Learn a new skill or hobby this weekend!

Online classes can be a quick, easy and fun way to learn a new craft or skill!


If you would like to spend your weekend learning a new skill, there are numerous online classes to teach you something new.

The advantages of online classes to teach you new skills are that you can learn at your own pace, you and stop and start them whenever you want/need to, and what’s more you always have them to refer to.


Learn a new skill or hobby this weekend



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It can be hard to learn something new by looking at a book, especially a certain creative skill. 

There may be many photographs and explanations, but nothing beats actually seeing something being done, and following along with as it is being done.

Online classes have videos that are easy to follow, and what’s more, they are always there for you to refer to, time and time again.

Here are some great online classes that you can take during your weekend, and really feel like you learned something. 

You never know – these classes could lead to a new hobby, or even a new career for you! Check out these links, because some of the links lead to free trials, so you can even try these classes for free!


Learn how to decorate cookies!

How many times have you wished that you could whip up a bunch of decorated cookies for a party or event? 

During the holidays do you wish that you knew how to create amazing cookies that your friends and neighbors will be in awe of?

Decorating cookies is a really fun thing to learn to do, and what’s more, you can even involve your kids with this fun learning activity.   

Cookie Decorating is a great class offered by Brit & Co. It will show you the best recipe for sugar cookie dough, how to properly color your icing, how to use various techniques to decorate your cookies, and even how to properly store your decorated cookies. 



Learn to Knit

Have you always wanted to be able to knit?  The next best thing to having somebody actually sitting with you one on one and teaching you to knit, is an online class, where you can see exactly how it is done. 

Learn to Knit: Essential Skills for Beginning Knitters is a class from Craftsy that covers what you need to know to begin knitting. 

This class gives you 7 HD videos that you can access anywhere at any time, hours of close-up instruction, and downloadable class resources. 

The class covers all the different ways to cast on, how to read knitting patterns, how to deal with common mistakes, how to knit various stitches, how to add new yarn, and how to properly finish your projects.



Draw a picture of your home

Would you like to create a really unique picture of your home, or draw somebody else’s home to give them a a gift?

Line Drawing: Illustrating your home is a great online class from Brit & Co.

This class shows you how to create the skeleton of your home, and then how to add in the extra details that make it your home, and how to color wash with colors. 

You will learn how to do simple line drawing, how to add in lettering and color, and even how to digitize your drawing.  



Learn to Hand Embroider

Have you always thought that hand embroidery was just beautiful, and wished you had the skill to do it? Well now you can!  Hand embroidery is very easy to  learn to do in this online class, Startup Library, Hand Embroidery.

You get 13 streaming HD videos, hours of close up instruction, downloadable class resources. The class will show you how to choose fabric and floss, how to hoop up, and how to craft 19 beautiful embroidery stitches.



Learn to be a better photographer

There are many online photography classes, but this one may be especially relevant to you – as it is all about family photography and learning how to photograph your children well. 

Family Photography: Capturing your  Little Ones is a great online course from Brit & Co. 

The class covers all the different types of cameras and equipment, camera settings, lighting, working with kids, indoor and outdoor shots, reviewing your images and more. If you don’t have a special camera, there is a whole section on using your smartphone for your photography.  




Learn Beautiful Calligraphy

Whether you just want to learn how to do beautiful calligraphy as a hobby, or if you are getting married or planning a big party you may want to hand letter your own invitations. 

Creative Calligraphy Challenge by Brit + Co is several hours of calligraphy instruction, and guidance on creating special prints, addressing envelopes and more.



Online classes can be a quick, easy and fun way to learn a new craft or skill!


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