Why you need to use a Good Planner


A planner helps you organize your entire life, but if it isn’t beautiful as well as functional you just won’t use it!

As a busy woman and parent you need to organize every minute of your day. There are many different ways in which to get and keep yourself organized, but one of the most effective ways is through the use of a daily and/or weekly planner.   

In order to really make it work for you, you have to enjoy using it. Therefore you need just not a functional, but also a beautiful planner.





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When you decide to buy a planner take a look around at all the different options available to buy.  Have an idea of what you need before you buy. 

You may need to have To Do lists inside, you may need folders inside, you may want a spiral binding, or a planner that is sized so that it can fit inside your handbag. 

If you need to enter a lot of information about your family into your daily calendar you need to make sure that there is enough room to enter all your family’s activities.

You need a beautiful planner, but you need to consider its functionality first.  Because a beautiful planner that isn’t functional is going to be no use to you whatsoever.

There are many different planners that I have come across that I love, and which I believe are not just beautiful but are also functional. Here are some of my favorites, which I have personally used and can recommend – they are not just functional, but also beautiful!


Living Well Planner

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Living Well planners are beautiful, as well as extremely functional planners.  

Inside you can record your long term goals, year at a glance, monthly goals, planning and project planning, as well as hour by hour scheduling of your day, and budget tracking.

Living Well has 3 different cover options, including a floral pattern, striped pattern, and just plain Navy. The spiral binding makes it easy to completely open up the planner to write in it.

All the calendar pages are undated, which means that you can start to use the planner whenever it is convenient for you.  There are also stickers that come with the planner, so you can mark out important events and more.

A great thing about buying the planner is also that you get free access to a special ‘Crushing It’ bootcamp.  Where they will guide you through how to use the planner to your best advantage. You can see my full review of the Living Well Planner right here

You can see all the details about Living Well Planners right here.


Mom Agenda 

One of the reasons I love Mom Agenda planners is that they are designed for women who have families, and people who need to record and keep track of a lot of information in their lives. The unique weekly spread in these planners allows you to not just enter information about yourself, but also for up to 4 kids/family members.


Mom Agenda Planner


Mom Agenda planners come in 4 different editions – Home Office edition, desktop edition, desktop spiral, and personal portfolio.  They come in a variety of different colors, including pearl, navy, soft gold and rose gold.  They are beautiful to use but the functionality is really something else!


Features of Mom Agenda Planners:

Desktop Edition:

Week at a view format, for you and up to 4 kids/family members
17 month calendar
Ribbons to keep your place
Size: 7x9x1

Home Office Edition:

Week at a view format, as above
12 month calendar
2 folders for important papers
Gold logo inscription
Spiral binding
Size: 9×11

Desktop Spiral Edition

16 month calendar
Gold logo inscription
Gold spiral binding
Week at a view format for mom and up to 4 kids

Personal Portfolio Edition

Week at a view format for mom and up to 4 kids/family members
Size: 7×10
3 ring binder with snap closure
Cover is faux leather embossed material
Refils available every year

You can see all the best selling Mom Agenda planners and supplies right here.

If you need a lot of functionality with a planner and you need to enter not just your schedule, but all your kids and family members various activities, then Mom Agenda is definitely one to go with!

You need to use a daily and weekly planner in your life, because it will keep you organized and on track, and you won’t forget anything.  Look around and choose the planner that is right for you and your family.


Choose a planner to really help you in your daily life, but please make it beautiful!


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