Plan Meals Fast & Easily

Planning your Family’s meals for the week ahead doesn’t need to be time-consuming or complicated.  Use our fast and easy meal planning method to plan all your meals ahead of time.


Planning your family’s meals ahead of time can be so off-putting. Because it can take so much time, energy, and actually sitting down and dedicating time to the planning process.

Very few of us has time to actually sit down and plan something out. Most of us just quickly put together a grocery list and fly round the grocery store, or quickly order our groceries online for delivery.

But meal planning doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming.  One of the best ways to plan an entire week or more’s meals ahead of time is to use various planning helpers, such as grids, lists and more to plan out your meals for the week ahead.

Not only does planning out your meals get you more organized. It also means that you will spend less on groceries – no more running out to the store midweek to pick up something that you forgot to get, or now need.  You don’t have time for that, or the money for that (because on a quick grocery store trip you always end up buying more stuff….)

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Plan out your Meals on a Planning Grid

A planning grid is a great way to plan out your meals for the week ahead.  A grid lets you clearly see what meals are scheduled for which days of the week. You can see the plan for all your meals for the week ahead quickly and easily.

This planning ahead also allows you to not duplicate meals. It means that if you have fish on a Monday, you know you shouldn’t have fish again on Tuesday. It lets you space out your meals and plan each meal carefully.




This weekly meal planning grid clearly sets out meals and the day of the week the meal is scheduled for. It also lets you record where a recipe is kept for that meal

Meal planning


The grid is so fast and easy to use.  Once it is completed you can use the grid to work out your grocery list for the week ahead. You can also display the grid somewhere prominently in your home – such as on your fridge.  No more “What’s for dinner tonight?” questions!!


The Family Meal Planner and Recipe Pack

The Family Meal Planner and Recipe Pack has been put together with your busy life in mind.   It is 37 pages of grids (including the one detailed above), lists, forms and more to keep all your family’s meal needs together in one place.

You can print it off and keep it in a binder or folder for easy reference. As this is completely printable, you can print off a sheet at any time to update or complete.


Meal plan


Make out your Weekly Grocery List

Without a dedicated grocery list, you won’t be able to do a complete shop for what you need for the week ahead. You will also forget things, and not use up the items you already have.

Once you have completed your Weekly Meal Planning Grid, you should write out the ingredients that you need for each meal. Then add those ingredients to your master Grocery List.  

You can print off the grocery list numerous times, week after week, for fresh new grocery lists.





Always Inventory What you Have Before you Go Shopping

Shop your cupboards first is a saying you may have heard with regard to meal planning.

Take note of what is in your cupboards, pantry, fridge and freezer before you finalize your shopping list, and go shopping.

The Meal Planning Pack includes Inventory sheets for your Pantry, Fridge and Freezer.

Once you have filled out your meals on your grid, and made out your list of needed ingredients and foods, take note of what is in your pantry, fridge and freezer.  

Make Sure you are Following your Weekly Food Budget

No planning of meals should be done without taking into account what you weekly food budget and allowance is.

The pack has a great Food Budget sheet which lets you calculate what your budget is, and what you actually will or did spend.

The best way to do this is to prepare your weekly food planning on the grid. Then make out your grocery list.  Then calculate as best you can the total cost of the items on your list. You of course may not know the exact cost, but you should have a rough idea.  

Before you actually do your shopping you can see if you are going over-budget. If you are, you can change some meals, or reduce some ingredients.  


Meal plan


Keep Track of your Family’s Favorite Meals and Recipes

One of the great things about the Printable Meal Planning & Recipe Pack is the blank recipe pages/cards that it contains. This means you can write out all your favorite recipes, and keep them together in one place.

There is also a card for any special family recipes, so you can record heirloom recipes handed down through your family.

Your recipes can be stored in your binder with all your meal planning information, or you can create a separate binder just for your recipes.

What else the Pack Contains

In addition to all the featured pages above, the pack contains many other resources that will be so useful to you:

Family Allergies tracking sheet
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner ideas sheets
Leftovers & what to do with them sheet
Ideas for Snacks sheet
School and Work Lunch Box Ideas sheet
Ideas for Picnics sheet
Ideas for Healthy Fast Food sheet
Favorite Family Meals sheet
Family Likes & Dislikes Sheet
Blank Note pages to record whatever you need to


Now you can Plan out Meals so Much Easier

Because the pack contains absolutely everything you need to plan your meals for the week ahead, the task will now be so much easier for you.

I have also given you lifetime access to the pack.  Many times when you purchase a digital product you only get a set amount of downloads, and that is it.  But this pack gives you lifetime access. My recommendation is that you download the pack once you purchase it, and keep it on hand easily to keep printing off pages from the pack. But just in case, I have also given you lifetime access, so you can go in again anytime and download your purchase again and again.  


Gain Time to do the Things you would Rather Do!

Meal planning isn’t one of those things you just absolutely love to do is it. But doing it right means that you not only can plan and get organized with family meals, you can also save money.

By being more organized, and saving money at the same time, you will have more time and financial resources to spend on doing what you really want to do. Find something lovely to do instead!

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