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Review of Blog By Number Course from Start a Mom Blog

Blog By Number is a course offering from Start a Mom Blog.  The course teaches you how to start a money making blog quickly and easily.


Blog By Number is a paid course from Start a Mom Blog that proposes to teach you how to start a money making blog, quickly and easily.

Over 82,000 students have taken this Blog By Number course!  It is a very affordable course option from Start a Mom Blog, and it will teach you all you need to know to start an amazing blog!

I personally took this course when I was first starting out blogging, and it really helped jump-start my blogging career. Within a year of starting my blog I was bringing in $1,000 per month!


Blog By Number

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How Easy is it to Start a Blog?

Starting a blog isn’t difficult. But it can be if you don’t know what you need to do, and you are figuring everything out for yourself.

It can take so long to figure out every aspect of starting and running a blog, if you don’t have good valuable guidance.

When I started my blog several years ago, I was so lost.  I really didn’t know what I was doing, and I was not at all tech savvy and knowledgeable.

So it was resources from places such as Start a Mom Blog that really helped me out.  Start a Mom Blog was one of the very first resources I discovered about starting a blog, and they helped me enormously, and saved me so much time instead of trying to figure everything out myself.

To start a blog you just need to know the basics, and you can build from there. There are very low start up costs involved with starting a blog. You really just need to purchase hosting for your blog (I recommend Bluehost as a beginner, as they are who I started out with). Bluehost are affordable and really suitable for beginner bloggers.

The Blog By Number course covers everything you need to know to start your money making blog!

About Start a Mom Blog

Start a Mom Blog was started by Suzi Whitford several years ago.  Suzi was an engineer by profession, and quit her job to raise her 3 young children.

But like most moms she wanted to still be doing something and using her education and talents, as well as bring in extra income for her family.

That is why Suzi created Start a Mom Blog – it is based on her experiences of starting a million dollar earning blog, and she now shows others how to do it too.

In fact, Suzi’s blog was so successful that her husband gave up his full time job too, and now helps Suzi run Start a Mom Blog!

Start a Mom Blog now brings in millions of dollars, and has helped an incredible amount of people start and run their own blogs, bring in extra income, and has kick started completely new careers.

How to Start a Money Making Blog

If you want to bring in a side income for your family, or you want to create a new career for yourself, starting a blog is a great decision.

If you are a busy mom, either working outside the home, or working inside the home raising your family, you don’t have a lot of free time to start a blog. But this course will help you start and build your blog little by little. Even if you can only dedicate an hour here and there to starting your blog, you will eventually get your blog up and running.

But Start a Mom Blog isn’t just for moms wanting to start a blog. It is for anyone who wants to start a blog. It is also for any niche and topic of blog. So don’t be put off by the name Start a Mom Blog!

What is Included in Blog By Number

Blog By Number is an incredibly detailed course, full of all you need to know to start your blog immediately.

The course includes templates for blog posts, images and headlines. All you need to do is fill in the blanks for yourself.  It also includes a 110+ pages e-book Blog By Number, Discover Your Niche workbook, free tools to help you design your beautiful blog, and a complete course glossary.

Every step of blogging is broken down completely in the course.  Suzi holds your hand and guides you along the way from editing images, setting up your theme, and getting traffic to your blog.

The course also includes over 80 different ideas for how to make money with your blog.  There are ideas for digital products, services, affiliates and products and so much more.

Also included are 50+ site templates, so you can get up and running creating your blog site!  Just import one of these templates and you will soon have your blog up and running.

Blog By Number

The Cost of Blog By Number

Blog By Number costs $97.  If you cannot afford that amount all at once there is a payment plan available to stretch out the cost.

$97 for a complete course on everything you need to know to start a blog is incredible value.  I have taken a lot of courses on blogging since I started my blog several years ago.  I can highly recommend Start a Mom Blog courses for their content and value.

If you really cannot afford the complete Blog By Number course right now, you may want to consider just purchasing the e-book that goes along with the course.

At just $18 this e-book is incredible value for money, and it includes sections on everything to do with starting a blog such as choosing a niche, blog name, setting up your theme and so much more. (If you decide to later on upgrade to the course, Suzi will give you $18 off the full price of the course if you have purchased this e-book).

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What I Loved About Blog By Number (the Pros)

1.This course has everything you need to know to start a money-making blog. The 16 total modules and materials that this course comes with will get you started out completely on your blog.

2.This course is great value for money.  This course is incredible value for money. Considering what you get in this course, and all the information and facts you will learn, this is $97 that is very very well spent. This is the best investment you can make for blogging.

3.This course has a great easy to follow style.  Suzi’s style of teaching is easy to follow, fun, and understandable.  The instructions she gives are very clear and concise. So even if you are not very tech-savvy and know nothing about blogging, you will very quickly learn what you need to know.

The Cons of Blog By Number

To be honest there really aren’t that many cons and bad things I can say about this course.  

This course is a great price, full of great information, is easy to follow and implement, and comes with great resources and support.

The only things I can say that could be considered cons of this course are that it is a video course, which is not for everyone. You will need to watch the videos to get the information.  Some people do prefer to read and learn that way, so if that is your preferred learning style you may not like this video format.

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Detailed Breakdown of Course Modules

The course contains an amazing 16 total modules. Those modules are as follows:

Module 1: Why you Should Start a Blog

This module includes fill in the blank blog posts. These will ensure that you get traffic to your blog from day one.

Module 2: How to Decide on the Perfect Blog Niche for You

This includes the five categories of most profitable niches.  This will help you choose the niche (topic/subject) that is right for you and your blog.

Module 3: How to Create an Unforgettable Blog Name

This module teaches you what makes the perfect blog name, real examples of different blog names, and a cheat sheet full of words to help you create your unforgettable blog name.

Module 4: Step By Step: How to Start a Blog

This module takes you step by step in how to start your blog.  

Module 5: How to Set up Your Professional Blog

This module shows you how to create your own professional website in just 10 minutes.  It shows you how to edit and customize your blog, and how to save templates and save time.

Module 6: The Basics and Essentials

This module takes you on a tour of WordPress, which is the software you will use to design and run your blog.  It shows you how to create an all-important essential About Me page, and how to create an essential legal page for your blog website.

Module 7: Powerful Free or Affordable Plugins

This module covers what plug-ins are, and how to use them.  It teaches you how to install Google Analytics – an important tool that helps you track where your readers and traffic is coming from, and what your top blog posts are.  

It also teaches you how to set up Google Search console, and how to boost your SEO, as well as how to make your website load faster, and how to prevent spam comments.

Module 8: How to Write Blog Posts that Work for You

This module is a very important one It shows you the essentials of creating blog posts that rank in search engines and entertain your readers.  

Module 9: How to Brand Your Blog

This module teaches you how to create a professional logo for your blog.  It goes over how to make your blog just look professional and attractive.

Module 10: Final Touches Before the Big Launch

Module 10 shows you what the finishing touches are that you have to do before you finally launch your blog.  It also covers how to edit your footer, how to customize your header and menu, and all the final touches before you launch.

Module 11: Powerfully Simple Keyword Research

This module shows you how to do simple keyword research that will set you up for massive success.  It covers the very important topic of how to get visitors to your site!

Module 12: How to use Pinterest for Traffic

Pinterest is one of the best things you can use for your blog traffic! This module shows you how to set up Pinterest, how to create niche boards within Pinterest, all about group boards, how to create pin images quickly and easily, and Pinterest strategy secrets.

Module 13: SEO for Traffic

Module 13 shows you how to use SEO for your blog, and the all important basics of SEO for search engine optimization.

Module 14: Facebook for Traffic

This module shows you how to use Facebook to get traffic to your blog, and how to find Facebook groups to boost your traffic.

Module 15: How to Make Money Blogging: Your First $1

Module 15 covers how to make money on your blog. This includes advertising, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, how to sell services on your blog, how to sell online products, and 83 ways you can make money with a blog!

Module 16: Build your Email List

Building an email list is so important for your blog too. This module shows you how to use and set up Convertkit, how to create e-books and opt-ins to get traffic to your blog, and professional email address creation.

Blog By Number

Is Blog By Number Worth It?

My honest view is that Blog By Number is absolutely worth the cost and time to take.

If you are a brand new blogger, or somebody who is considering starting a blog, why waste time and going through all the frustration of trying to learn how to start a blog on your own.

Blog By Number has everything you need to start your blog and get it off the ground running quickly and easily.

By investing just an hour or so per day, or an hour here and there whenever you have the time, working your way through this course will get you to the point of finally actually starting your blog.

There are many other courses that you can purchase on starting a blog that are not as affordable and comprehensive as this one.  This course also has an easy to follow style that will help everyone, including the non-tech-savvy, successfully start a blog.

Click here to find out more about the Blog By Number course from Start a Mom Blog!

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Blog By Number is a course offering from Start a Mom Blog.  The course teaches you how to start a money making blog quickly and easily. This is my honest review of Blog By Number.



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