I wish my house was cleaner and tidier, but I just don’t have the time to do it.

Unless you hire help to clean your home, it is hard to stay on top of all the housework and general maintenance of your home. Even if you have help, they are not there every day, keeping your home spick and span!

You need to get smart about using things that can help you around your home.  That includes robot vacuum cleaners and many other devices that can help.  

I debated getting a robot vacuum cleaner for years, before I finally went ahead and bought one in the Black Friday sales.  Now I absolutely love this little device. It does great maintenance cleaning around my home. I can set it to clean during the day while I am away at my office, and when I get home I have clean floors!


Review of iRobot Roomba 675 vacuum cleaner


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This review is for the iRobot Roomba 675 model, which I purchased and use. There are many different models available. The Roomba 675 model is WiFi compatible. 

How a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Works

A robot vacuum cleaner is charged at a port that you plug into a wall outlet in your home.  You just hit a button and the vacuum cleaner goes around your floors (wood, carpet, tile or any type of flooring). 

It vacuums and suctions up debris from your floors, and that debris is collected into a little compartment in the vacuum cleaner, that can be emptied.  

Many models of robot vacuums hook into your home’s WiFi, and they can be controlled from your phone or another device (including Alexa).  With some models you can also set a regular cleaning schedule for your vacuum, such as at 4pm every day while you are out at work.

Robot vacuum cleaners are best for maintenance cleaning.  If you have kids and pets they are especially useful because they can stay on top of pet hair, crumbs and all other debris that your kids and animals regularly produce in your home.

A robot vacuum cleaner works on one floor of your home at a time. It cannot navigate stairs and climb floors, so if you have more than one level to your home you will either need a robot vacuum cleaner for each level, or you will need to move it from floor to floor.

Robot vacuums do clean your floors in quite a random fashion.  They work on a kind of grid system, whereby they navigate one part of your floor, then head off somewhere else.  They may leave a piece of debris close to where they just suctioned something up, only to head off into another room. But they will come back for that piece! 

The memory inside the Roomba tells it where it has been and sucked something up. They don’t work like regular vacuum cleaners, where they clean a concentrated area at one time, so don’t expect them to work the same way at all. But they do clean all the floors, they just have their own method to do so! (don’t ever watch your robot vacuum cleaner clean! It will drive you crazy – honestly! Just know it is doing its thing and it will get to everything!).


A Review of the Roomba iRobot 675        

As previously mentioned, this review is for the iRobot Roomba 675   




Setting up the iRobot Roomba 675 Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is incredibly easy to set up.  Connecting to WiFi was easy, and I had it all set up within 10 minutes or so. 

I downloaded the app for the cleaner very easily in the Apple App store, and set up the vacuum cleaner in no time. From my phone I can tell it to clean, or set a schedule for it to clean when I want it to. 

I placed the wall port in an area of my home where it can easily navigate back and forth from. I would encourage you to read the instructions with the Roomba, on how best to set up this wall port. But it is very easy to set it up – you just choose a place, then plug it in!

Performance Encountering Obstacles

A big test of a robot vacuum cleaner is how it deals with the obstacles it faces. Does it get stuck on a small child’s toy and stop working, sending a strange alert? Does it successfully navigate around the obstacle, or does it climb over it, still going on its way?

The 675 navigates over things such as power cords, tilting itself over them as it goes. However, it does tend to unplug the light in my living room constantly, where the cord is dragged and then pulled out of the socket. I should note however that this is a floor-mounted socket, not a wall socket, so this is therefore much easier to do.

It has never sucked up a cord – it really seems to realize it is a cord and navigates around it. If you are concerned about power cords, especially while the robot is cleaning when you are outside the house, just unplug them and move them out of the way.

I have heard people complain about having to remove obstacles and things out of the way before the vacuum cleans. But to be honest I liken this to having a cleaner come into your home! You will need to do a general tidy up before your cleaner arrives, so that he/she doesn’t have to move everything out of the way to clean.  Therefore, you should move anything out of the way that will get in the way of your robot cleaner doing its job.  

The 675 only had an issue once with a “stuck on a cliff” message, which is one of the biggest complaints that some people seem to have about their robot cleaners if you read reviews. 

But the Roomba 675 navigates pretty much everything, and only sent this message once when it was wedged in between a wall and a dresser the first time it cleaned a certain room in my home.  I have watched the vacuum successfully turn itself to get out of tight spots, but this time it wasn’t able to.  But this has only happened once with this particular model. You are always sent an alert if it does get stuck.

Battery Power

The battery is pretty powerful in the Roomba 675.  When I let it clean uninterrupted, it cleans all the rooms on one level of my home in about 1 hour, 40 minutes on average, before it returns to base. That cleaning is pretty thorough – an inspection afterwards doesn’t reveal dirt and debris that it missed in any room.

Once the battery is flat, it actually charges up again very fast.  Within an hour or so it has a full battery and can start another job.

What the Vacuum Picks up

The 675 has worked diligently on both wood floors, rugs, and carpet in my home.  It has encountered, and vacuumed up leaves, dirt, fur balls, dust and more.  This particular model has a 3-step cleaning system, where it loosens, lifts and then suctions dirt.

The only carpet this model had some trouble with in my own home was a very dense thick rug in my basement family room.  It did still vacuum it, but it clearly seemed to have trouble going back and forth on this particular surface.

But wood floors, tile floors, regular rugs, and wall to wall carpet are really no issue for this model. It seamlessly navigates itself from one floor type to another (thanks to its auto-adjust feature). It is especially good on rug edges, where debris tends to accumulate, and gets rid of any debris easily.

The 675 is also great at getting into corners. It does especially well in my kitchen where it shoots out a little brush when navigating around appliances and cabinets, scooping up any dust and debris it finds settled there.  It is also great going along baseboards, which is one of the places that dirt can built up in any home.

One of the things I really love about this little vacuum is that it gets into, and cleans, places that I just can’t get to with my regular vacuum cleaner. It gets under sofas, under dressers (with legs), and even under beds.  That to me is not just better cleaning, but a huge time saver – I don’t have to pull furniture out and get under there with a vacuum cleaner.


Returning to Base

Among the criticisms I have seen of Roombas are that they have trouble returning to base. The 675 has had no trouble returning to base.  From this I conclude that those having trouble may perhaps not have their base set up in the right place in their home, or perhaps their vacuum battery is low, making it hard for the vacuum to return to base.  

It should be noted also, that if you try to move the vacuum during its cleaning cycle, it just won’t return to base.  It will only return to its base if it starts there and is allowed to clean uninterrupted.


Cleaning Power

The side cleaning brushes on the robot are absolutely awesome!  They really do get into corners and tight spaces. In my kitchen I have awkward spaces underneath the cabinets, where it is hard to clean dirt out of easily. But the 675 does this so easily.  It just runs along, slips out its little side brushes and brushes any dirt it encounters into the path of the suction vacuum! 

It cleans the rugs, carpet and wood floors in my home very well. An inspection after cleaning has concluded, shows that the floors are free of any debris, and the carpets look ‘vacuumed.’


Noise Level

When the Roomba is cleaning in the same room that I am in, I can hear it. But it is not enough to drown out the TV or radio in the room.

When cleaning in another room I just hear a distant hum.  It is definitely not as loud as a regular vacuum cleaner, but there is still some noise.  But it isn’t that droning noise that drowns out every other sound that is particular to a regular vacuum cleaner.

I have read reviews of people setting their robot vacuum to clean their home during the night while they sleep. I  have not tried this, but if you have a large quite spacious home you probably won’t hear the vacuum at all.  My home is smaller, and I do think that I would hear it if it was going around at night cleaning.

If you Have Pets

If you have pets in your home, such as dogs and cats, you will be concerned about how the Roomba will interact with them.  

My dog (a large Labradoodle) absolutely hates my regular vacuum cleaner.  He hides up and eyes it from afar, disappearing as soon as it is switched on. But his interaction with the Roomba is really quite amazing!  He calmly sits and does his thing, while the Roomba is going all around. The only time he even seems to notice it is when it taps him if he is laying in its way as it does its job.  He then just gets up and moves! He sleeps and doses unconcerned when it is doing its job. 

Therefore, I think that most dogs (and cats) would not be concerned about the vacuum cleaner at all.  If you have a very small dog or cat I doubt you need to worry about the Roomba grabbing it in some way as it does its job.  It is more likely to just tap anything, including any animal, that is in its way as it does its cleaning.

The noise level is also so much lower than a regular vacuum cleaner, so if your pet really hates your regular cleaner and its noise, they will probably be able to tolerate the Roomba just fine.

My Honest Opinion of the iRobot Roomba 675

I absolutely love my Roomba 675.  It means that my floors are always clean and vacuumed, because I can stay on top of the maintenance required for this.  It also gets into spaces that my regular vacuum cleaner doesn’t, and that makes me feel better about my home being more free of dust and dirt.

With the programmable features of the 675, I can set the Roomba to clean my floors every afternoon, just before I get home from work.  There is nothing nicer than getting home and seeing your floors all clean and vacuumed!

I think the most important thing to remember about any robot vacuum cleaner is that it is for maintenance.  You will still need to do a regular ‘deeper’ vacuum of your floors every now and again.  But a robot vacuum will stay on top of every day build up, dirt and debris. It means that it is one less thing for you to worry about on a regular basis. They are especially good if you have pets and children, because there is always something hitting your floors!


The iRobot Roomba 675 is available on Amazon here.

If you are considering buying a robot vacuum cleaner I would advise that you head over to Amazon and read all the reviews.  There are many models available, to suit your price and particular needs.  

Free up time in your busy day, but worrying about one less thing to do in your home! A Robot vacuum cleaner can do daily maintenance of your floors, so you have one less thing to do and worry about!

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