12 Quick & Easy Organizing Tips for your Home

Try these quick and easy organizing hacks for your home.  If your home feels messy and unorganized most days, these simple tips and suggestions can make all the difference.

If you are tired of a messy, disorganized home there are fast and simple things you can do to help cut through the mess.  You need organizing solutions that are fast and easy.

Some of these things may seem quite obvious (such as making your bed!). But all these tips are simple tips for things that can be done fast.

If you have some extra time in your day, or just 10 minutes to spare, you can start on these organizing projects.


Home organizing

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Organize your Drawers

Drawers may not seem the most obvious or necessary places to organize. But if you have messy drawers in your home it just adds to the sense of mess and untidiness you may feel. Organizing your drawers, and making them a pleasure rather than a nightmare to open, can do a lot for your mindset.

Quick and easy organizing tips

When you open a perfectly organized drawer, you will feel happy, content, and also that you are in control of things.  Organizing your drawers is a good first organizing project to tackle. Once you have started organizing your drawers you can easily move on to other organizing tasks in your home.

Drawers can be easily organized using drawer dividers. Clear plastic drawer organizers look stylish and less chunky inside drawers.

You can also make your own drawer organizers, if you are quite handy.


Fold Your Stuff

Just folding your clothing, towels, linens etc will give you a sense of organization. Folding your clothes makes them easier to locate and find.

Drawers full of folded clothing look so much more organized and are easier to manage.



Quick and easy organizing tips for your home


Use Colors

Using colors when organizing not only makes things look bright and cheerful. It creates a sense of order, especially if you color code your things.

Color coding is a great organization method for getting and keeping your paperwork organized.  Brightly colored file folders can be created for different topics and subjects.


Colored file folders


This project may take a little longer than others, but it will be so worth it.  Filing will actually become quite fun!


Find Good Organizing Pieces

I absolutely love the Raskog Cart from IKEA.  This cart can be used for a variety of storage and organizing options throughout your home.  Uses for the Raskog cart includes using it as a craft storage cart, book cart, hair and make-up station, coffee cart, bar cart, toys store, extra food storage, as a bedside table, bathroom storage and more, more, more!

Find some nice pieces for your home that are great for storage and organizing.


Raskog cart


Make Your Bed!

Yes I know you are probably saying “what?” now! But you would be surprised how many people do not make their beds in the morning.  Just making your bed instantly makes your bedroom look tidier.  It gives a sense of order to the room, and makes everything look less untidy.

Straighten and smooth your blankets, sheets and duvet.

Placing some nice cushions on the bed after making it can add a little touch of glamour to the room also.


Quick and easy organizing tips for your home

Pick up Clothes

Do you have clothes strewn all over your bedroom floor?  Clothes sitting unfolded in your laundry room?  Those clothes look messy and add to the untidiness. It takes just a few minutes to pick up clothing and laundry.

Invest in good laundry hampers for dirty clothing.  Place them in strategic positions, such as your bedroom closet, and in the bathroom.

Investing in a hamper that will store your clothes sorted by color is also a great organizing tip.


Color organizing hamper

Deal with Shoe Clutter

Shoes get absolutely everywhere! Everyone kicks off their shoes as they enter their home.  Most of the time you probably have shoes just discarded all over a room, or by your front door.

Have a catch-all place for your family’s shoes.  Because all those shoes everywhere just look untidy and messy.

Decluttering Solutions for your Home’s Shoe Problem


Get Rid of Things you don’t use in your Kitchen

Do you have kitchen cupboards packed with things you no longer use?  Many of us keep items just because we think we will actually need them one day.

If you have a cupboard full of mugs for instance, go through them and choose just a few mugs for your family to use. Extra cutlery and plates that are not used every day can just be stored somewhere else.

Do you have several chopping boards, several mixing bowls, and several serving platters? Just keep a couple to use, and put away, or donate or give away the others.


Quick and easy organizing tips for your home


Organize all those Food Containers

All those plastic and glass food containers are useful, but they quickly get out of control.

Create a cupboard in your kitchen especially for storing those containers.  That way you will always know where they are.

Sort them all by size, and stack them neatly. That way when you are looking for a certain sized container, you can easily find it.

Organize your Food Storage Containers


Create a Drop-off/Pick-up Zone

If your kids throw their backpacks, books and jackets just anywhere, create a drop-off zone that everyone uses.

Place the zone in an area of your home that is easy to get to and use. If you have space by your front door or entryway, place it there.

Have hooks, shelves, baskets and boxes available for everyone to store their things.

Quick and easy organizing tips for your home

Photo: Family Handyman

Use Baskets

Baskets can organize a variety of things throughout your home.

Baskets look pretty and attractive, and you can store and hide just about anything in them.  You can find cheap baskets in dollar stores, and also in craft stores such as Michaels.


Quick and easy organizing tips for your home


Organizing baskets


Keep a Donation Box

Keep a box in your closet for clothing that you are donating. That way whenever you have a piece of clothing for donation, you can place it in the box and donate the box when it is full.


Keeping your home organized and tidy is easy with these fast easy tips!




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