Calming Lavender sugar scrub

Lavender has numerous healing properties, and this homemade lavender sugar scrub will give you a real pampering boost.


Lavender has many beneficial healing properties, and above all it is calming and smells delicious. Lavender’s calming effects can be used for anxiety and depression, insomnia, scrapes and wounds. 

Prior to the First World War, Lavender was commonly used to treat and disinfect wounds.  It is also a natural disinfectant and insect repellent, and lavender oil is also said to help headaches and head and neck tension. Therefore this lavender sugar scrub is not only easy to make, but it is so good for you!

This is incredibly easy to make, and you can also gift it to friends and family.  It makes an especially good holiday gift for others!


Make your own calming lavender sugar scrub




Refreshing calming lavender sugar scrub


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This sugar scrub contains the actual dried lavender flowers, plus essential oil, for twice the healing properties. Use it in the bath or shower before going to bed for its powers in helping insomnia.  

Use it first thing in the morning for a calming revitalizing start to the day.  In addition to the great smell, which is a mood enhancer and anxiety buster, the healing powers of the lavender, and the gentle creaminess of the coconut oil will be kind and gentle to your skin. You will absolutely love using this lavender sugar scrub!

So many studies have shown that lavender can greatly help with sleep problems. See this post here on using essential oils to help with sleep issues.  One particular study performed on ICU patients showed a marked benefit to the sleep of those patients inhaling lavender oil.


Supplies needed to make the sugar scrub:

2 cups Granulated white sugar
1/2 cup Coconut oil
Dried lavender – about 1 cup
Jar with lid
8-10 drops Lavender essence/oil

If you don’t have your own dried lavender, it can be purchased online from many sources, including this one.  I just used regular pint mason jars to put the mixture in.


lavender sugar scrub


To make the sugar scrub:

Place the dried lavender into a food processor or mixer.  Pulse the mixture just a couple of times.

Add the sugar and the drops of lavender essence and pulse several times to mix together.  Add the coconut oil and pulse together some more.  Keep pulsing the mixture gently until all ingredients are mixed well together.

Once mixed together, spoon the mixture out into your prepared glass jars.  The sugar scrub is ready to use immediately.  You can also decorate the jar with a home made or printed off label, and even personalize this. I prefer the basic home-made look to the jar on its own, and I just added a splash of color with the purple ribbon.

I  hope you enjoy your sugar scrub!


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