10 Pretty Washcloths to Crochet

A washcloth is a really easy and fast crochet project, especially for beginners. It also makes up lovely wash cloths that will get a lot of use in your home.


If you are a beginner at crochet, you will want to find some easy projects to get started on. You want a project that is small, fast and easy.

These crocheted washcloths are the perfect beginner projects. All these washcloths are so pretty for your home, and you will get a lot of use from them.

They are the perfect first project for you, as you can make them up in no time, and you will have something rewarding very fast to show off!


Crochet washcloths


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Finding a good easy beginner crochet pattern and project to work on can be hard. You need to start on a project that isn’t too long, is fairly easy to follow, and also makes up fast.  Because you are still learning as a beginner, so you want a small project that is not so easy to mess up!

That is why these wash cloths are just the perfect first project for you to get stuck into!  I always think that your first project should also be something useful, and pretty at the same time.

These wash cloths are just so useful for you. They put a little bit of spa luxury into your bathroom!  They can also be used to wash your dishes with, if you choose to use them in your kitchen instead!


Hook Designs Wash cloth

Crochet washcloth


This is a very easy beginner’s pattern.  These are really gentle washcloths for babies and adults both.  Each washcloth only takes one ball of wool. You can get the pattern here.  


Textured Patterned Wash cloth

Crochet washcloth


Here is another simple to make wash cloth. It makes up into a pretty slightly rugged looking washcloth.  Get the pattern here.  


Simple Washcloth

Knitted washcloth


This is a very simple washcloth, that comes in 3 different sizes. As the name states, this one is very simple to make.  Get the pattern here.  


Asterisk Washcloth

Crochet washcloth

This Asterisk simple wash cloth is a really pretty fast to make washcloth. Get the pattern here.  


Corner to Corner Moss Stitch Washcloth

Crochet washcloth


This pretty moss stitch washcloth is another easy and fast crochet project. The variegated colors of the washcloth make it look really interesting. Get the pattern here. 


Textured Pebble Washcloths

Crochet washcloth


This is another simple to make wash cloth.  It looks pretty, and makes a really lovely to use washcloth.  Get the pattern here.


Splashtime Wash cloths


Crochet washcloth

These pretty colorful crocheted wash cloths are perfect for beginners to make.  They have a lovely texture to them too. You can use them in your bathroom, or as a dishcloth for your dishes.  Get the pattern here.  


Dude Washcloth

Crochet washcloth


This is a more rugged washcloth suitable for the dude in your life!  It makes a more substantial heavier washcloth.  Once again, this is a simple easy pattern. This wash cloth will make up in no time at all. Get the pattern here.  


Honeycomb Washcloth

Crochet washcloth

This washcloth is super textured rich and soft.  This one is more of an intermediate skill level pattern, but they do provide a helpful video with instructions. Get the pattern here.  


Sage Washcloth

Crochet washcloth

This is a good heavy duty chunky washcloth.  This would make a nice rustic style spa gift for somebody.  Get the pattern here.  


If you need to start on an easy crochet project, these washcloths could be just what you are looking for!

These washcloths make a great first project – they are fast and easy to make.  They make something so useful that you will actually use.


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A washcloth is a really easy and fast crochet project, especially for beginners. It also makes up lovely washcloths that will get a lot of use in your home.

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