Printable Holiday Planner

Get organized for the Holidays & Christmas with this free Printable Holiday Planner!


Before we know it the holidays and Christmas rolls round again.  It is the season of festive cheer, fun, and goodwill. 

But the holidays are also the season where we all freeze like deer caught in the headlights, because of all the things that need to be done!

This is why I have designed this Printable Holiday Planner for you! The planner is 28 pages of lists, checklists, calendars and more, to help you stay ahead of all you have to do in the coming holiday season!



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Choice of Covers

There are 10 different cover choices in the pack for you to choose for your planner.  These include 5 for a ‘Christmas’ Holiday Planner, and 5 that are ‘Holiday” Planner cover sheets.

There are also different color options, and different design options among the 10 choices.



Calendars for November & December

There are also calendars for November and December in the pack.  That way you can plan everything you need for the two months of the year that are the busiest for you!

Plot out all your deadlines, appointments and events on the monthly calendars.


What Else the Planner Contains

The planner contains sheets for every part of your Christmas and Holiday planning.

List of Cards to Send

Keep a list of the names and addresses for Christmas card recipients. You can re-use this list year after year!



Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Planners

Completely plan out your Christmas Eve and your Christmas Day. That includes the meals you will eat, things you have to do and more!

Place this somewhere prominently, so your family always know what is going on, and when!


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Online Shopping Tracker

You place so many orders online during the holiday season. You need to therefore keep track of orders placed, and whether or not you have received them.

This is easy to do with the Online Shopping Tracker sheet. Don’t lost track of all your orders ever again!


Gift Planner & Gift Budget

Plan out the gifts you will give to family and friends on the Gift Planning sheet. You can also plan out your allocated budget on the Gift Budget sheet.


Wish List

Hopefully you will have your own list of things you would like for Christmas!  You can keep a running list on the Wish List tracker sheet, and share this with family and friends if they need ideas for gifts for you.


Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Keep track of the things you will do for Elf on the Shelf for your family. You can completely plan out what you will do, and when you will do it, with this tracking sheet.


Party Invite List

What would the holiday season be without a party! You can keep track of your party guest list with this Party Invite list.


Baking Gift Ideas

If you bake gifts for friends and neighbors, the Baking Gift Ideas will keep a handy list of what you will bake, and for who.  This will allow you to plan when you bake, and your holiday gifts!


Bonus: Year at a Glance 2020

Because 2020 is just around the corner, I have included this great bonus calendar for you in the pack.  This is a Year at a Glance calendar for 2020. This will help you get a start on planning your year.




How to Arrange your Planner

You can print off the sheets and use individually, or better still, keep everything together in a ring binder.

I recommend this binder to keep your planner in.  You can place the cover sheet in the outer clear pocket, and bind the individual pages together inside.

You can use the printables year after year (the monthly calendar pages are undated).


You can get completely organized, and on top of everything during this holiday season with this planner.

It is my free Christmas gift to you!  I want you to be organized and on top of things!


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