Looking for a Craft or Hobby to do right now? These complete kits will get you started!

Learn a new craft or hobby, and get everything you need in one place with a complete kit.  Here are 20 kits that are great for beginners, so you can see if that craft or hobby is for you!


You want to learn a new craft, or start a new hobby, but that means finding tutorials, and buying all the supplies and equipment that you may need.  

Many times you don’t even know if you would like that craft or hobby, or find it fulfilling enough to spend all the money and time you need to in sourcing and buying equipment and supplies.

That is where kits come in!  Buying a kit gives you a good introduction to a craft or hobby, with everything supplied in one place ready to go.

If you love it you can explore that craft and hobby further, investing in more supplies and equipment, knowing that it does seem to be something you will continue to pursue.

So here are 20 great kits that will introduce you to a craft or hobby, without you having to buy everything individually and source it all. Try these out, and see what you love to do!


Hobby and craft kits

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Make Your own Soap

If you have always been interested in making your own soap, it can be a great rewarding hobby and fun craft to do. This DIY Shea Butter Soap making kit contains molds, fragrances, flowers, oats, clay and everything that is needed to make great soap.


Make your own Candles

Making your own candles is a great hobby and craft. You can make them for you, and as gifts for friends and family.  This Candle Making Starter Kit has everything you need to start making candles. It includes fragrances, dyes, all the equipment, candle tins, wicks, and more. It comes with full instructions for making your own gorgeous candles.

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Make Your Own Beer


This 1 gallon beer making kit contains everything you need to make perfect tasting beer in your own home.  Each kit comes with a choice of one all grain recipe kit, with enough fresh ingredients to make 6 bottles of beer.


Make Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheese

If you love cooking and baking, but want to branch out a little, how about making your own cheese?!  This Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese making kit has all the equipment that you need, as well as supplies such as rennet, citric acid, cheese salt, and more.


Make your own Concrete Planters

These beautiful Geometric Concrete Planters can be made so easily yourself.  A kit is the perfect way to do this, as it comes with all the supplies and everything that you need to make these beautiful things for your home.  The kit even includes the concrete that you need and has enough supplies to make 3 great planters.

Make your own Beeswax Food Wraps

Beeswax food wraps are a great way to go green.  Making your own is so rewarding and at the end of it you will have 5 beautiful wraps for your food, that can be used time and time again. This kit comes with everything you need to make these pretty wraps, including 5 different fabrics.


Learn Embroidery

If you have ever wanted to learn embroidery, this kit includes everything that you need to get started, including all the supplies.  This kit comes with a printed fabric to make it really easy for a beginner to get started.


Make your own Kombucha 


Kombucha starter kit

If you love Kombucha, and you want to start brewing your own (either for a challenge, or to save money), this Kombucha Starter Kit has everything covered.  It comes with detailed video and print directions, and comes with all the equipment and supplies that you need.


Learn to Crochet

This kit gives you everything you need to make a cute little crocheted amigurumi penguin.  This kit is suitable for absolute beginners, which means if you have ever wanted to know how to crochet, you can learn it completely by making something straight off the bat.

Learn Needle Felting

Needle felting is a great craft to learn. You can create so many amazing things, including this dog!  This kit is the perfect introduction to needle felting, with step by step instructions, and all the materials and tools that you need to get started.  Also includes quality British wool.


Make your own Cards

Making your own cards can be incredibly rewarding, and such a great DIY project.  This DIY card making kit comes with everything you need to start making your own cards. It includes cardstock, paper, and cute cutouts to decorate your cards.


Learn Bookbinding

The ancient art of bookbinding is something that few people can actually do, therefore it makes for a really challenging and creative hobby.  You will binding your very own journal with this kit.  All the materials needed to sew your book together are in this kit, and instructions are even given for making your own glue.


Get into the world of Miniatures

The world of miniatures is something that pulls people in. Miniatures are a fantastic hobby to do. They can take hours of your time to build absolutely anything in miniature, including houses, rooms and more.  This kit lets you create a beautiful miniature bookstore or library.  It will take hours of your time where you are absorbed into creating this beautiful miniature.

Weave your own Baskets

Basket weaving is another ancient craft that not many people do anymore. Therefore if you want a hobby and craft to do that is not just challenging, but unique to learn, you may love basket weaving. This kit comes with everything you need to weave a basket.  These are vintage kits to make baskets with.

Make your own Paper

This kit lets you make your own decorative paper, using real plants.  This method produces decorative paper which plants and flowers, that is pretty and unique.  It is a great introduction to paper making, a slightly different way.

Learn to Watercolor


If you would love to learn to watercolor paint, this is a complete beginner’s kit.  It includes guides and inspiration, sheets of watercolor paper, and a box of watercolor paints.  


Make your own Lampshade

If you want to get creative, and make something lovely for your home, this lampshade making kit has all you need.  The kit has everything you need to make your very own 20cm lampshade, including lampshade ring, fittings, self adhesive panel, tape and tools. It also comes with full instructions.


Make Sourdough Bread

Making bread is a great hobby, as you can eat your delicious hobby afterwards! Sourdough bread is tasty, easy to make, and a great hobby as you have to cultivate your own sourdough starter. This kit contains everything you need to make your own sourdough starter, so you can then go on to make loaf after loaf of delicious bread!


Learn Decoupage


Decoupage is the French art of applying paper to an object in a creative way.  This kit has everything that you need to get started in decoupage, and you can create a beautiful little trinket box. The kit comes with all the supplies you need.


Cure your own Bacon

Yes this one is a little out there! But if you would really love to cure your own bacon, and take on that challenging hobby this is the kit for you!  This kit lets you make streaky bacon, using pork belly. The kit has all the tools, supplies and flavorings that you need. You just need to supply the meat.


If you are looking for a new hobby or craft to do, but you don’t want to have to source, and pay out a fortune for all kinds of equipment and supplies until you know you will actually like it, a kit is the way to go.

These 20 craft and hobby kits will let you discover something new, and get a taste of it too!  

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Craft kits


Learn a new craft or hobby, and get everything you need in one place with a complete kit.  Here are 20 kits that are great for beginners, so you can see if that craft or hobby is for you!

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