8 Quick Decluttering Projects to do in less than 10 Minutes

These quick decluttering projects will make a real difference to your home, in no time at all!


You don’t have the time to tidy up or declutter. That is probably what you say each time you look at the clutter in your home? There are always excuses for why you cannot declutter and organize.

Tidying up and decluttering isn’t a fun prospect. But decluttering is something that can make so much difference to your home and your life. So if you really don’t have much time, or you really don’t want to dedicate much time to doing it, try these 8 fast and easy quick decluttering projects!

These quick decluttering projects are so fast and easy to do, you can do them in less than or around 10 minutes. They are so fast to do you will barely notice doing them! But afterwards you will have something tidied and organized, and you will feel great for it!


Quick Decluttering Projects that take less than 10 Minutes #Declutter #Decluttering



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1. Go through a Shelf or Rail in your Closet

This decluttering project will tackle your clothes closet.  While I still think the best way to tackle closets is to remove everything in one swoop, go through it all, and put back the things you will keep, most of us just don’t have the time to do that.

Instead, make it a quick but incredibly effective decluttering project by tackling either one rail of clothing, or one shelf in your clothes closet.

If you tackle a rail of clothing, look through the clothes on that rail. Are there things you no longer wear? Are there pieces of clothing that are out of style? Are their pieces of clothing that no longer fit you?

If you can instantly decide what to do with certain pieces of clothing, either toss it, donate it, or give it away.

It may help to place a trash bag or other container inside your closet for the clothing that you will donate.  If you can try to donate clothing rather than trash it. By having a bag or container ready for it all, you can easily go through the railing, or shelf, pluck out the pieces of clothing that you no longer want, and then place them ready to donate or give away.

This is a great quick decluttering project!

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8 Qick & Easy Decluttering Projects that take less than 10 minutes #decluttering #declutter #organizing


2. Go Through your Food Storage Containers

Do you keep your food storage containers in a drawer or cupboard? How does that space look? If I had to guess it is probably a little out of control? You have containers that don’t appear to have matching lids, and stained and slightly worse for wear containers.

Go through all your food storage containers. Pull them all out of where you keep them. Pull out all the bases and all the lids.  

Try to match up lids with their bases. If you have lids that are missing bases, or bases missing lids, toss or recycle those containers/lids.

Now with what you do have that matches, inspect everything for signs of wear.  Anything that is badly stained, cracked or broken in some way should just be tossed.

Now put everything back, as neatly as possible!



3. Refrigerator Quick Sweep

Really cleaning out your refrigerator well takes a lot longer than 10 minutes. But you can make a real difference to your refrigerator by doing a fast sweep through it.

Have a quick look at the shelves, bins and door shelves inside your refrigerator. Do you have jars and bottles of condiments, sauces and items that are old and out of date?

You can quickly grab anything out of date, old, or not used and throw it away.

Check your vegetable bins for moldy vegetables. Check any foods on the shelves, especially leftovers, that are old and shouldn’t be eaten.

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4. Declutter a Drawer

Decluttering a drawer is a really easy simple quick decluttering project. Decluttering a drawer is actually a great first decluttering project.

Take everything out of the drawer. Clean the inside of the drawer – get rid of crumbs, wipe the drawer down and clean it. 

Go through the things you took out of that drawer and review them. If it is a kitchen drawer for instance, do you have utensils in there such as an ice cream scoop and a melon baller that you just never use? You may be keeping them thinking that you will use them one day (but you never have).

Declutter the drawer by getting rid of those things you may just use one day. Donate them, give them away, or trash them.

Now put everything that you will keep back in the drawer, neatly. Try to put like items with like. For instance, if you have several items that are the same, or serve the same purpose, try to keep them together.


5. Tackle a Pile of Paper

Do you have a pile of papers sitting somewhere in your home? On your desk? On a countertop? On a table?

A quick decluttering project is to go through that pile of paper.  Shred papers that have personal information on them that you don’t want to just throw away. Toss papers you no longer need, and file those that you do need.

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6. Tidy up your Bathroom Cabinet

How often do you go through your bathroom cabinet and tidy it up? Probably not very often?!

Your bathroom cabinet is probably messy, and out of control. There are probably items in there that you don’t use anymore, that are out of date, or you just don’t want anymore.

Empty everything out of your bathroom cabinet, and place it aside.  Wipe over the inside of the cabinet so it is clean. Clean the shelves, and the insides of the cabinet. 

Now go through all the stuff you took out of the cabinet.  What things do you really need? Do you really need that face cream that you just never use? Will you ever use it?  Throw away anything that has expired (make-up and toiletries do expire).  

Put back whatever you are keeping neatly and more organized. Try to place the things you use everyday together on one shelf. Place the things you use less often on upper shelves.


8 Qick & Easy Decluttering Projects that take less than 10 minutes #decluttering #declutter #organizing


7. Go Through your Magazine Rack

Another great quick decluttering project is your magazine rack.  If you have a magazine rack for magazines and catalogs, go through everything in that rack. Pull out everything and throw out anything old, anything you have read, and anything no longer relevant (such as an IKEA catalog from 2015!).


8. Sort Through a Toy Box

Now this one could be difficult, because if your child is around when you do this, even though they never play with a certain toy, they won’t want to part with it!

If you know a certain toy really isn’t played with anymore. Such as toys that your child has outgrown, or are broken or missing parts, you can toss or donate those toys.

Or you can just go through a toy box and organize it better. Perhaps making sure that like toys are with like toys, stored together.

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These 8 fast, easy and quick decluttering projects will take no time at all, yet will make a huge difference to your home!

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